Friday, November 24, 2006

"Pumpkin pie, if rightly made, is a thing of beauty and a joy." ~

Today I did not go in search of bargains at the local stores or the perfect Christmas tree but for pumpkin pie. Even though we had a wonderful lunch catered to us at work yesterday for which I am grateful (thankful even!) there was one thing missing and that was the pumpkin pie. There was a delicious cherry cobbler, pecan pie, and apple pie but apparently no pumpkin pie which is - in my opinion - a mandatory part of the Thanksgiving feast.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving was officially over I still had a pumpkin pie fix that needed to be addressed before I could put the holiday to a proper rest and begin the Christmas season so to that end I went first to Rhode Island and my son Michael's house where I mooched a turkey sandwich, a piece of chocolate creme pie, and a slice of pumpkin. It was an excellent pumpkin pie and could definitely have met the Thanksgiving requirement but the day was still young and we had more traveling to do.

From Rhode Island Amanda and I then went to visit Paula at her home in Canterbury where we were treated to not only another small piece of pumpkin pie but also a sampling of coconut cream pie which were both made by the Culinary Arts students at Grasso Tech in Groton where Paula works. To round it out we had a wonderful pumpkin pudding concoction that I now have the recipe for from Paula and will definitely make sometime soon! But the day was still not over!

After a lovely visit with Paula, we then proceeded down the road to my mother's house and had our third piece of pumpkin pie for the day. Though the pies at both Michael's and Paula's were delicious, my Mom's pumpkin pie is still the best by far and was the perfect ending to the day.

If I were going to add up the Weight Watcher's points that Jen keeps such a close eye on, I would probably be totally appalled but I refuse to think about that and will just not eat anything for the next two days in order to make up for the overabundance of pie!

Yeah, and if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy ...

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM EST

    Ok so by my calculation.... your points allowance for the day is 24, you were a bit dyslexic Linda..

    YOU ATE 42!!!!


    Truth be told I probably ate more than that Thanksgiving day!


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