Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've got a donut and I know how to eat it!

Disclaimer: If you are one of those lucky people who was born blessed with a high-speed metabolism and/or good genes and have never had to worry about a single thing that passed over your tongue on its way to your stomach then you might just want to skip right over this post. ... Move along, there's nothing for you to see here! ... If, however, you're one of the many people who has fought way too many valiant hand-to-mouth skirmishes in the Battle of the Bulge only to find yourself locked in the enemy's concentraion camp and forced to eat way too many calories while not getting any exercise, then please read on!

While perusing some of my favorite daily blog reads (see yesterday's post for my confession on being a blogaholic), I came across a post over at
Skittle's Place regarding how hard it is to stick to a good diet and weight loss program even when you have something terrifying like a life-threatening disease hanging over your head.

In the comments section,
Callie Ann wrote that she thought it might be a good idea for some of us girls to join together and perhaps start having on-line "meetings" where we could share our progress and motivate each other. I know that there are many bloggers out there who do this exact thing, one of my dispatch partners at work being one of them.

She had joined a group whose name I won't mention as this is "sort of" a family blog and they would each post an entry on Friday about their successes and/or failures for the week. Jen really enjoyed doing this and I think it gave her a lot of encouragement to share her progress with others. Unfortunately, she currently has very limited Interent access at home and the Web Marshall at work laid down the law regarding blogging while on duty so it's been awhile since she's been able to post but I know that she really was motivated by all of those in the same sinking ship boat as she.

Empress Bee must feel the same way as she stated in Skittle's comments that she, too, would welcome and join in with such an endeavor. She suggested that perhaps we could either start another whole blog dedicated to weight loss or that perhaps one person could post and others could comment. Either way she wanted to be counted in!

I, personally, think that this would be a great idea as I seem to have an awful lot of trouble getting motivated on my own these days. Some cyber-encouragement might actually go a long ways towards getting me up off the couch or out of the refrigerator! And I bet you my last package of Twinkies that there are men out there who would find this just as helpful as all of us women who have noticed a bit of "blogger spread".

So what do you think folks? Anyone feel that a new blog for team members or perhaps a host/hostess for a weight loss sort of blog carnival or maybe a new meme like Fat-Off Friday or Slim-Down Sunday might be a good idea?

You guys think about it for a bit while I eat this piece of Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza from Domino's that has been calling my name for the past half hour and get back to me to let me know what thoughts you might have on this - SOON!


  1. Oh this sounds like a wonderful idea. I have the metabolism of a turtle... I have always fought with my weight... just like a yo-yo... I have done every diet under the sun, lost massive amounts of weight only to gain most if not all of it back. My last attempt was with Atkins... yes I did loose 90 lbs, but at present, I have gained 50 lbs back... let me know... you can count me in.

  2. I swear to you that as I read this I was eating twizzlers. Man I need a 12 step program.

  3. I think it's a good idea... BUT.. I don't know how much I could contribute right now.

    I just got my diabetes straightened out and I need to feel my way around this new low-cal thing.

    I don't go to Weight Watchers or get weighed anywhere on a regular basis.

  4. this is Callie. Of course I am forward. I will contribute as much as possible. I am very excited about this. Skittles just making sure you blood sugars stay in good range is a big deal all by itself. I just started on the W.W. program. But, none of us have to be on a certain program just wonderful tips encouragement for eachother. A place to confess when we back slide. Cause we all back slide. So how do we start this thing? Happy days.

  5. Callie again man, I should read my comments before I hit enter. I meant to say I am for it. How I got forward out of that I have no idea. What a dumb head I can be.

  6. I'm in for sure...and hey dayngr are you still eating those twizzlers...I told you I have some burnt ones over at my place.....

    I am going away in April....I have started to lose weight but sometimes my motivator is gone...so getting invloved in this would be awesome.....I work shifts so I will try and work around whatever is decided....

  7. I'd like to get in on this too. I have a yoga workout that I'm trying to do 3 days a week, but I'm usually lucky if I manage one. Watching what I eat is problematic too with the two little ones (one of whom would happily eat chicken nuggets for the rest of his life). Let me know! :)

  8. Ok.. I went and bought a scale today at WalMart for $24.95.. and it goes up to 350 pounds! Now I can check my weight every week instead of waiting for doctor visits.

    BTW.. I was 294 at the doctor a couple weeks ago and this scale said 282! Now I know scales can vary, but that was encouraging!

    We'll get this figured out.

  9. I am in too! I am bridesmaid next year and the bride is stick thin! just listening to a radio program where they said there is always a fat bridesmaid, it will not be me!

  10. Please put me on the Diet Destiny Ship!!! I want to lose ANY weight!!! I'll only tell you people, my fellow "secret soriety sisters"of my true weight if I can play too!?..can I come along???


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