Thursday, July 27, 2006

And then there were two ...

Chronologically I knew that it had to happen sometime, that it was totally unavoidable and would have to be faced sooner or later, but sometimes I have to wonder how it is that "sooner" always seems to get here so darned soon and before we realize it "later" has zipped on by in the blink of an eye. The progression of time is a depressing thing! But, alas, I digress for no matter how much I might wonder how it happened so quickly I now officially have two teenaged daughters.

Yesterday was my youngest child's birthday - the day when Jamie made the great jump from pre-teen smack into teen as she turned the ripe old age of 13. Ah, 13 - probably one of the most confusing ages of all as you aren't a child anymore but neither are you technically a young adult. It's definitely an age of many possibilities as most kids this age are heading into their 8th-grade year and are ready to be the 'big man (or woman) on campus' at their middle school or junior high - for one glorious school year they are going to rule the roost before crashing back down to the bottom of the pile as a freshman in high school where, in the big pecking order of things, they are going to be made to feel virtually non-existent. For Jamie, she will be at the top of her game this year - may she enjoy it!

And speaking of virtually non-existent freshmen, I have one of them in the house also. Amanda turned 14 this past June and graduated from Teachers Memorial Middle School with a nice handful of awards and a good report card. Considering that she had transferred from Oldham County Middle School a few months into her 8th-grade year, I think she did fantastic and I am understandably proud of her. She stands poised on the edge of her high school carer with so many marvelous opportunities ahead of her - new friends, new experiences, new clothes ... well ... eventually the new clothes once we do some back-to-school shopping! Sometimes it's enough to make me wish that I could go back and do it over again armed with what I know now that I didn't know then.

Wouldn't it be great to have the chance for one "do-over" in our lives? But you could only have one so you'd have to choose very carefully and that's where the really tricky part comes in. My very good friend in California and I had a long talk about this one night thanks to the joys of unlimited long distance calling and we were both hard pressed to find the right spot for a "do-over". Yes, we could pinpoint times in our lives where hitting rewind and starting over definitely sounded like a good idea but then there were so many extenuating circumstances surrounding that period of time that it just didn't seem like a good idea.

For instance, I could do my life over starting from choosing not to marry my first husband but by doing that, I would never have given birth to my son so he would never have existed and I would never have known the fine young man he's become, my new daughter-in-law, or my grandson. If I chose to do my life over and not marry my second husband then I would never have my two daughters and how different would my life be then?

They may drive me completely crazy from time to time, especially now that they are both teenagers, but how empty would my life be if I didn't have the girls to leave things laying around everywhere, to constantly bicker with each other, and to leave the lights on all over the house?? Hmm - now that I think about it a little more ... tempting, very tempting ... but no, I guess not for after all, I fully believe that all things happen for a reason even if we may never know what that reason might be. I'm rather hoping that when I eventually die and go to wherever it is that I'm going (there's a good part of me that is expecting warm temperatures!) that someone will hand me a book chock full of explanations for the reasons so many things happened the way that they did. Now that would make for some marvelous reading!

How about you - ever thought a "do-over" would be nice? Ever think you could really do one if you could? I think I'm going to save mine until later.


  1. Linda,

    Nice blog...again! Good question regarding "Do Overs". My "Do Over" would have to be 1986 when I graduated from High School, I would've REFUSED to go to college, and perhaps got started in EMS or Aviation. I'd still have met my wife (Destiny finds a way!), and I'd have 20 years experience in the field instead of just 7 in EMS, and 0 experience in aviation!

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM EDT

    The only reason I would not take a "do over" is because of my daughter. If I didn't have her I would go back to freshman year in college and do things totally different!!! Jen

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM EDT

    'No remorse, no regrets...' A wonderful quote from one of my favorite Metallica songs. I believe a screw up is only a mistake if you don't learn from it. If you do, it is a learning experience and, no matter how painful, is worthwhile. We are the sum of our experiences, and I add up to a whole lot of something... I just haven't figured out what it is yet!

  4. Anonymous2:17 PM EDT

    I'm weighing in with MiaDiva and Metallica. Well said.

  5. While I agree with Miadiva, sometimes even after TRYING to find a "lesson" in screw ups, you still don't understand, and you feel more lost than ever. I picture going down life's highway, taking the wrong exit, not being able to get back on the highway due to construction/closed access, so you wander aimlessly down side streets, through questionable neighborhoods, not getting any help from the locals whether they "try to help" or not, then starting to regret the trip altogether. Once back on the highway (if that does happen), you realize all this was a waste of time. Everyone has regrets, it's how you choose to deal with them.
    BTW...the "wrong exit" analogy is from REAL experiences on I-95 in NJ, I-76 & 276 in PA, and a very strange part of Alabama.

  6. Anonymous9:24 PM EDT

    Sorry Bulldog68, I live by "I never get lost, I sometimes take the long way, however." Whether you learn the lesson now, or realize it later down the line - it is not the destination, but the journey that counts. Of course I may take back those words as my biscuits are burning in my afterlife's final destination, but I'll stick by my guns here on Earth!

  7. Well, MiaDiva, while your biscuits are burning at least you'll have lots of good company - leastways just about everyone I know seems to think they'll be taking that last "tropical" vacation, as it were!


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