Thursday, January 25, 2007

"When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it." ~ Clarence Darrow

We are barely into 2007 with another 21 months or so until the 2008 Presidential election and already I have about near had enough of the political goings-on. I was rather hoping that after the 2006 November election things might settle down for a little while and we could all maybe get a hiatus with some peace and quiet but that's apparently not going to be the case.

Nope - the Democrats have apparently decided that there's no time like the present to start vying for their party's nomination for the Nation's Top Seat as already former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, and New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (erg, just typing that name pains me to no end!) have declared their intent to seek their party's nomination. Illinois Senator Barack Obama hasn't formally declared his intentions but all signs lean towards him making an official declaration soon.

The Republic
ans are being a little less enthusiastic about throwing their hats into the ring though there are rumblings and mumblings about former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Senator John McCain being two of the front-runners in what is sure to be a hotly contested race for the White House. It should be interesting to see who else decides to take a stab at it - I'm sure we'll know before too long.

As my good friend MizCyn would tell you (on the rare occasion she actually finds the time to read my blog), I don't like politics. Never have and never will. She, on the other hand, loves discussing the candidates and the issues and spends an inordinate amount of time watching MSNBC; which makes her a lot more knowledgable
about what's going on than I am. For the most part, I prefer to remain blissfully unaware of the shenanigans in Washington if at all possible but that hasn't been very easy to do lately as every time you turn on the TV either Hillary or Obama or some other wanna-be is explaining to us just what's wrong with this country and how they can fix it. Right ...

I might as well come right out and say it now as I'm sure I'll be posting it again in the months to come but, just to make it official, let me say this - I don't like Hillary Rodham Clinton and I am quite disappointed in this country of ours that they think that she, of all people, would be the best choice that we have to be the first viable female ca
ndidate for the Presidency. Come on, people, can't we do better than a woman who didn't even run for the Senate as a candidate for her own State of Arkansas but ran in New York (where, for some unknown reason, she managed to win)?? Was there something wrong with Arkansas or did New York just sound better before the title of "Senator"??

My dislike for Senator Clinton has nothing to do with her philandering husband. A lot of women keep their husbands after they've been caught cheating on them so she's not alone in that area. Heck, were my husband the President of the United States and I found out that he had been "smoking cigars" with one of his interns, I might have been able to turn the other cheek also and keep him around. After all, who wants to give up the White House for crying out loud? Certainly Jackie Kennedy knew that John had his vices and she kept him around, too. But you can't really compare Hillary and Jackie - that would be doing Jackie a great disservice.

I can't exactly say WHY it is that I don't like Senator Clinton, it's just one of those things that can't be logically spelled out - I just don't. I don't trust her, I don't believe her, and I sure the heck don't want to see her in charge of the country. And I don't believe I'm alone in that sentiment if what I have been hearing a lot of other people say is any indication. Honestly, I think if she were somehow elected to the Presidency, we would have a country even more divided than we do now and that's not something that we need.

Oh well, I get the feeling that we're going to be hearing an awful lot more from Mrs. Clinton in the future whether I want to or not (and trust me, the answer there is NOT!). As for some of the other candidates, Senator Dodd (Dud) needs to just save his time and money as he has a snowball's chance in a very warm place of even being given any sort of serious consideration and I actually applaud John Kerry for being able to see the writing on the wall and not making another attempt of his own this go-round ... though one must admit that a Kerry-Gore ticket could have been, how shall we say, interesting??

Regardless of who runs - no matter who gets the nod from their respective parties - the most important thing is that the Senate learns to work with each other for the greater good of the country. They need to put party lines aside and work together to solve the problems with have in America for as Abraham Lincoln, my favorite President, once said "a house divided against itself cannot stand". It's as true now as it was back in 1858.


  1. I share your feelings about Hillary. And it's nothing I can put my finger on either. I didn't like her as First Lady, I was confused when she ran and won in NY, same as you. She seems totally fake.. all about appearances and photo ops. If she were the only option, I would not vote.

  2. Anonymous6:01 AM EST

    It's funny that you would write about this because my partner and I will be writing about it, too, in our He Said, She Said. I'm a card carrying Democrat, and I wouldn't vote for Hillary if you paid me. She strikes me as such an opportunist and barely disguises it. I don't like her. I'm not going to vote for someone I don't like.

  3. I totally agree, Linda, on both the election fatigue and Hillary Clinton.

    I expected the Democratic party would get fired up this year, but in JANUARY?! It seems the only thing that would possibly happen for Hillary is that dirt can get dug up, or she'll say something unpopular. Chris Dodd has to get his name out there, and to a lesser extent, so does John Edwards.

    I didn't vote for her when she ran for senate (I was living in NY then) and I won't if she runs for president. I feel a little bad saying that, a little counterfeminist.

  4. I do not know how to do a link in a comment but this is a funny one about hillary (barf) clinton.

  5. I do not really like discussing politics. It does seem like that is all we hear or read about anymore. I agree that we should all come together for the good of ALL the people.

  6. If given the choice between The current chimpanzee in the White House and Hillary I'd hold my nose and vote for Hillary. Leave it to us Americans to not vote for someone because they just can't put their finger on why. Yet vote for another guy who is the world's biggest imbecile but at least you can sit down and have a beer with him. Well it better be a damn good beer, lemme tell you. As to the question of why the two parties can't work together anymore one need only look at the involvement of the Christian Right which has taken over the Republican Party. How can people compromise who feel they have God on their political team?

  7. Skittles - I agree with you completely about her appearing to be totally fake and all about appearances.

    Gem - I wouldn't vote for her if you paid me either - not even if you paid me A LOT! I will definitely check out your He Said/She Said!

    Epiphany - As for being counterfeminist, I don't feel that way at all as I wouldn't vote for someone based on their sex at all. I would love to see a female President someday but just not this one! Truth be told, there isn't much feminine about her that I can see anyway. At this point I'm leaning towards John Edwards, I like what he has to say and how he says it. As for Dodd, my friend out in California who eats, drinks, and sleeps politics actually said "WHO??"!!

    Sarge - thanks for the link and the laughs!

    Dixie - I think we definitely need to call a "Politics Free" period just to give us all a breather for awhile! I feel like I'm being bombarded constantly and I'd love a break for at least a month or two!

    Fool - If I had my choice between the current administration or Hillary I might go with the current administration - better the devil you know than the devil you don't, as they say.

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  10. Look at it this way, Bud, the current President CAN'T run in 2008 so it would never be a race between he and Senator Clinton anyway. He will be out of there come January 2009 and that will be that - I just don't want to see the next President voted in simply based on "we need someone different". We do need someone different but we need the right someone different and not just a recognizable name. I think we've had quite enough of that - thank you!

    As far as getting carried away goes - don't we all when it comes to politics? Hence the reason I prefer the head-in-the-sand stance when it comes to this stuff!

  11. Rhetoric and photo ops aren't going away; politics are here to stay. Unfortunately, it's what we have to deal with for quite some time to come.Let's hope we all have sense enough to 'cut through the mustard' and make the right choices given the media spin we're bracing for. And I prefer Bud's tendency to get carried away about things that matter over a head-in-the-sand stance anyday. It is one of the reasons I respect him. On politics and peace issues, he is not pushing the envelope for the sake of pushing. His rants are well-versed.
    Thanks for the opportunity to express ourselves, disagree, and debate. Exchange of ideas may yet lead to change. Let's hope so.

  12. I just said Clinton wasn't going to get my primary vote.

    I don't know what the vote count was in the midterm elections, but given the current political climate that more people will get out and vote at the next presidential election.

    I can't imagine that whomever the Republican nominee ends up being would continue to further the Bush administration's agenda. I think we'll see dialing back to the idea of a compassionate conservative, and the ideals of Reagan...because the only hope of the Republican party gaining strength is to center-up while the Dems (particularly Clinton) pull just-a-bit-too-far left.

  13. One would think, after living through over six years of rule-by-primate (during which our economy has tumbled, our international reputation has been tarnished, our civil rights have been trampled on, our sons and daughters have been murdered, and we've been lied to repeatedly with disastrous results), Americans would finally figure out that they should not base their votes for the presidency on whether or not someone would be "good to have a beer with". Come on, people...

    I truly cannot understand why WOMEN would rule out a candidate for no other reason then that she is a WOMAN. I am thoroughly unconvinced that discrimination/sexisim is Not at the root of all this unfounded Hillary-hating. You yourselves admit that you know NOTHING about her views/issues/voting history/or anything at all of substance... You "just don't like her". Seriously? When will we learn?

    I realize that women hate other women for absolutely no reason. I do too. I just can't help it. But I do understand that Men have created this atmosphere of resentment/competition/jealousy. I don't know HOW they've done it, but they done it.

    And what will be the result? There will never be a women president. We will always be oppressed. We will always make less money than our husbands (assuming we work twice as hard). There will always be an unpenetrable "old boys club". And we deserve it... We deserve it for falling for it all. For not standing together. For being immature, ignorant, quarellsome little Girls.

  14. Linda -- How on Earth do you presume to have any idea of whom "the right someone different" might be -- when you openly admit to Not following politics and Not knowing anything about the candidates? The one fact you can spit out is that Hillary is the NY senator. Good job. Brilliant.

    I guess you'll just "feel" it, right?

    I would LOVE for one of ya'll to help me understand. This is the "Journeys of a Single, Working Mom, right? Who do you think is out there supporting the causes that directly impact YOU? Oil tycoons? Rich old white men from rich old white parents with rich young white kids that will never be single or working? Republicans? If you were to take one second to review what Senator Clinton has fought for all her life, you might be shocked.... Children's Healthcare. Better Healthcare in general. Improved Education. Women's Rights. Protecting Children. These are all pretty important to Single, Working Moms... right? So, please, help me understand the hatred...

  15. I will vote for Hillary with great pleasure if she is the Democratic candidate. John Edwards is another favorite, his working-class roots appeal to me and I really like his wife.

    Hillary's home state was Illinois before she met and married Bill in college, so Arkansas was an adopted state for her. After leaving the White House, they decided to relocate to New York, which then became her adopted state. Simple as that. We are a mobile society.

    Hillary has had every facet of her personal and professional life scrutinized, not only by the press, but by special prosecutors who found her guilty of nothing. She knows full well that her words will be taken out of context and that she has to choose each one carefully. Hopefully, she will become more adept at presenting herself with clarity and sharing her stand on the issues in a way that will highlight her strength as a potential president.

  16. Linda... I knew what you were doing when you made the second post. You stated it plain and clear, in fact.

    Some people just don't like being asked to be accountable for the stands they make and apparently Bud was one of those.

    Truth be told, there is always the chance that what we blog about has the potential for upsetting someone. So what do we do?? Take down each post??? I've encountered quite a few people that have even considered deleting their blogs over a comment made by someone. (Myself included.)

    The advice I was given then is the same advice I'll give you now. This is your blog for you to do with whatever you want. If someone doesn't like it, well, they don't have to visit.

    No, I don't think you're being melodramatic. You did something with good intentions and it backfired. Of course it hurts. Politics and religion are always tough to talk about without riling someone up. You tried. You did your best and as fairly as you could.

    There's no shame in that. None at all! *HUGS*

  17. Lina - I would have written back to you regarding your comments but there is no way to do that as I can't access your profile so on the off-chance that you come back here at some point let me just say that I am glad that you took the time and the effort to express your opinions regarding Hillary Clinton. It sounds like you are very passionate in your beliefs and I am glad that you felt that you could express them here even though they differ so much from mine. We ALL have differences of opinion especially when it comes to politics and religion and I hope that you respect my right to an opinion that's different from yours just as I respect your right to have one that is different from mine.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Betty - almost the same message as above - thank you for sharing and for feeling strongly enough about something to take the time to post it.

    Skittles - thank you for your support and understanding, I really do appreciate it !

  18. Anonymous11:35 AM EST

    The reason that Hillary ran in New York State (as opposed to Arkansas) is because there was an opening for Junior Senator here and not anywhere else. The reason she won is because she was the best candidate and NY is predominantly a Democrat state.

    I have to say, though, she's been a really GOOD senator and has done some good things for New York. People outside of NYS seem to think that she's just one of those for, then against Iraq democrats, but I urge you to look into her record a little more.

    I'm not a registered Democrat, so I won't be voting in that primary, but I can tell you that I don't think she's the best candidate for the Democrats to put forward and I think she's WAY too green to move into that big a role so soon.

    Also, it pisses me off that she *just* won another Senate term, because I would rather have had a Senator who would put NYS as a top priority (like she WAS doing) instead of eschewing it for campaigning and fund raising.

    Oh well.


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