Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hair Today

Tonight should be interesting.

It should be interesting because I haven't seen Amanda since Friday evening when she happily climbed into Baby Liz's vehicle and sped away to spend the weekend with her in Griswold. Baby Liz had mentioned long ago about "doing" Amanda's hair for her and this seemed like the perfect weekend as I would be at work pretty much nonstop and Baby Liz had her humble abode to herself as her roommate was off horsing around (at a horse show!).

I've only spoken to Amanda once since Friday evening when she called me yesterday afternoon to ask if she could stay over another night. At that point she informed me that her hair was currently black (BLACK?!?) as they had gotten a late start on it the night before and hadn't had time to get all of the color in it yet though the cut was done. Gulp!! Needless to say - I have no earthly idea what the finished product, er, child, is going to look like when she gets home later today.

If it's something too out there I'm afraid I have no one but myself to blame as when Baby Liz asked me Friday what the limitations with Amanda's hair were I believe that I simply said "as long as it isn't green". And I believe that there were enough people in Dispatch that heard me make that comment so I can't claim I "never said that!"

Oh well, Amanda wants to be different so I guess this is her big chance. However, if a very loud and very long scream is heard from the east side of Norwich later today - there's a very good chance that could be me!

Update 8/21/06: I'm happy to report that there was no screaming when Amanda returned yesterday evening nor was there any groaning or gnashing of teeth! It's going to take a bit to get used to seeing Amanda with black hair and bleached highlights but the cut is actually kinda cute and with the right accessories, it's not a bad 'do. Of course, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to take her to visit her grandmother again but I'm sure we can find a scarf or hat around the house somewhere! I shall post a picture as soon as I get my hands on one.

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  1. I'm one of the LAST guys to comment on "hair", unless you're talking male-pattern baldness...on which I'm becoming more and more of an expert(waaahhh!). Seriously, though, I seem to see an historical trend of offspring expressing "individuality" by the way they wear their hair...exactly like everyone else @ school. In the 60's it was long hair, the 70's brought sideburns; Mullets came in there somewhere between then and the 80's, then spiked Mohawks of the 90's (with other variations on the "shock" theme), and now the 21st century will see its own "hair-raising" styles. As for you, Linda, just be grateful if she doesn't pull a Sinead O'Connor move, or end up like Demi Moore in "GI Jane". BTW, my rebellious "look" was long hair - and buried deep in a secure place are pics along with my band for my ponytail...aaahhh the good old days!!


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