Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go." ~ Meredith Wilson, 1951

In 2003, the first year that I was at American Ambulance, I decided that the dispatch center was in definite need of some holiday spirit and spent well over eight hours on one of my days off 'decking the halls'. I did the same thing the second year that I was there but somewhere before my third Christmas I lost my enthusiasm for the project and proclaimed that I was not going to decorate this year. I think it had something to do with the total destruction and consumption of a gingerbread house in just one day and the placement of the Christmas tree but whatever it was, I just wasn't going to decorate this year. I did, however, tell people that the decorations were in the radio room closet and that they were more than welcome to make use of them.

Around the beginning of the month I noticed that downstairs in the billing section they had done a very nice job of putting up a tree, hanging stockings, and even suspending some beautiful handmade three-dimensional snowflakes from the ceiling. Very festive - very nice! A week or so later I noticed that they had strung lights up around the crew lounge and that things were looking very holiday-like there, too. Very festive - very nice! That left dispatch looking eerily similar to the Grinch's moutain-top cave until last Friday when Matt put a very pretty red poinsettia on top of the dispatch console.

Apparently the arrival of that lone poinsettia was the impetus for someone else to finally decide that the place needed a little more holiday cheer as Baby Liz broke the boxes out of the radio room closet and began to decorate the room yesterday afternoon. When I came in this morning it definitely looked like Christmas had at last arrived in dispatch. Very festive - very nice!

We have floor to ceiling windows which look out over Thames Street and the Norwich Harbor and, as part of the decorations, Baby Liz had decided that each of us who works upstairs was going to cut out a snowflake to put on the windows which cover almost the entirety of one wall. She had already cut one out herself and it was quite pretty but at the same time quite intimidating to those of us who have no arts & crafts skills. However, Baby Liz can be quite persuasive and was not taking 'no' for an answer from any of us so with a little instruction we all soon found ourselves snipping away and laughing at the results.

Because I was spending the day training Rene, our latest dispatcher, I had a lot of free time to cut out more than the one requested snowflake and was actually having a pretty good time trying out different shapes and styles while keeping an eye on "my rookie". I was having such a good time, in fact, that I lost count of how many snowflakes I ended up finally producing but I want it made known that I was not decorating - just contributing!

It's nice to know that just because I am being a Christmas crab this year not everyone around me is being the same. Sometimes it's really nice just to be the one who gets to enjoy the decorations that someone else took the time to put up rather than be the one who put them up. Thank you, Baby Liz, and even though everyone made some great snowflakes I still think that yours are the most awesome of all!


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM EST

    Yes, Baby Liz did a wonderful job... I don't care what you say Linda... you helped decorate...nice snowflakes!!

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM EST

    Might i say the gingerbread house tasted great 021

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM EST

    next year maybe you could make some... distressed Gingerbread men? maybe wearing casts, or with a firearm in one hand and a bottle of Wild Turkey in the other (for decorating your office, I mean).
    And why do Gingerbread men always have buttons but never seem to be wearing any clothing? Are we to believe Gb men (Gb is the periodic table abbreveation for Gingerbread) have a half dozen belly-buttons like some edible mutant spicy piglet's teats. And why don't we ever see Gb women? Talk about your glass ceiling... You should start a foundation for runaway Gingerbread men, with their photo on a milk carton... um, actually that might be a bad idea. Nevermind. WordPress.com blog "maxdname"

  4. I walked into dispatch this morning to find things very festive also! However I noticed the said tree that caused so much contoversy is nowhere to be found....and we've yet to be given a gingerbread house!

  5. After finally making it upstairs to dispatch last night, I must say that I was favorably impressed witht the decorations. The snowflakes looked awesome. I still think you guys need a tree up there, and whoever the crybaby(ies) were who whined and bitched last year should just grow up, get over it, and decorate one of the most recognized symbols of Christmas hope!

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM EST

    What was wrong with the tree??

  7. What was wrong with the tree was that it made people feel "claustrophobic" and "was in the way". I thought it might be put to better use at my son's house so that my grandchildren could enjoy it as I'm sure they won't have any complaints about it's location at all!


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