Friday, December 8, 2006

"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing the self is enlightenment ..." ~ Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist, 600 BC - 531 BC

Jen has definitely gotten into this blogging stuff big-time and as such she tagged myself and Amanda for a meme (which as you may or may not know is an idea, project, statement or even a question that is posted by one blog and responded to by other blogs). I've been tagged in the past by ECR who tagged Jen for this meme who then tagged me. And now without further ado ...

Five Things You May or May Not Know About ...


1. I hate clowns - any kind of clowns. I have never liked clowns, not since I can remember. I don't think they're funny in either looks or actions - they're just creepy. It's no wonder that Stephen King picked a clown to scare the beegeebers out of little kids in IT. Clowns are whack!

2. I cannot sleep in a room that is completely quiet because it's just, well, too quiet! I have one of those handy-dandy little gadgets that makes different kinds of background noises and I use it all the time. It's usually set on "thunderstorm" as I like that one the best.

3. Way back in the late 80's I briefly worked as a professional disc jockey at WINY-AM radio in the thriving metropolis of Putnam, Connecticut!

4. While attending San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California I was the co-editor-in-chief of my college newspaper at the same time that I was Program Director at my college radio station.

5. Before I became a police dispatcher at the Stockton Police Department, I worked in the automotive department at the local Sears doing tires, batteries, and oil changes. It was a hard job and I was the only female in the whole department but I was pretty good at it.


1. She is afraid of escalators - especially ones going in the 'up' direction. She said that she feels like she's always leaning forward and is going to fall down the stairs.

2. She has to sleep in a completely dark room as even just the moon shining in will keep her awake. She also has to have background noise and sleeps with her radio on.

3. She was born in Long Beach, California and shares her birthday with her grandmother. She and my mother also share the middle name of "Elizabeth".

4. She still watches Sponge-Bob and The Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon from time to time.

5. She was once a member of the Griswold Young Marines.

So - there you have it - five completely useless facts about myself and my oldest daughter!

In keeping with the meme tradition, I now tag Erik and his daughter so as they say Boukie, "tag - you're it!"


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM EST

    Where's the love for Pennywise??? You know, we all float down here.

  2. Yay! Thanks for playing :) It was fun to hear about Amanda...and I only knew 1 & 2 about you!


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