Friday, September 1, 2006

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." ~ Mark Twain

As we start the Labor Day weekend it's 3 days down and 179 more to go for Amanda's freshman year at Norwich Free Academy - home of the Wildcats. Now that she has three days under her belt and can relax for three days before picking up her extremely heavy backpack again and really getting into the meat of the academics ahead of her, I asked her what she thought the three best things and three worst things about NFA are. Her answers, in no particular order, were...

Best things: one - she has already met three other "anime freaks" like herself who immediately recognized her new haircut to be similar to t
hat of Sasuke (of Naruto fame for those uniniated in anime) and they are well on their way to being fast friends; two - along the same lines, she is quite excited about the Anime Club which she fully intends on joining when they start recruiting for clubs later on this month; and three - her science teacher, Mr. Johnson, is not only hot (hey, I said it first!) but also apparently has a great sense of humor and makes class a lot of fun. Now, I could be wrong here but when you've been put in an advanced science class because you somehow, despite family genetics, managed to excel in it in middle school then I think it's doubly important to have a teacher that you not only like looking at but that you actually like learning from.

As to the three worst things so far: one - the crowds which make it difficult to get back and forth between buildings for classes; two - the short amount of time that they give students to wade through said crowds to get to their next class; and three - the fact that there are very few lockers and they are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis (which means they are given pretty much only to upper classmen) which leaves the lowly freshmen to carry their heavy loads of books while wading through the large crowds trying to get back and forth between the distant buildings for classes in a short amount of time. Whew! No wonder she comes home tired!

Overall she seems to be quite happy with her initial high school experience, has actually managed to get up every morning with little to no prompting on my part, and still draws me pictures on nights I'm not here and leaves them on my bed for me to find. What more could a parent want?? Well, I'm sure we'll get into THAT later!

Amanda's version of The Chesire Cat

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