Monday, August 28, 2006

"I look upon death to be as necessary to the constitution as sleep. We shall rise refreshed in the morning."*

On Saturday I posted about Death and I wanted to share the comment that I got from bulldog68 because I feel that it definitely warrants a whole separate entry rather than just a short reply. He wrote:
"Unfortunately, you picked the WRONG job to avoid Death. Yep...he be yo bestest buddy now!The good news is two-fold: 1.) You know it ain't the absolute end if you have any faith in the afterlife at all; and 2.) Chances are, you're gonna go right back to living again, but hopefully with a lesson or two learned from this life to apply to your next one. You read it right - your NEXT life. I truely believe in reincarnation. Even from a scientific point of view, how can you argue against the proven fact that energy in motion remains in motion.?? It's certainly something to think about, and it makes the ending seem so much less final than a "costume change in a telephone booth" between real-life "acts". Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, can you remember or have an inkling of your past life? Share this!"

In answer to his question, yes - I do believe in reincarnation and if that makes me a loony then so be it. Add it to the long list of other things that make me a bit of a loony! At least I know I'm in good company!

My good friend from California and I have lots of talks about this particular subject and we both believe the same thing - that you go through life more than one time and that you pretty much write the script of your life before you get here. Of course, we both wonder why on earth we put certain things in our life scripts but chances were good that we needed to learn a lesson somewhere and that's why we did it. I believe that Sylvia Browne talks about this very thing in at least one of her books and I'm pretty sure that it's the whole basis behind karma and the old "what goes around, comes around" theory.

When Cyndi and I first met 'lo those 22 years ago in the dispatch center of the Stockton Police Department we hit it off right away. By the end of the evening it was like we had known each other forever instead of only eight short hours. As a matter of fact, the other people working dispatch that night were completely surprised to learn that we didn't know each other at all prior to that night as we had one of those easy relationships that sometimes takes years to develop. We've been great friends ever since despite the time and distance that separates us and, as such, we firmly believe that we've known each other in at least one other lifetime.

Certainly we've all had that feeling of either liking someone right away and feeling like we've known them our whole lives or meeting someone for the first time and, for no good reason that we can put our finger on, we just don't like them no matter what. I truly believe that these are people that we've had dealings with before and the familiarity carries over with us into our next incarnation.

As far as any remembrances of a past life - I have nothing tangible. I do know that whenever I walk on a Civil War battlefield I feel things that can't fully be explained. I especially have that feeling in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Some of that could simply be from the fact that I'm walking on land where over 23,000 people died and there's bound to be A LOT of residual energy still there but it seems to go deeper than that. The very first time I went to Gettysburg way back in 1979 I felt like I belonged there - like I had been there before - but I couldn't put my finger on it. Do I have a past life there? I don't know but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that I did. I'd also like to know if I was on the winning side!

The thing with death and dying though is that NO ONE knows for sure what happens after we die. There has never been a single person to come back and tell us what awaits us once all of our vital signs and organs shut down permanently. There have been a lot of people who have come back from almost-death who have told the same stories of white lights and people reaching out and who's to say that they're wrong? Did they all make up the exact same story?

I very much believe that we all have a purpose for our lives and that when we have done whatever it is we're supposed to do, learned whatever it was we were supposed to learn, we exit this earth and then go on to either our next life or stay on the other side to do some fine-tuning, write out a new script, etc. and then come back to try it all over again. I believe that coming back is a choice just like, for some, crossing over is a choice and that's why there are spirits still on this earthly plane that "haunt" places - if you will. Oftentimes letting go is the hardest thing we ever have to do as anyone who has ever been a parent can tell you. Letting go of life is certainly different than letting go of your children as they're growing up but it's the same principal in general. Some people embrace Death and others are, well, scared to death of it!

As for me, I'd like to think that there's definitely something waiting on the other side. And I shudder at the thought that it's some unforgiving God who simply wants to punish us for all we did wrong while we were on this earth. If, in fact, God made us in His image then He made us with flaws and imperfections and I suspect He's not all surprised when we fall off "the path" or don't live our lives without a single misstep. Religion was made by man, faith was made by God - religion punishes, faith never does.

Anyhow - that's my belief on the subject of reincarnation and after-lives, etc., etc. I've never done a past-life regression or anything like that but do I think this is my first time around on the planet? Nope - not at all. And I doubt it will be my last. I just hope that I remember to write in "wealthy" and "gorgeous" on my next script!

Anyone else? Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions?

*Benjamin Franklin


  1. Nicely said, Linda! I'll be thinking of you when Melissa & I are in Gettysburg next week. I had no idea you felt so connected to the Civil War. As for the "Winning Side" - do you really think that with that much carnage, there could be a "winner"? I believe you were a person who did what you had to do, and probably did it well, not letting your compatriots down. One trait I'm glad you scripted into THIS life!

  2. Why, thank you! And you're right - there probably was no "winning side" when you get right down to it but I get the feeling that once a Yankee - always a Yankee. Though I think I would have enjoyed sitting on the veranda and sipping mint juleps while I had dozens of gentlemen callers!


  3. Mint juleps on the veranda, eh? Sounds like fun, until Gen. Sherman came storming through on his famous "March to the Sea". Of course, history might have been rewritten if HE was one of your "gentleman callers"...hee hee hee! Just think, your feminine "charms" could've saved the South!


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