Friday, November 17, 2006

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it. " ~ Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 1986

Yesterday was my day to meet my "perennial flower friend" Rhonda for our monthly lunch get-together. We had picked the Green Onion in Lisbon as our arranged meeting place as we like to rotate restaurants rather than get into the rut of meeting in the same place each time. I had forgotten that the Green Onion was the place where we had each dropped some rather big news on each other - first that Rhonda was going to be a grandmother and then a good year or so after that I, too, was going to be a grandmother.

When I confirmed our meeting date and time on Tuesday, Rhonda reminded me that we were going to our "place of big news" and wondered what might lay in store for us along those lines this month. I told her that it was going to have to be on her end as there really was no big news on my end - just the endless succession of life's little disappointments and mundane happenings. As Amanda told me the other day, "Mom, we lead a boring life" and I replied that it was the only kind of life that we could afford!

After getting caught up on each other's lives, Rhonda asked me a rather interesting question that I've still been pondering a little bit but have yet to come up with a good answer to - "what do you think your life will be like 12 years from now?" She had originally said 10 years then decided to round it up to a nice even age of 60. 60?? Holy smokes - that's another whole series of numbers but I'm sure that if life continues to go as fast as it has up to this point I'll be there before I blink and wondering what the heck happened to my 50's, which I'm not quite into yet - thank you!

It's hard to believe but in 12 years time my grandson will be my youngest daughter's age and my yongest daughter will be my son's age. My son will be darned close to 40, Amanda will have entered her quarter century, and maybe - just maybe - I will finally have lost the albatross that my ex-husband is around my neck!

Other than the natural progression of age, it's hard to picture anything else - am I still going to be dispatching? Am I still going to be renting my house on the side of the hill? Will I finally have climbed out of the financial pit I've fallen into? Will I still be wondering if the right man is ever going to come along or will I finally have given up on the notion that he's out there somewhere? Will Cyndi and I still be in touch despite the 3,000 miles that separates us? Will Rhonda and I still be meeting once a month to share a meal and catch up on our lives? Or will I simply be someone's fading memory?

If Rhonda had asked me that question back in 1994 what kind of answer would I have given her then? Certainly nothing that even comes close to what my life has turned out to be - that's for sure! With the exception of Cyndi and I still being in touch and Rhonda and I also staying friends there are no constants there at all. In 1994 I was a married, stay-at-home Mom with a 1-year, 2-year, and 13-year old. I had no intentions of ever dispatching again or living in Norwich and had planned on being married until the "death do us part" thing. Just goes to show that you can't predict the future - not reliably anyway!

Ferris Bueller wasn't kidding, though, life does go by awfully darned fast but it seems like it's only when we stop to look back at our lives, or dare to look forward on them, that we notice how fast the years have gone by and how differently they've turned out from what we thought they might be.

So how about it - anyone out there where they thought they'd be at this point in life? Have the years flown by for you and where do you see yourself in twelve years? I can't be the only one who has no idea how to answer that question!


  1. To answer the first part of the question, no, I am NOT where I thought I'd be 12 years ago. At that time, I was employed in the manufacturing industry (plastics), and I was living paycheck to paycheck in a one-room apt. in North Attleboro, MA. I was single, and having fun going out to the country-western bars (there were actually a few in the area) with my buddies on Friday nights, gettin' lit, and living a "honky tonk" life. My hair was almost past my shoulders, and I didn't have too much to worry about - except that next paycheck.
    I figured I'd stay at the plant, maybe move up, but I was in no hurry to go anywhere. Well, I did stay for another 4 years, and when I left, I was middle management, and a Q.C. Engineer. I only left because I had a feeling the plant was going to shut down permanently. (2yrs later, it did!)
    Where do I see myself in 12 years? Hmmm...tough one. For sure, out in Texas/Arizona/New Mexico. Hopefully NOT in EMS, but in Aviation. Melissa, however, I see as a Paramedic in the area we live in. A house would be nice with a couple of dogs in the yard. Other than that - who knows? Maybe I'll let my hair grow again ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM EST

    Hmmm, interesting. 12 years ago I was I was 16. I was going into my junior year of high school and at the height of my horseback riding "phase"... I call it a phase because I don't have much of a desire to rekindle that particular habit anytime soon). I was a straight A student who was sure I was on my way to Uconn to major in Animal Science and become a large animal vet. Looking back it's hard to believe I ever wanted to do that as my interests have changed so dramatically since then. I NEVER imagined I would be in EMS (heck I didn't even know what EMS WAS back then!) I also didn't see myself married to someone 15 years my senior with 2 teenage step-sons and a toddler and an infant of my own! Beyond my career and college I don't think I had thought much more about what my future would hold... funny how things work out.

    As for where I will be in 12 years? Well, I'll be 40 (WHOA!) with step-sons that will be 28 (ACK! my age now!!) and 24, and my children will be 14, 12, and probably one more younger one in there somewhere! If I had to guess I will probably still be here dispatching, my little house on the hill will hopefully be finished and almost paid off... and I will be looking forward to a mortgage free life in where maybe my husband and I will finally have enough money to do some of the travelling we so enjoy.

    But given what has happened and changed in the past 12 years, somehow I thnk things will be vastly different from what I predict...!!!


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