Monday, January 8, 2007

"Oh tell me where in the world is ... Oh tell me where can she be?" ~ "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Rockapella, 1991

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Where in the world is Rachel Lutzker???*
Anyone who has been tuning into WFSB Channel 3 News in Hartford for the past week hoping to catch Rachel Lutzker doing the Pinpoint Traffic reports has probably been quite disappointed as she just hasn't been there. Scott Haney has certainly been there in all of his full glory every morning but there's been neither hide nor hair seen of Ms. Lutzker.

I've got to wonder how on earth all of the Rachel-ites are surviving during her absence. I know that the guys at work are going through withdrawal symtpoms and getting quite grumpy in the process. It's amazing the amount of moaning and groaning going on all because no one has gotten their "Rachel fix" for the past week and a half!

Wherever she has gone, I certainly hope that Rachel comes back soon not only for the sake of all of the men in Connecticut (and specifically those at American Ambulance!) but also for all of the people who still continue to come to my blog via a search for Ms. Lutzker in one form or another!

*Photoshop picture courtesy of the "Art-Munkey" aka Amanda!


  1. That might possibly be the longest post title I've ever seen :)

  2. I'm glad you noticed also, Linda. I am having major withdrawls as it's been like a year (ok, maybe a week or two) since she's been there.... I just hope she's back soon...real soon.... really, really soon....LOL Say hi to everyone in the turret. Bouk

  3. AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!! Up until now, I had NO idea Rachel was missing! As of late, I've been either on the road, or subjected to "non-Rachel" TV by co-workers who don't know a good thing when they see it! Since I live in RI, I can't see her on my own time.

    Oh the horror, the humanity! Times like this makes me wish I COULD fly a helicopter - just so I'd be able to go find her (and be the hero of CT, and AASI - not to mention, her "personal" hero!) What a crappy way to start my birthday! Oh well, we're probably overreacting, and she'll be back soon!

  4. Linda, I think you just periodically write about Rachel Lutzker to make sure you are getting plenty of "blog hits".

    Amanda- great job on the photo, I may look you up for photoshop lessons!

  5. Jenifer - you're probably right but I feel somewhat obligated to occasionally write about Rachel as SO many people come over here looking for her!

    Matt tells me she's pregnant and that's why she's been looking a little chunkier on camera these days. If most of her loyal fans are like Andrew their reaction is going to be "Wow, that's hot!".

    Oh brother ... men!

  6. Anonymous6:12 PM EST

    Rachel has moved on to Fox61 news at 10. Just thought you would like to know.


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