Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Be excellent to each other!" ~ Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, 1989

I have a friend at work who likes to leave notes on my car from time to time.

The first note appeared under a wiper blade on my windshield close to two years ago. It was a short little note - just "Linda, have a great day!" o
r "Smile and know you're thought about" - simple little things like that which would put a smile on my face and make me wonder who could have been so kind and thoughtful as the notes were signed only with a smiley face. Eventually, by process of elimination, I was able to find out who the mysterious note-writer was and could thank him for his kindness and friendship as well as leave a note or two of my own on his windshield.

When my "reign" as Employee of the Year came to an end in January 2006 and my coveted parking space in the front of the building went to the next holder of the title, the notes slowed down as the writer had trouble finding my
car but every once in awhile I will go to climb into my car at the end of my shift and spy a note tucked securely under the driver's side wiper blade.

These small acts of kindness never fail to make me smile and brighten my day, especially when I find one after what might have been a long and busy shift. My friend that leaves the notes works the overnight shifts so I know that as he's walking out the door at 7:00 a.m. he has no idea what sort of day I'm going to have but his notes never fail to put a nice ending to it regardless of what the day threw at me.

I've been the recipient of two such notes recently (as well as the writer of one) and my friend's timing could not possibly have been any better as the past four days have been pretty rough ones and I had been feeling pretty down. The last note I got from him told me that my friendship radar must have been fine-tuned as he was in need of a little boost, too.

Other than an occasional brief passing in the ba
y or short visit in dispatch, I don't get the chance to spend much time with this friend but it just goes to show that it doesn't take a lot for someone to make you feel special or for you to make someone else feel special.

It really is pretty easy to "be excellent to each other" ...


  1. Awwww...shucks Linda, now you gone and made me blush...! I'm glad you appreciate the notes - I sure as heck enjoy leaving a little surprise now and then. Y' know...another quote would seem appropriate here, though I don't remember who said it; "People who need people are the luckiest people"! May we never stop needing our friends!

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM EST

    It's always the little things that mean so much... I often tuck notes into my husbands lunch. And every once in a while I'm lucky to receive one myself. (He has a more difficult time being "sneaky" since I make the lunches)I have one he gave me almost two years ago still on my desk. We also send text messages all the time just because...


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