Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" ~ Mexican bandits from Blazing Saddles, 1974


Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt
This Week's Theme: Silver

This week's theme was tough as I wracked my brain to try to think of what I might have in my collection of pictures that could possibly be silver. I have never had piles of money lying around the house in the form of nickels, dimes, and quarters to photograph; I've never made it to my 25th wedding anniversary so no photo ops there; and though I have some jewelry none of it is anything I've ever wanted to take a picture of.

Then the light bulb went on and it dawned on me that the badge that I used to wear when I worked at the Norwich Police Department as a 911 Dispatcher was silver and I was pretty sure that I had taken a picture of it some years back. My memory has apparently not quite gone out on me completely as I was right and was able to dig this up from my archives. It's not the best picture in the world when it comes to quality but, by golly, it's silver and that fits the theme of the week! Plus it brings back some memories both good and bad of the time when I made my living telling cops where to go!

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt Participants
1. Skittles
2. Claire Rachael Pitt
3. empress bee (of the high sea)
4. Mike
5. incog
6. Crazy Working Mom
7. Daisy
8. eija
9. viamarie
10. Hootin\' Anni
11. Sanni
12. Dragonheart
13. Danella
14. Beckie
15. Caylynn
16. deb
17. SargeCharlie
18. gewels
19. Barbara H.
20. Christina
21. srp
22. Biker Betty
23. Sunflower
24. PEA
25. Teena in Toronto
26. Friday\'s Child

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  1. Yay.. I'm first too! I can't see the badge, though. :(

  2. I can see badge fine!
    An excellent light bulb moment.
    Mine was a bit of a stretch this week, i am sure people will cheat on this one.
    Claire xxx

  3. now that is very interesting! thanks. bee

  4. A good post for this weeks hunt. It's not that bad, the badge is very visible.

  5. Oh there it is!!!! Very nice :)

    Cheat? Now who would cheat? *whistle*

  6. Great choice. It is very shiny and silvery. Happy weekend. Mines up too.

  7. Awesome! : )

    This week's theme was a tough one, I agree.

    Happy Hunting.

  8. Wow, that badge looks very official and important!

  9. Anonymous7:11 AM EST

    That's a perfect picture for the theme :)
    And it was an important job, too.

  10. Great choice!

    Happy Saturday.

  11. That's so impressive!!! Great idea. Glad the lightbulb wasn't burned out and it gave you light and an wonderful idea.

    [I love the quote you have on top in your header also....we say that around here all the time]

    Mine's posted.

  12. Very creative choice for this week´s theme - fits perfectly!

    My hunt is up, too @ Coffee 2 go - Please stop by if you find a minute =)

  13. I'm sure that badge must hold a lot of memories! Nice that you were able to dig the photo out of the vault for this week's theme.

  14. Anonymous8:14 AM EST

    My husband has worked as a navy cop for the past 3 years while on shore duty, the last line about telling cops where to go made me giggle.

    Great shot!

    Mine is up too.

  15. Well, aren't you clever! Great take on the theme.

  16. Definitely silver! Glad to hear your memory hadn't failed you. ;)

    Have a good weekend. :)

  17. Cool! It's a great take on today's theme!
    Mine's up, too - come by and visit when you get time :))
    Hope you have a super weekend!

  18. Great idea, great post, thanks for your support

  19. I think it's a great shot for the theme.

  20. Anonymous12:43 PM EST

    Great choice for today! I really appreciate the 911 folks.

  21. Anonymous12:54 PM EST

    What a creative photo! I have no doubt that the badge brings back some interesting memories for you.

    Happy Saturday!

  22. Thanks for stopping by!
    I must say that is some of the shiniest silver in that badge, that I have ever seen! And you got to tell the police where to go? How interesting and nerve wracking at times I bet!

  23. What a great idea for silver. I'm glad you remembered it. It's very impressive.

    Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend,
    Biker Betty :)

  24. very impressive!

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog!Welcome back any time.

    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  25. "Telling cops where to go"....LOL love it!! What an excellent idea to think of the badge for the silver theme picture! This is my first time participating in the Photo Hunt...great fun:-)

  26. Very impressive! I've never seen one up close before.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  27. Just dropping by to say I enjoy reading your blog!

  28. I think that badge is gorgeous (of course I am a native Nutmegger!!) Great shot!

  29. Badges. They still have them on police uniforms. They look great.
    Wasn't able to join the Photo hunters. I was at a loss when I was going to post and all of a sudden I couldn't open my own blogger as I was switched to the new blogger buzz and not the blogger beta. They said blogger beta is already dead and this is the new one. So anyway, no Photo Hunter today but have something special for everyone. It is much better than silver and gold. Please do visit if you have the time.

  30. My jobs are easy compared to yours, sitting there, listening to all of the problems, you just throw the more interesting ones to us. You have to be nice most of the time, we are allowed a little more latitude. Great post, you have my respect.


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