Saturday, February 3, 2007

Making the Grade

Amanda got her second marking period report card yesterday and though it isn't something that I would turn cartwheels over (provided I was physically capable of performing anything even remotely resembling a cartwheel!) it wasn't too hideously horrible either. I would prefer to see her bring the 'C's up to 'B's but she got fairly decent grades on her mid-term exams and she does have two 'A's to show for her efforts. All things considered, she could be doing a lot worse and a 'B+' in Honors Science still gives me bragging rights as far as I'm concerned.

Having seen her grades, I thought it might be fun to ask Amanda what sort of grade she would give me as a mother if kids got to grade their parents. Without hesitation she immediately said she'd give me an 'A+' based partially on the fact that I let her friends come over to visit fairly often and while they're here I can carry on a regular conversation with them. A regular conversation meaning that I allow them to speak their piece without making them feel like their opinions don't matter or talking to them about things that kids their age have no interest in at all. She says that her friends like me and I guess as a kid when your friends like your parents then that's a good thing.

After this evening Amanda might want to change that grade as I managed to thoroughly embarrass her in front of her friend Dan who had come over for a visit. I had gone into the kitchen to see about cooking dinner as cereal two nights in a row seemed to almost scream "bad parent" and, for some reason, they decided to follow me in and chat. I don't remember exactly what we were talking about but at one point Amanda leaned over and slugged Dan on the shoulder. A little more conversation ensued and Amanda leaned over and punched Dan on the shoulder yet again.

At that point I stopped what I was saying and said "ya know, usually when someone punches another person like that it generally means that you like them". Amanda immediately turned several shades of red while Dan just stood there with a rather goofy look on his face and said nothing. We went back to our conversation and a little bit later Amanda did it again - slugged Dan on the arm. I again pointed out the old "hit someone you like" rule of thumb and Amanda once again got quite embarrassed while Dan just smiled.

Shortly after that Dan's father came to pick him up and no sooner had the door shut closed behind him when Amanda immediately launched into me about "how could I embarrass her in front of Dan like that?" and "what kind of mother would do that to her daughter?" Not that she was denying that she liked him at all, though!

Yeah, I'm thinking my GPA may just be going down a little bit after that!


  1. That was so true, what you did. And you were right. I used to hit boys in the arm about 30 years ago. Never knew until I got older that, that was the reason. I liked. She'll figure it out and one day when your talking she may ask how you knew that thing about slugging someone you like. How funny

  2. Oh yeah I found you thru Skittle's blog.

  3. Anonymous12:52 AM EST

    Beware, your daughter may be in attack mode after reading this one.

  4. Is that why boxers hit each other....because they like them?

  5. Jean-luc--

    Why'd ya think they got into boxing in the first place??? All those repressed feelings and all...


    Thank you for your comments on my own parenting trial... the blog I post at is actually done by me and another woman. I have girls, she has boys ( to kinda make it easier for you to know who's writing ). I've got a 12 year old daughter too... ain't puberty grand?????? It's like living with Sybil on speed...

  6. Actually you sound like a great mother of a wonderful normal young lady.........

  7. Ah, the Statler Brothers, Do you Remember When, yes, you hit it on the head, your daughter will get over it soon enough. I don't expect your GPA will drop much.

  8. I wouldn't worry so much about your "GPA" right now. As a grown-up son of two good parents, I see the humor & widsom of the following quote: "When I was 16, I thought my parents were dumb. When I was 21, I was amazed at how much they'd learned in 5 years!".

    Keep doing what you're doing, and Amanda will always keep you in the top "percentile" of parents. When she's a grown-up, sucessful artist, she'll be thanking you for all that she's become!

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM EST

    AUGH mom WHY did you have to do that, now he defiantly knows! O////O meep!!!

    oh well.

    your now at an A missy! XD even though you DID embarass me, it wasn't like he probably didn't already know... XD your still cool :D

  10. Hi there! I saw your post that you got reviewed over at IT2M, seriously, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to be reviewed by them, they're such self-important losers. That's just asking for it, requesting a review LOL

    The fact that they use the word "douchebag" in at least every other sentence should give you a clue as to what they're all about.

    I looked for your review though and I couldn't find it even after going back 4 or 5 pages. Apparently they don't know how to put search on their site, which is totally lame for a place where they write "reviews".

    Don't worry about your blog or your writing, you do a good job! Forget them.

    Anyway, I came by to tell you and Jennifer about a new site for Paramedic personnel, including dispatchers to write stories about their lifesaving exeperiences. I did the site design myself, modeled after the back of an ambulance, the site is owned by ION Publications, maybe you'll want to check it out!


  11. Gahh! I got a typo in the link its at or Paramedic Blogs


  12. Anonymous7:42 PM EST

    Haha Linda =]
    You definitely deserve the A+

    Poor Amanda Dx

  13. Anonymous8:50 PM EST

    nikki, you traitor T^T how could you!?!

  14. Amanda - as the Bard himself once said "I think thou doth protest too much"! If I didn't think that you walloping Dan a couple of times and then hiding behind his back wasn't indication that you liked him, your reaction to THIS certainly would!

  15. Hee Hee Hee...reminds me of when I used to pull "Mrs Bulldog"'s scrunchie (hair tie) ALL the time, when I first met her at work (Foxwoods). I also use to call her "Sgt Scrunchie", then pull the darn thing almost completely out of her hair. She used to get upset, but not TOO mad - so I knew I had a chance - hee hee hee! BTW, I STILL pull her scrunchie, even after 8 years (two married so far) together!


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