Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Enough is enough." ~ Joan Greenwood

If there is anyone left in the entire country who doesn't know about the recent outbreak of e. coli via fresh bagged spinach then they must have been living under a rock as this story seems to have been on the news in one form or another ever since the story first broke back in the middle of the month.

No matter what news channel one watches, there's yet another story and warning not to eat the stuff. Okay, we've got the message - enough. I'm pretty sure that everyone now knows about the outbreak and, even if they didn't, they couldn't buy a bag of the stuff if they wanted to as it's been pulled off of the shelves at grocery stores for well over a week at this point. Even if you had it at home in your refrigerator before the outbreak, by this time you've either eaten it or it's gone bad and you should throw it out anyway. End of story - let's move on.

I don't know what it is about the news media lately that they seem to get hold of a story and it's like a dog with a bone - they worry it to death. Is it because there just isn't much that qualifies as news these days? Is it because there's only so much Presidential bashing that they can do? Is it because they only have so much video footage so they have to keep writing stories around that limited amount of footage?

Whatever the case may be, it's not "news" when it's over a week old and there's nothing new to report. Until they've figured out what it was that caused the e. coli outbreak in all that spinach and can do a report on that then maybe they could find something else to talk about? And if it could be something other than Baby Shiloh or Baby Suri or any other celebrity's baby, the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son (I didn't even know she had a son), Tom Cruise developing his own production company now that Paramount dumped him, or any of that other nonsensical crap - it would really be appreciated!


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM EDT

    Great news Linda I just read on the internet that bagged spinach might be back in stores soon!!! That should be good for another monthes worth of coverage. I sure hope so. Nothing lifts my spirit like a good spinach story.

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    Gosh Amber, that makes my day! I'm so pixilated by the good news that I can't possibly control myself long enough to cook dinner; we shall have to dine out!

    Linda, you need to kick this gig up to the next level and get a tv show. You could base it on "Double Dare" and force the idiot producers of newscasts to submit to sliming at your discretion. Imagine the possibilities...

  3. Oh happy day - bagged spinach shall be making a return to the shelves soon? Sound the trumpets and let loose the pigeons! And let's make sure there's some poor news reporter standing next to every produce department in America to give witness to the grand event! Perhaps Katie Couric could do one of her broadcasts perched on the edge of the counter between the bagged spinach and sprouts rather than on the edge of her news desk?? The possibilities boggle the mind!


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