Saturday, September 16, 2006

"You can't win if you don't play" ~ Connecticut State Lottery Slogan

Once again the Powerball has managed to grow to a rather staggering number - $157 million as of this writing - and once again I have no chance at all to win. Why the pessimistic attitude you might ask? Actually, there's a very good reason ... I forgot to buy any tickets yet again. Sigh ...

It's not that I wouldn't want $157 million, I'm not one of those people who gallantly states that "I wouldn't want to be rich", and it's certainly not that I don't need the money. Heck, even less than a thousandth of that could make all of my financial problems disappear into the sunset and make me very happy for a very long time but I just never seem to remember to buy tickets - even when I'm standing in a store that has a lottery terminal just feet away from me!

I did remember to buy a ticket last week on my birthday and actually managed to match one number and the Powerball to net myself a hefty $4 prize which I promptly traded in on four tickets for Wednesday's drawing where I managed to match two numbers and nothing else thereby netting myself absolutely zilch. As they say - easy come - easy go.

I can't even fathom what it would feel like to check a ticket and match every number plus that elusive all-important Powerball; to suddenly realize that your entire life is going to change big-time as soon as you cash that ticket in. It would have to be heart-stopping. It would have to be mind-numbing. It would have to be terrific!

My mother has always said that if she won she'd split the winnings five ways (I have three brothers) so I'm hoping that at least she remembered to buy her tickets. If not, perhaps I'll remember next time. Maybe. Probably not. What do you think the odds are??


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM EDT

    Everybody knows in order to win you have to move out west to some little town with like 4 people living in it.

  2. Just leaving this area and going out west to a small town IS winning in my book! Seriously, even though I don't play the lottery, I can understand the attraction - not to mention some of the money does go to worthwhile causes (if you believe the radio ads). Besides, my wife is a big fan of the lottery, and plays all the time. (maybe I still have a shot @ winning after all!)


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