Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!" ~ Dexter Kozen

Amanda and I just got back home from the big Town of Plainfield where she and Nicole visited our old neighborhood in the hopes of pulling in a haul of goodies that will rot their teeth, plump their waistlines, and give them a brief sugar-high.

Back in the day when I was still married to my albatross of an ex-husband, we lived on the edge of Colonial Woods - a reasonably sized housing development that was the ideal spot to take the kids trick-or-treating as we could easily walk from door-
to-door and leave the car at home. It was about as close to the trick-or-treating that I did as a kid on military bases when you could easily hit over 200 houses in a night and come home with a haul that would last well over a month if you didn't go hog-wild with it.

Amanda decided that she wanted to go trick-or-treating with Nicole this year as she hadn't had the chance to see her in awhile and it also saved Nicole from be
ing banished to Rhode Island with her grandmother. I figure Amanda doesn't have too many years, if any, of trick-or-treating left in her so agreed to drive the 20+ miles for the girls to get together for the evening.

With Amanda dressed as a gypsy and her make-up done courtesy of Baby Liz, we wandered up to Plainfield around 5:30 where we picked up Nicole and made a swing by my mother's house in Canterbury and then to my Aunt Eleanor's. After brief visits at both places it was off to the fertile land of Colonial Woods for the more intense part of the even

It's been a good six years since we lived up there and apparently in our absence it has become even more popular of a trick-or-treating haven. When we got there the streets were lined with cars and masses of people were already out ringing doorbells. I parked in a strategic spot, let the girls hit the candy trail, and watched the parade of costumed characters walk by. Some were good - some were not so good - and some needed to go home and put some clothes on for God's sake!

The pickings were apparently not as good as the girls hoped as people ran out of candy early due to the hordes of fairies, witches, super-heroes, and other assorted characters that had descended on Colonial Woods. Still, they got a reasonable amount of bounty and had the chance to spend the evening together - something that they both seemed pretty happy about.

After making the 20+ mile drive back to Norwic
h, I am beyond tired and more than ready to call it a night. No doubt part of that exhaustion might be from knowing that with the passing of Halloween we have now officially jumped into the "holiday season" and there will be very little slowing down between now and New Year's Day - and that's a very tiring thought!

Amanda & Nicole


  1. I'm sorry to hear that the girls got the short end of the candy sack due to mass hauntings out your way.

    Hubby came home with reports that kids were arriving by the busload in the Parkwoods area (one of the tonier sections of town), whilst we languished with a massive bowl of candy and only a very few tiny takers on our street (which is in a pretty good subdivision). Go figure.

    Seeing Amanda look so lovely makes up for it, though. Watch out mom, you have a beauty on your hands!

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