Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Quotes - sort of!

I recently installed Mozilla Firefox as a browser on my computer as I've been having some issues with the Yahoo! one that I normally use. I am in desperate need of a new computer and though getting one is on the rather lengthy list of Things I Need But Can't Afford for now both myself and Amanda need to suck it up and make do as best we can with our current out-of-date Compaq. To that end, Firefox loads much quicker than Yahoo! so I am now using it.

That said, I needed to set up a new home page and was thumbing through the list of options that G
oggle (which Firefox defaults to) offers. One of the things that looked interesting was "The Quote of the Day". As one who has always enjoyed a good quote, this seemed like something I wouldn't mind having on my home page so I added it.

Today's quote:

"Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience."
- Oscar Wilde

Things that make you stop and give pause! As someone who gave marriage a shot not once but twice I guess I kind of have to agree with Mr. Wilde on this one. I was 19 when I got married the first time and I'm sure that I imagined marriage to be something completely different than what it turned out to be. I was 32 when I married the second time and I suppose maybe I was hoping that marriage the second time around was going to be all that it wasn't the first time around. How many times can I say "WRONG!"??

Oh well, to quote Alexander Pope from his Essay on Man,

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast..."

I wonder what Mr. Wilde thought of third marriages? NOT that I'm considering one, mind you (it might actually be helpful to have one of those things people call dates once in awhile before I got to marriage again!) but under the right circumstances, I'd probably try it again. After all, as Alexander Pope in his Essay on Criticism also said:

"... For fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

And I do so love a good romance!

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  1. As one who's been married exactly 1 year, 11 months, and 7 days as of this morning, I am NO expert on wedded bliss. This is the first marriage for both of us, and there are no kids: past, present, future. So far so good! I think we are in a unique situation here. You see, neither of us ever thought we'd be married. As a little girl, Melissa was probably the ONLY one who didn't "play house" and secretly dream of her "big day". She had crappy examples to boot: her parents and two older sisters with failed marriages. Her exact words to me were (in order); "I don't date guys I work with", "I'll never live with a guy again", and I will NEVER get married!". 6 months later, we were dating (we met while working @ Foxwoods), 1 year & 9 months later, we moved in together, and almost three years later, Linda, you were there to see Melissa break her final promise to herself. So you see, you may not have a choice in the matter if the right guy comes along, and proves once and for all, that there are good ones left! Just turn your head and look the other way...that's when Mr. Right will sneak up on ya - hahaha!

  2. As I have said many times in the past, your wedding was one of THE BEST that I have ever been to - bar none! The ceremony was simple but heartfelt, the reception was a lot of fun, and how can you go wrong when people dedicate "Jungle Love" to their favorite dispatcher?!?

    Most people who know me know that I don't dance in public but I'm happy to say that I danced at your wedding - several times! I hope I'm still around to dance at your 25th anniversary party! (I doubt that I'd make it to your 50th though I'm sure that you and Melissa will still be going strong then!)

  3. ...And I hope that not only are you at Melissa's and my 25th bash, but you have someone in particular to dance with!! I wasn't looking, and I didn't even WANT anyone when Melissa popped onto my radar screen. I'm willing to bet my last AASI paycheck (I'm not a big gambler - heeheehee), that you'll find Mr. Right sooner than you think!

  4. I doubt that there is a "Mr. Right" out there anymore, to be perfectly honest! But I'm not really worried about it. Sometimes listening to my married friends talk about the problems they encounter with their spouses it makes me very happy to know that the only one I really have to listen to is me, myself, and I when it comes to how the house is run, how the finances are worked out, what side of the bed to sleep on, etc! NOT to say that if Mr. Right did come along that I'd send him packing but it certainly wouldn't be a snap decision to change my life completely. I would have to think long and hard on that one. Besides, I seem to scare men for some reason so I don't think there will be a line of them outside of my door anytime soon! ;-)


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