Thursday, January 4, 2007

"Please standby, we are experiencing technical difficulties!"

Anyone stopping by my blog today might notice that there is something missing - namely my entire sidebar! I have no clue where it went - perhaps to some exotic locale for a much-needed vacation or perhaps to some sort of Blogger Sidebar Convention that I wasn't aware of ... at any rate, I certainly hope that it comes back soon or at least sends a postcard to let me know where it went!

I should have known that this was going to be a screwed-up day when I awoke at 6:52 a.m. and realized that I hadn't heard Amanda knocking around the house earlier to get ready to go to school. Thursdays are my ONE day off from work right now which means it is my ONE day off to sleep in however that obviously didn't happen this morning. Apparently she had alarm clock issues - yet again. Sigh, I may have to forego sleeping in until the end of the school year just to make sure she gets up on time!

After awaking Sleeping Beauty I had to drive her to school so that she didn't miss out on her opportunity, nay - obligation - for higher education and once I got back from dropping her off I didn't see much sense in going back to bed (though it was very, very tempting!) as there is plenty for me to do around the old hacienda on my ONE day off. First on the agenda is going to be to toss my computer out the window as it is giving me nothing but grief this morning ... perhaps it would like to go to wherever it is that my sidebar snuck off to ... and then I may toss the cat right out behind the computer as she is making some hellacious noises and smells this morning! This is no way to spend my ONE day off!

That said, I am going to go occupy myself with menial tasks to take my mind off of my computer issues. I'll be back soon - and hopefully my sidebar will be, too!


  1. Obviously it heard you!!

  2. I am having problems uploading photos, not sure i will have a post tomorrow.

  3. Congrats on your winning The Comeback Challenge! Great blog...I'll be checking in more often...

  4. I am happy to report that my sidebar did in fact come home to its proper place shortly after I posted about it having gone missing. I'm not sure where it went or what it did while it was gone but I am happy to have it back and hope that it plans on staying around this time without making any unscheduled side trips to Lord knows where!


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