Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.“ ~ Abraham Lincoln


Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

First off I'd like to thank the Academy for their nomination ...

Oh okay, so it's not that kind of an award but I think it's really cool that I have been awarded "The Best Blog of the Day Award" by the folks over at Blog of the Day Awards and I can post a nifty little banner over on my sidebar as bragging rights. Cool beans!

As Sally Fields once gushed "you like me, you really, really like me!" and now I can say the same thing to whomever it was that took the time to nominate my humble little ole' blog for consideration.

Thank you!


  1. Well now, if you are worthy, you are worthy


    The old sarge

  2. Well congratulations :)

  3. Congratulations on this and the Comeback challenge....you must be worthy

  4. Congrats Linda!!

    I'm jealous!


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