Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Want My MTV ... Not!

"I wish I was in Tijuana,
Eating barbecued iguana ..."

Does anyone besides me remember when MTV and VH1 actually played these things called music videos? One of my favorites was Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" ... it was a senseless song but it was fun and it translated well to the small screen. Now you're hard-pressed to find an honest-to-goodness music video on either station. Instead of video killing the radio star, reality shows seem to have killed the video stars. "Punk'd", "Real World", "Flavor of Love", "Celebrity Fit Club", "My Fair Brady" ... the list goes on and on.

Amanda has taken to watching quite a few shows on VH1 - in particular the "I Love the 80's" and "I Love the 70's" series. She's always trying to get me to watch these shows with her but I'm not so sure that I loved either decade enough to want to relive it via VH1's group of non-celebrities with their pithy, constant commentaries running throughout the shows. I mean, come on now - Ron Jeremy? Raine Pryor? Jason and Randy Sklar? You're kidding me ...

It's not like Amanda's actually getting anything constructive from these shows either. Instead of learning about the important things that happened in those decades - the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Jonestown massacre, the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, the Chernobyl nuclear accident - she can tell me who had a "Farrah-do", what year people went crazy for Cabbage Patch dolls, and who "The Hot Rockers of 198_ (fill in a year)" were.

When people say "what's old is new again" they aren't kidding! Fashions that should have died in the 70's are creeping back into society (let's hope they draw the line at leisure suits!) and classic rock groups like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd are all the rage again. Jamie, my 13-year old, is a die-hard AC/DC fan (much to her father's chagrin) and knows more about the group now than I ever cared to know when they were popular and Bon Scott was still alive and screaming his lungs out.

Oh well, at least Amanda knows who's having "The Best Week Ever" and keeping up on the pop culture which is oh-so-important to a 14-year old. I guess I'll just keep trying to explain to her why the original "Omen" was so much scarier than the remake and why anyone ever thought their hair looked good like that!


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM EDT

    Well,just fyi mom, celebrity fit club and flavor of love are on VH1. and it was the guitar gods of 197_ xD

    And the omen segment was actually funny in I love the 70's. THE EVIL RUBBER DUCKIE!

  2. Now, Amanda, if you'll read the entry more carefully, you'll see that I was listing shows on both networks and not just MTV as perhaps the title might indicate!

    And FYI, Liz Phair on "I Love the 80's" did the "Hot Rocker" segment ... see? I was sort of paying attention!


  3. Hate to interrupt the mother-daughter thing, but I must interject real quick-

    I'm 27, and I grew up during a time when MTV was as huge as huge can be. I was still in elementary school during the glory days of the '80s, but I've relived those days as a teen and adult, doing everything I can to remember MTV for what it once was: MUSIC TELEVISION. 95% of the so-called "videos" today - if they're ever aired between the trashy programming MTV has now - are downright insulting, pandering, and entirely pointless (hey, "artists," videos were first designed to tell a STORY). And it doesn't appear there's anything we can do about that.

    My youngest brother is 14 and a freshman in high school. After turning his head towards a time when both real music (specifically, rock) and real music videos existed, he's come to realize the depressing fact that it has nothing to do with nostalgia...crap is crap, and that's the majority of what exists today. MTV doesn't play music videos any more, and when they do, the're a cruel joke on those of us who remember the likes of MJ's "Thriller."

    As a final note, I very much like the "I Love the '80s" segments on VH1, primarily because they're light-hearted odes to the past. They're entertainment-based, so I don't think they should focus on world-changing events in those decades; they're simply talking about the trends, from music to TV to movies to games to, yes, a little bit of news. And to be perfectly honest, I don't want the A-list celebrities on the show, I kinda like the lesser-known because they bring some unknown character to the screen. :)

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM EDT

    Hey..... my hair DID look good like THAT!!!

  5. Anonymous11:19 PM EDT

    You have no idea how much Aqua Net it took to get my hair that big. I am personally responsible for one of the holes in the ozone layer over Antarctica. My apologies to all concerned.

  6. Anonymous5:36 PM EDT

    Hold on here, Ms. Orlo...

    I spent a good portion of LAST night watching "I Love the 80's Strikes Back, I caught 86, 87 & 89. Having a healthy respect for history, I agree that this series and like genre are hardly University prep. Nontheless, they ARE hilarious. Sure, Ron Jeremy et al are not my favorite commentators, but who can keep a straight face when Mo Rocca is turned loose on such cultural icons as the Rock Flowers? Mark McGrath as host isn't exactly hard on the eyes either.

    I'm not particularly interested in Celebreality shows, but "Flavor of Love" cracks me up. Flav cracks me up. Maybe it's the Viking horns, or perhaps I enjoy the show for the same reason I liked to chat up our Frequent Flyer 5150's at SPD. Flav sort of fills in the visuals of insanity and his women take care of the audio.

    YOU OF ALL PEOPLE MUST REMAIN SILENT ON THE SUBJECT OF 80's HAIR. Remember, pictures exist. If enough interest is generated, they could be auctioned on Ebay.

    Seriously, I strongly agree with ben s.d., and hope that real rock and quality music video returns. I'm not holding my breath.

    I would heartily enjoy being the fly on the wall whilst Jamie stands her ground to The Ex on AC/DC. My money is on Jamie to win.

  7. Alright, alright, alright! I raise the white flag on this one! I guess what I really meant to say, and failed miserably to do, was that I wish Amanda knew as much about the serious stuff in the 80's as she does the fluff-n'-stuff! In all reality (no show intended) I should probably be happy that she shows any interest at all in a decade before her time. And who knows? Maybe watching this stuff gives her somewhat of an explanation why we adults are the way we are!

    Also, as a footnote, I have no trouble watching Mo Rocca at all - the guys cracks me up and he has ever since he started on "The Daily Show" over on Comedy Central. But come on - Ron Jeremy of porn star fame? What is the guy doing on TV with his clothes on for God's sake and who made him an authority on anything except bow-chica-wow-wow!?!


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