Saturday, November 4, 2006

"Boy. What a softshell I'm turning out to be." ~ Sebastian, Disney's The Little Mermaid

So ... guess what I did last night?? Come on, you'll never guess!

Can you believe it? I drove through Worcester, Massachusetts for the second time in less than a week! Oh goody and joy! And on a Friday evening no less for which I think I deserve some sort of Badge of Courage or Medal of Honor!

After much long-distance giggling and conspiring on the phone with her cousins this week, Amanda declared that she just absolutely HAD to go to stay at their house for the weekend. They wanted to go see a movie and "ohmigod Nate might go!!"

Now how could I possibly say no? ... "On behalf of Mothers all over the world, I would like to accept this award for Mother of the Year" ... well, okay, let's not go that far but I expect a small boatload of gratitude from that daughter of mine for driving her 89.4 miles to her cousins' and then driving myself the same distance back just so that she could go spend the weekend in another State going all goofy over a kid with blue hair.

As I approached Exit 9 heading North, the last point of turning back before entering the City of Worcester-proper, I had the feeling that I have become quite the push-over these days when it comes to the whims of my daughter. A parent with more of a backbone would probably be sitting home in the comfort of their own living room rather than holding tensely to a steering wheel while driving through their least-favorite city - yet again! But like I said in another post, I can still remember being 14 myself albeit it be a very, very long time ago and spending just about every weekend with my cousins - who thankfully lived a lot closer than Amanda's does.

So what can I say but - ah, the things we do for love!


  1. Amanda is one lucky girl.....


  2. You DO deserve a medal! But, then, most of us road crews would be also entitled to wear the "Order of 290" complete with oak leaf clusters for our numerous transports from 433 to 491! Face it, we've travelled that corridor more than the route used by the C-47's and other planes during the "Berlin Airlift" - a glorious time in Aviation (and Air Force) history!!
    But I digress...Amanda, you are truely blessed to have a mother like Linda, here. Remember this when you get older! And when she gives you advice in regards to the boy in blue (hair), LISTEN! She's been there and done that already! THAT's how you thank her for doing things like driving through Worcester!

  3. MOoOoOoOM!!!!!!



    -is gonna get it at school monday-

    and yes, i am lucky ^_^

    but we ARE goign to his b-day party on the 18th

  4. Now Amanda - how many times have I told you to check your spelling before you hit the "Publish" key?

    Tsk, tsk ... I am definitely "right" about this and I could definitely "write" about this!

    And we'll see about the 18th - ;-)

  5. I commuted to Worcester from Connecticut all the way till I had my baby, and my husband does it still. I don't think we really deserve any awards...but if you're handing them out, we'll take 'em!

  6. Anonymous12:28 PM EST

    Worcester/290 is better than Worcester to Natick which because I hate the pike (90) involved 290, 495 AND route 9. No sane person enjoys route 9. Ever.



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