Friday, December 22, 2006

“May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart” ~ Eskimo Proverb

It's beginning to feel like winter has finally descended upon us here in New England (though the uncharacteristically warm December has been a blessing to my fuel costs!) and, as such, I decided last night that it was time to break out the flannel sheets and put them on my bed.

I have no idea who the genius was that came up with the idea of making sheets out of flannel but I am forever grateful to whomever it was and couldn't sing his/her praises loud enough! As much as I like the 300-thread count sheets, there is nothing like crawling in between warm, cozy, flannel on a cold winter's night - especially when one sleeps alone like I do.

Growing up, I remember that my mother always had a sweater on and seemed to be cold and it appears that I have inherited that from her as I'm always chilly no matter what temperature I have the thermostat set for. We have two-zone heating in the house but for some unknown reason, the upstairs never seems to work so it gets pretty chilly in the bedrooms at night - especially considering I have the downstairs thermostat set to drop down to 56 degrees after 9:00 p.m. Were it not for flannel sheets I would probably be piling a half-dozen blankets and comforters on top of the bed just to maintain some sort of warmth!

The only drawback that I have found to flannel sheets is that you can't really wear flannel pajamas at the same time as it makes it hard to roll over but that's a small price to pay for NO cold spots when you stretch your feet out!

Now if I could just figure out a way to keep the bathroom floor warm for when I stumble across it in the morning, life would be almost perfect!


  1. Linda, as you know I have come to love those rice bags that Renee had at work. I am sure with your sewing ability it would be simple for you to make a couple. I was blessed to have Renee give me two of them for Christmas.... when I am getting ready for bed I throw them in the micro for a couple minutes then throw them under the covers on my side of the bed while I change into my PJ's and brush my teeth and stuff. Then when i get in bed my spot is all warm and toasty....I put one down by my feet and the other in my pillowcase and "viola", instant warmth....

    LOVE IT!

  2. According to my wife, there's no need for rice bags in OUR bed - it comes with an automatic warming device: ME! She always has warm sheets, comforters, ect. when she climbs into bed, so long as I get there first. Fortunately for "Mrs. Bulldog", our schedules usually ensure that this happens.

    Oh, and Linda, I never slept on flannel sheets until I met the Mrs. Now, it's ok on REALLY cold nights, but because I get so warm, I usually kick them off (in my sleep) along with the down comforter. Even though my internal temp. regulator is a bit high, I do like the softness. Here's to a warm winter for all of us!!

  3. BULLDOG....

    My husband is also a furnace.... however rice bags don't snore in my ear!!


  4. Jennifer...

    Good point; one that I'm sure "Mrs. Bulldog" would readily agree with. However...did I mention that my OTHER job besides "furnace" is to be a "draft-stopper"?

    We have a slight draft coming through our window that 3 yrs, and multiple different attmepts have failed to stop. To counter this, my genius wife uses me as a body pillow on one side, and her teddy bear on the other - all three of us mashed together - to ward off the evil draft!

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  6. Whereas I am tickled pink that Jenifer and Mrs. Bulldog each have their own built-in heaters - please remember that I sleep alone so there is NO ONE ELSE in bed with me to throw any sort of warmth - blast-furnace type or otherwise! Stand by - I'm going to throw a small pity-party for a moment ... whine, snivel, sniff ... okay, I'm done! At any rate, because I have SO much free space on the other side of the bed I have to rely on things like flannel sheets and heated mattress pads (best investment I have ever made in my whole life) to keep me warm and cozy on cold winter nights. Oh well, at least neither one of those things snores or steals the covers, though sometimes I truly miss those sorts of things.


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