Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ouch! Hey - that hurt (a little bit)!


I recently had the, er, pleasure of having my blog reviewed by the "good folks" over at italk2much.com and I've got to say that it's an experience much akin to intentionally slamming one's hand in a door. In other words, it's painful yet it teaches you a lesson at the same time! The lessons being a) don't intentionally slam your hand in a door for it will hurt and b) don't ask very opinionated strangers to review your blog unless you can take the honest truth as it might hurt also!

The review was done in the style of American Idol and 'Simon' was typical Simon, 'Paula' appeared to be drunk as per usual as she was actually rather nice in some of her comments, and 'Randy' - well dawg, - my blog just didn't do it for him, he just wasn't feelin' it. In other words, I'm not getting a golden ticket to go to Hollywood and make an even bigger fool of myself!

What did they have to say you might ask? Well, what better way than to present that for your reading enjoyment right here in this post ...

"Simon: How old do you think we are that you find it necessary to inundate us with this massive font? It doesn’t matter how big the letters are, the white on blue positively glares at us. It’s awful, do I have to read this?

Paula: We have to be fair Simon, besides, isn’t the template cute? [Simon: No. It’s a bit too patriotic for me. And how much crap can you possibly jam into one sidebar?] Well, that is a lot of stuff in there. But she writes well and her posts are easy to follow. I think she’s sweet.

Randy: Dude, that blue is seriously messing with my eyes. If you have to be patriotic, invert the colors so we can read it without getting a headache. And starting every single post with a quote from somebody? That’s just lame, man. Be original. I’m not feelin’ this blog, at all.

Simon again: One more thing, that one post talks about wishing someone would invent fonts that indicate sarcasm, sincerity, sadness, and what have you. I’m sorry but that’s just stupid. If people can’t tell whether you’re being sad, funny or sincere, then you shouldn’t be blogging. It’s as simple as that."

I was given "one smack" -
which is one step up from sucking!

Alrighty then ... as I said, they had some valid points as the font that I had been using was rather large but in my defense, I had changed it per the request of several people who said that they had some trouble reading it. I have since attempted to correct that (you might have noticed) and have toned the color down, too, with the help of my good friend MizCyn who is much more of an HTML genius then I could ever claim to be!

As for the background colors of my blog I can only say "TOUGH!" as I think that the guy who designed my blog lay-out did a very good job and sure, it might be a bit overly patriotic but I work for American Ambulance for crying out loud! I haven't had any complaints from anyone else about the colors so I'm just going to chalk that one up to some people just preferring darker colors - which is certainly their right.

I beat them to the punch on the whole "quotation" thing as evidenced by yesterday's post; I've tried to trim down some stuff on my sidebar; and because there were some statements made in their "comments" section that a few people mistakenly thought I had twins because of the graphics, I threw a disclaimer at the top of my sidebar (which, of course, caused me to add more to the sidebar - oh gasp!). When se7en originally designed my blogskin he had put only the one girl in the picture which I felt wasn't right as even though Jamie doesn't live with me most of the time, I wanted her represented along with Amanda and so he did a mirror image. I apologize if it's misleading but it's a representation, folks!

I hope that the changes that I have made to my page now make it easier on the eyes and if anyone has any other constructive criticisms that they might like to offer, I would certainly welcome hearing them - but just remember, I said "constructive"!


  1. You are so much more mature than I am. Criticism, constructive or otherwise, sends me crawling off in search of my pacifier and blankie. You, on the other hand, have always had the admirable ability to focus on the "constructive" part of constructive criticism.

    I'm still willing to smack THEM once for the Gipper, but I'll restrain myself. Meanwhile, I do think the subtle changes look nice, and I've ALWAYS thought your bright color scheme was fun. As to the girls, you DO have twins--Irish twins!

    Go, girl!

  2. I'd like to give them a few smacks lol. One of the first things that attracted me to your blog was the look and feel of it!

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM EST

    Some people can only do humour when it's nasty.

    Set the font size to what you want - if people can't read it, tell them to hold down the 'CTRL' key and move the mousewheel. This will zoom in or out - try it ;-)

    The red is a little bright, perhaps a fractionally darker shade? Other than that the colours look fine.

    Your blog, your rules ;-)

  4. Honestly Linda, I AM qualified in many types of firearms and weaponry...PLEASE let me "help" you out with this...PLEASE!!! Seriously, what I wouldn't give to see these wingnuts in my crosshairs! There's a reason I refuse to watch American Idol - and comments like that are a BIG part of it. WHY do strangers feel it neccessary to be so bloody mean to someone they don't even know!!??

    Linda, your blog has been informative, inspiring, and just gosh-darned entertaining - all in the right places, so don't change anything you don't want to change yourself! The colors and words are A-OK with me, and I will continue to stand up and support you, my friend! (NOW can I "lock & load??)

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM EST

    They need a smack. I would be happy to review your blog honestly and without hurting ones feelings. Let me know if you want a review. One thing you might want to do is use the hack for blogger that allows you to read more this will shorten your page & because bots cannot read images you should use the alt description tag with your photos. When one is given a review it should be to help the blogger not belittle them.

  6. Holy crap!

    I hope they never even see my blog!! I'm sure with my tendency for bright colors and isiotic ramble, I'd be in the negatives!!!

  7. Linda, as you know I turned 41 this week, so I didn't mind the larger font, the colors are perfect, and what's wrong with quotes? That's why the keyboard has quotation marks on it. Have a great weekend.

  8. I don't think I'd want to submit myself to the opinions of persons who feel it amusing to imitate the American Idol trio.... You're very brave to have done so.

  9. Anonymous10:18 PM EST

    Your reply is grace under pressure. My reply was less graceful, but then again, every other word from that Catty idiot and her friends was underscored with eff this eff that, so I guess in relative terms, I was quite the polite one!


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