Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." ~ Charles de Gaulle

Just as Amanda and I attempt to share a cup of tea in the evenings, we also try to share a cup of coffee in the mornings before heading our separate ways to either work or school. We don't always manage it as there are some days when it practically takes an Act of Congress to get me out of bed but for the most part we are able to spend at least a little time together before the rest of the day intrudes.

That little bit of time is generally spent on the couch while watching a bit of the morning news or, more appropriately these days, the parade of political commercials that is occasionally interspersed with a news item or two! After acquiring my cup of coffee this morning I told Amanda that I was going to sit down on the couch for awhile to watch the political commercials and I certainly was not disappointed.

Bob Maxon on Channel 30 caught me up on the weather for the day before I got to watch three political commericals for various candidates in a row followed by two minutes of news and three more political commericals. Thinking that we might have better luck over on Channel 3, I switched the channel only to catch the tale end of Rachel Lutzker's traffic report followed by four more political commericals. We didn't fare any better over on Channel 8 as they, too, seemed to be infected with political-commercial-itis.

To say that this is ridiculous might just be a teeny tiny bit of an understatement. I'm beginning to think that I'm going to vote for the candidates that I've never really heard of simply because I'll know that they didn't spend thousands, nay - millions, of dollars on advertisements that have flooded not only the TV and radio airwaves but also my mailbox. This kind of out-of-control spending is just ridiculous, to say the least, and there's probably no need for it as I don't know of a single person who votes for someone based on their TV/radio commercials or mailbox flyers.

Thank goodness it'll all be over in less than two weeks but as Amanda warned me yesterday - if I think this is bad, wait until 2008 and the elections then. She has a very valid point hence the reason I think I'm going to put in for a leave of absence from work and move to Cananda for most of 2008!


  1. I agree with the idea of moving to Canada, except it would be a bit TOO cold for me. I also think that the political ads are getting too much. I mean why can't we just stick to the issues, have a couple of honest-to-goodness debates, and stay outta the mud!! Negativity only breeds more negativity, and misery does not always love company. ENOUGH!! Personally, I don't think it really matters anymore who we vote for; eventually these guys are gonna bend, then go crooked. I do envy you one got to see Rachel Lutzker on TV in the morning - rrrrowrrrrr!! My secret (VERY secret) fantasy is for her to be doing her traffic report live from the back of my motorcycle! Vrrrroooooommm!

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM EDT

    Ugh.... I just don't get the whole Rachel Lutzker fetish most men seem to have!!!!

    I have taken to muting the television during commercials just so I don't have to listen to that crap anymore. Then you watch the news and the top story is the fight between the candidates ABOUT the ads. UGH!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    Oh and bulldog... I don't think the fantasy is "VERY secret" anymore!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM EDT

    I refuse to watch political commercials anymore. All political flyers are going straight into the shredder. I'm tired of having my intelligence isulted by every party/special interest group.

    Canada Bumper sticker: Saskatoon 2008! That would make 'em wonder, eh? Alternately, we could move to Loveland, Co.(the city, not the ski resort). It's in a valley near Denver, but oddly, gets less snow than Norwich. Let's establish a home base for fed-up voters. I'll get my M.I.L's second home as a H.Q. I bet we'd build a following; maybe enough for a taz exempt corp. complete with the same perks crooked politicians/CEO's get (get in on the ground floor, folks!). Of course, we'd be risking a Waco-style takeout; idiots/crooks hate logic, discourse, disagreement AND competition.

    Bulldog--you dog! MEN! Maybe you should move to Alabama. There's a lady down running as a write in for governor. She has an interesting campaign T-shirt suggesting that one might wish to vote for her ample feminine assets as opposed to the other boobs in the race. The pic's here:

    Just dont let all the b.s. stop you from voting. Everyone can use a little exercise, and the bastards of both major parties don't deserve the satisfaction of getting rid of THIS California centrist /moderate/independent. I think we are the true majority.

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM EDT

    whoops, there she goes again. That's supposed to be a "tax exempt corp" A "Taz exempt corp" just ain't right~

  6. I'm with you Jen - what is it with guys and Rachel Lutzker? She comes on TV at work and Boukie just about shorts out his keyboard drooling all over it and Andrew stops in mid-sentence while his mouth hangs open! Oh, to inspire that in a man ...

    And Bulldog, Jen has a point, your VERY secret fantasy is apparently not at all secret now! Wow am I ever gonna tease you about that one! ;-)

  7. Ummmm...sorry if I offended my charming lady friends with the Rachel Lutzker comments. You're absoulutely right, Jen, the secret is no more. (heck even Mrs Bulldog knows, but I have a feeling she'd let the air outta my tires before I went cruising with anyone else but her!) BTW Cyndi, I am all for your plan to relocate to Loveland, CO. and set up the Fed Up Voters Inc. I wouldn't worry about the Waco-style takeover; the FBI may well have had enough of that sort of thing for awhile. Besides, all I need are a few of my "less than sane" friends from way back, a few "tools of the trade", and for a "nominal fee" I can provide "security" for your HQ! ;-)


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