Sunday, November 26, 2006

""While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats." ~ Mark Twain

Often in my posts you will see me mention Jen, my weekend dispatch partner and friend - the other half of "those #@*! redheads" as Matt likes to refer to us on a regular basis. Surprisingly, Jen and I have quite a bit in common - our birthdays are separated by a mere six days, we both enjoy a good musical, we both have things in our past that some might consider scandalous, neither of us can dance in heels, and we're both anal retentive perfectionists that are confident in our dispatch abilities and don't intimidate each other but make a damned fine team.

Add on to the list another thing in common with the advent of Jen's new blog here on I've tried to get Jen interested in blogging in the past and she did make a bit of an attempt over at but she was just never able to get into as much as I would have liked as, let's face it, writing can be a tough discipline to adhere to when you're already juggling a hectic life and career.

Having now spent the better part of almost five months reading my constant electronic babble here, as well as enjoying the writings of ECR over on 24/7, Jen has decided to start writing again and has begun posting at Everybody Loves Raymond (well some maybe). Stop by and take a peek at her postings, I think she'll find that she's a much better writer than she gives herself credit for.

I'm thrilled to have fellow dispatchers Jen and Erik both posting now here on Blogger - two down and four to go!


  1. Thank you very much Linda for the plug. I can only hope to follow (somewhat more clumsily I am sure) in your footsteps.

  2. I actually went to Jen's site first and then wondered over here. Redheads run in my family, so I feel right at home!

  3. Would you believe I was born a redhead, myself? Yup, it's true. My mom still had the envelope with locks of my hair to prove it. Unfortunately, it darkened by the time I hit school, although in the summer, it lightens back again. My mustache used to remain red all year long until recent years. Too bad, I'd rather be decended from cats than apes! BTW, I checked out Jen's blog...good job, Jen!!

  4. Redheads are becoming a rarity. I hear the population of redheads is in decline.


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