Sunday, December 10, 2006

"People don't change. Only their costumes do." ~ Gene Moore

After a few months of looking like pretty much everybody else on Blogger, I decided that it was time for a "costume change" on my blog. As such I now present to you the one-of-a-kind, much-more-visually-stimulating version of "Are We There Yet?"

Call it a wish, call it a fantasy, call it a pipe-dream but I think that deep down inside we all want to be super heroes of a sort. We all want to be ...
"Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! ... Yes, it's Superman ... strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! Superman ... who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!"
But real life being what it is, we only attain super hero status in our minds. However, in my case, I have attained that status on my blog page thanks to the talents of Se7en from Blogs Gone Wild!

But I'm not really SuperMom, I'm just RegularMom, even though I'd like to be thought of as SuperMom every once in awhile! I am perhaps faster than a speeding wheelchair carrying a very heavy patient, more powerful than the zip-tabs that hold most packaged foods closed, and able to leap a small cat in a single bound (provided said small cat doesn't move and end up under my feet thereby causing me to trip and land unceremoniously on my behind!). Yes ... it's SuperMom ... single parent of two sometimes annoying teenage daughters with powers and abilities far beyond those of the average Mom! SuperMom who can change frozen food into tasty meals, wash dirty dishes with her bare hands, and who, disguised as Employee #829, a stressed-out 911 dispatcher for a commercial ambulance service, fights a never-ending battle for the completion of homework, a tidy house, and a decent paycheck!

Of course, the real reason I'd want to be a super hero is to have the ability to fly but sadly, SuperMom only seems to have the ability to drive, which of course comes in real handy when Amanda needs to go somewhere! Oh well, I just hope the rest of the costume includes a cape and a pair of those cool Wonder Woman-type boots!

If you get the chance, tell me what you think of my "new look" and - as always - be kind! Oh, and the drawings are merely representations and by no means depict any actual human beings - living or alive!


  1. Hi and thanks for the nice mention! Much appreciated!

    I think everyone should be a superhero! =)

  2. Yeah!! Your blog looks great, and from the art teachers perspective I'd give it a big 100!! Nice images, great colors and easy on the eyes.

    As far as being a Superhero, I too wish I was a being with superpowers. But I would want Samantha from Bewitched powers, able to snap your fingers and "pop" around instead of trudging down the highway.
    I would also want Bat Girl's brains, and Cat Woman's sex appeal and Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

    But alas I am just me, sigh. But to quote my student's at school, I do have a bangin' art room!

  3. A most perfect depiction of your super human abilities! The page looks great!

  4. It looks so good that I had to shoot se7en an e-mail myself....I'm totally jealous!!

  5. I just gotta say, I really like what you did with your blog page! After I got over my initial confusion ("Am I in the right place??"), I thought the change was definately one for the better. I could get used to you as a cartoon superhero - go "Supermom"! The cartoon even looks a little like you (using the 'ol imagination of course).

    As for me, I never imagined being a superhero in the "Justice League" sense. I've always wanted to be the "Audie Murphy" type of hero. (I know...GASP! SHOCK! BIG surprise there!...!) It's true, I've always wanted to be the brave foot soldier who could stand firm in combat, WITHOUT turning "yellow", and letting my platoon mates down, while doing my duty - and even a little more (enough to get the Bronze Star perhaps?). Alas, due to my 4-F status, I'll never know how I'd measure up if I ever "saw the elephant". I'll have to settle for just being "Employee #623".

  6. Your blog looks GREAT! I'm so envious! If you are a superhero, that must make me some kind of green villain. Oh well. I've been called worse things ;)


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