Saturday, January 13, 2007

“Technology: No Place for Wimps!” ~ Scott Adams, American Cartoonist

This week's theme: Technology

These are pictures of the dispatch center that I work in at American Ambulance Services in Norwich. Technologically we've got just about all of the bells & whistles that one could ever possibly want with the possible exception of a plasma TV to watch when things aren't too crazy!

From right to left in front of me at the dispatch console you can see the telephone at the lower right (a definite requirement if one is going to answer 911!); traveling up you see all of the radio buttons for our main base, back-up base, med radio, etc.; and up above that is the ITAC System which is used for Statewide emergencies and disasters (we would really rather it didn't go off!).

To the left of that is the computer screen with our current mapping system; underneath is the second monitor used for the CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system that we use (the CPU is down on the floor to my right); below that is the radio paging system and main transmit keys; and on the counter is my keyboard.

Moving further to the left is our alpha-mate paging system computer and Nextel phone and base. Directly to the left of that are our two satellite radio phones which can connect us to any hospital in the State as well as all of the dispatch centers and the Department of Public Health. Oh, and let's not forget the Easy button which - sadly - doesn't seem to work most of the time!

This is the visible technology that I deal with day in and day out as a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher. What you can't see behind me is the fax machine, copy machine, tape machines, shredder, and everything else in the room needed to run a dispatch center up to and including a coffee machine! The sad thing is, if this stuff goes down (which it does from time to time), I get to do everything by hand - a little something we call "manual mode" - and it can be a dispatcher's worst nightmare! Not to mention it doesn't make the IT guy real happy!

Kind of makes you wonder why I'm smiling - doesn't it?

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  1. I would just be fascinated with your equipment, I was an instrument man in the army, a calibration technician. My job was to make that stuff give you good information,

  2. Anonymous12:42 AM EST

    that would be my technological nightmare!! having to learn how to use everything *lol*
    great photos & welcome to the hunt - I havent posted yet - still trying to find an interesting pic :)

  3. Anonymous1:34 AM EST

    Wow, very cool! Welcome to the Photohunt :)

  4. Anonymous3:06 AM EST

    Neat shots! It all looks so homey and vaguely familiar, with the exception of those whiz-bang flat panel monitors.

  5. Must be an interesting job.

    Mine is up too. Have a great day!

  6. Anonymous7:39 AM EST

    That is a lot to deal with! Why are you smiling? Great take on the theme!

    My tangled technology is posted. Happy Saturday!

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM EST

    OK, this is giving me flashbacks I didn't want, from former jobs... *lol*

    Oh, I so know the feeling... though you're working with a bit more serious matters, mine were just IT-problems of different kinds.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  8. Nice pics Linda..... however I must say that if we were really to have everything we really wanted up there we would already have GPS tracking for our ambulances, we would have those cool groovy moving consoles so we could stand up and stretch out numb asses once and awhile, and yeah.....the plasma TV would be cool!!

  9. Yeap I think you beat us all in the technology dept...course that is not in your!! Thanks for stopping by Linda and have a great weekend. I bet you hate answering the phone at home!!


  10. Wow, that is some very amazing technology! I feel safe with you on the job.

  11. Great photos! What wonderful technology. When it goes down, I can imagine that "manual mode" must be stressful! Terrific choice for the theme.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend. :)

  12. At first I thought you ran a nuclear power plant!

  13. I'm glad you know how to run all this stuff lol. It sounds like it could be a nightmare if it went down. Good post.

  14. This is some very important technology! Of course the most important part of the system is the human operator! Thank you for the job you do! And, thanks for letting us have a peek!

  15. VERY interesting!!!
    Thanks for bringing all this to our attention. High 5!!!!!

    Mine's posted.
    Drop by if you can.
    Happy weekend.

  16. It would take me forever to find my way around!! I have enough with my new car, lol!
    Great pics and interesting post. Happy saturday!

  17. That is a seriously awesome setup.

    Definitely would fulfill the techno gadget need for me! :)

    I need that kind of a setup myself!

  18. I'd love to do something like that! I was an RN once-upon-a-time and loved the technology in the ICU, too.

  19. Anonymous12:59 PM EST

    Wow, that's an impressive display!

  20. Wow, tons of technology there... looks like so much to keep up with but I am sure it gets easier as you go...

  21. Anonymous2:14 PM EST

    Wow, definitely a great take on this week's theme. My photo is up.

  22. WOW!! That is awesome that you're a dispatcher. You are very smart to be able to run all the equipment you do. Everyone is greatful for what you do. Thanks for the tour.

    Have a great weekend :)

  23. Anonymous2:29 PM EST

    I think the technology and the people who run are both wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by my site,

  24. Wow, this is really cool! My oldest son is a fireman/paramedic/swat tech and with my new daughter in law just becoming a paramedic, I feel the connection to your blog! Great photo for the hunt! I've added you to my faves...thanks for visiting my blog today

  25. A lot of stuff to handle! Sounds like you have a very busy job. Very interesting to see the inside of a 911 dispatch center.

  26. Anonymous2:58 PM EST

    That is pretty fascinating. My photo hunt appears to be rather boring now. LOL

  27. VERY Cool!
    We can't live without technologies, at least me:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  28. That's a little too much technology to deal with all at once!:)
    Mines up!

  29. Wow! Look at all those buttons!

  30. Oh my gosh! Looks like the control deck of the Star Ship Enterprise! Thanks for dropping by!

  31. Anonymous4:17 PM EST

    How many hands do you have!!

  32. Well, that's way too much technology for a quiet Saturday evening. (Just kidding -- I meant "Wow!") ;-)

    Welcome to the Photo Hunt.

  33. Looks like the command station on a space ship!
    Great photo - very creative!
    Happy Weekend
    Mine's up too!

  34. What a great set up and how wonderful for the people in your community... having this service.
    Thanks for the visit.

  35. wow
    I don't know what else to say! You have a lot of tech stuff to deal with! Beautiful photos; thank you!

  36. Wonderful photos for this week's theme. You have a great job. It must be fulfilling to be able to help other people.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.

  37. Now thats a technology theme! i struggled to find one photo with a vaque technological theme!


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