Thursday, February 1, 2007

I hope I get a postcard at least!

I feel like my mind has decided that enough is enough and has gone on holiday leaving the rest of me to deal with life as best I can without it. Lately I can't seem to remember anything anymore - names, dates, titles of songs, what I was going to do when I walked in a room, what I had for breakfast, if I fed the cat - when I used to have what I thought was a very good memory. Leastways I think I did but I might very well have had a bad memory and forgotten that, too!

Take for example the fact that when I went to lunch with one of my good friends whom I have known for well over ten years, a friend who is very near and dear to my heart and whom I value greatly, we set about planning a date for our next get-together at the end of lunch; Rhonda pulled out her handy-dandy pocket calendar and started perusing dates about a month out and said that the 1st or the 29th looked like the most doable on her end and how did that work for me?

Obviously I didn't realize what the date was because my first reaction was, "well, we can't do the first because that's next week and we don't want to do two weeks in a row". Rhonda looked at me like I had lost my mind and said "I'm looking at March, it's February, remember?" February? When did it get to be February?? Oh ... last night at a minute after midnight ... that would be why I changed all the pages on the calendars ... duh!

Now as if that's not bad enough, I then said "okay, how about we do the 1st and have a day-before-your-birthday lunch?". Rhonda looked at me like I had lost my mind even further which led me to stammer "Your birthday is the 2nd right? Or is it on the 1st? It's written on my calendar at home but I can't remember!" Rhonda just sat there with a look of incredulity on her face as it appeared that I, her friend of well over ten years whom she holds near and dear to her heart and whom she
values greatly, couldn't remember the date of her birthday while she had no trouble whatsoever in remembering mine.

Finally, after stuttering and stammering my way through a myriad of excuses, I came up with the best one that I could think of - "I know your birthday is on the 1st, I just thought I'd say it was the 2nd to give you one more day of being 50". As excuses go it was pretty darned lame and Rhonda didn't buy it for a minute. I can't say that I blame her, it was
pretty pathetic.

After much profuse apologizing on my end, we decided on the 1st of March for our next get-together and Rhonda told me not to worry about forgetting the date of her birthday as she wouldn't remember that I had forgotten about it in 50 years. However, I can guarantee you that in February twenty years from now when we're sitting at lunch ordering our Senior Specials and planning the date of our next get-togehter she'll still remember the time I forgot when her birthday was!

I, on the other hand, will have forgotten all this by later tonight!


  1. You know us folks that order senior specials tend to lose thoughts sometimes, that is why they sell all that worthless junk to us. Check my post tomorrow, may it will help. You gave me the idea...........

  2. Everyone has 'senior' moments! even me, and i am 25!
    I am sure you will back to your usual self soon!


  3. I see so much of myself in this post! A few years ago I called my daughter and said I would call her the next day too for her birthday. She said "Mom.. today is my birthday." Ugh! The list goes on and on. I sued to know who sung songs, the lyrics to those songs.. etc etc.

  4. Kinda sounds like how I get when I'm pregnant...

    Slowing Down
    Franklin Foto

  5. oh, I just love birthdays, hehe. I hate forgetting things, lately i've been looking for a word to use and it doesn't come to me.


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