Sunday, November 19, 2006

"The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

I've been at the blogging thing on this particular blog since July of this year but I first started blogging over at several years ago when I had some free time and decided that rather than just talk to myself I might as well write to myself! I wasn't very disciplined at it and would miss large chunks of time quite frequently but when I did write I enjoyed it even though I knew I had no audience except for a few hardcore friends.

When the opportunity presented itself to do this blog for the Norwich Bulletin, I jumped at the chance as there was a part of me that wanted to see if people would actually be interested in reading anything I wrote - whether they would respond or not. I've always enjoyed writing in one form or another and have occasionally thought myself to be halfway decent but without other people's opinions I only had my own to go by and, naturally, I would tend to be a bit biased! I either loved my stuff or hated it - and more times than not it was the latter!

Even though there aren't a major multitude of comments to my posts, I'm very happy to see the ones that people take the time to write and am very thankful for my little group of readers who seem to sometimes relate to what I electronically babble about. I think one of the highest compliments that I get is when I'm told that I write like I talk and that those who know me can really tell it's me doing this writing and not some anonymous ghostwriter I've got shackled to my computer desk who trades words for food and drink! Though now that I think about it - that doesn't sound like a bad idea!

I may never write the Great American Novel though someday I would love to be sitting on the couch across from Oprah discussing my amazing literary success while she touts my multimillion selling novel as the latest read on her book club list but, in all reality, I know that probably ain't gonna happen anymore than I'm going to win the lottery, marry a Sean Connery look-a-like, and move to the Fiji Islands - though it is nice to dream! And thanks, Andrew, for putting that one in my head!

In the meantime it's been nice to inspire one of my fellow employees to recently start his own blog. Erik, better known as Bouk, has begun blogging about life as a volunteer firefighter, something that he does up in his stomping grounds of Putnam in addition to being one of my weekday dispatch partners and a part-time EMT at American Ambulance. If you'd like to check out his blog and encourage his new venture in writing, please click here to read "The Fire Insider".

Who knows - maybe I'll see Bouk sitting on the couch opposite Oprah touting his literary success one of these days but I just hope he doesn't get there before I do!

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  1. Anonymous8:29 AM EST

    Thanks for the link Linda. I'll be sure to check it out!


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