Saturday, November 18, 2006

"It's a small world after all ..." ~ Annoying Singing Animatronic Dolls at Disneyland, Disney World, et al

As I was sitting here tonight staring at yet another blank screen and wondering what on earth to write about I had an email from my friend Trisha up in Jewett CIty. She had sent me one of those cute little emails that people like to send to each other and I had sent her a response to which she wrote back right away so I knew she was on-line also. She sent me another email back and told me to give her a quick call as she had a cute story for me about what a small world it was.

I've known Trisha since the days when I was still married and living in Plainfield. She was my stylist at a salon up there and we soon became friends; a friendship that has outlasted my marriage, her marriage, and Lord knows how many cuts, colors, and styles!

Trisha has been to my house on several occasions and as someone who once lived in Norwich herself, she knows the Laurel Hill section of town quite well - lots of small roads on the sides of various hills with most houses dating back to at least the turn of the century and then some. If parts of it weren't so run-down and dilapidated, it would be quite quaint!

These days Trisha does all of her hair styling, etc out of her kitchen as a side job and still has a very faithful following of her old customers. She told me tonight that she'd had one such friend/customer over earlier this week and they had gotten to talking about when Trisha had lived in Norwich. Her friend mentioned that she had also lived in Norwich once upon a time and also in the Laurel Hill section. When Trisha asked her where she had lived darned if her friend didn't describe my house to a "T"! Turns out that about twenty years ago she lived in the very same house that I now live in.

Out of all the houses in all the city, she lived in mine and out of all the hairdressers in all of the State, she has the same one I do - now that's definitely an example of this really being a small world!

Sing on o' annoying animatronic dolls!


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM EST

    Wow that really is a small world... I have a small world story also. When I was on my honeymoon (well, you know, the first one....) My (now ex) hisband and I went on a cruise. I was standing on the pier in Cozumel Mexico and just taking in the sights. All of a sudden I was like "Oh My God!" and went running down the pier. My husband of course thinking I was insane followed me down the pier and gave me some rather strange looks as I proceeded to chat with an old friend I went to high school with!!!!

    Turns out we got married on the same day, used the same travel agent, and both went on cruises for our honeymoons, even though we were on different ships...

    Small World!

  2. Hey...I LIKE the animatronic dolls - they inspired me during target practice on the rifle range, which brings me to my "small world" story. When I went through ROTC boot camp @ Parris Island in 1985, one of the DI's was a fireplug of a man named Sgt. William Parham. This guy was scarey, but in the end, gave me a compliment I treasure to this day. Anyway, fast-forward to 1999, and I'm showing this kid the ropes at Foxwoods Security. His last name is Parham, and he looked like my old DI - just younger. Well I asked, and it turned out that this kid was Sgt. Parham's NEPHEW. Not only a small world, but kinda circular, know what I mean?


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