Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Antique"

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The theme for this week's photo hunt is "antique" and after thinking about what I might own that I could take a picture of that would fit this theme it dawned on me that, if he were still alive today, my beloved grandfather would certainly qualify as an "antique". To that end I am posting a picture of my grandfather, Charles E. Hart, standing on the steps outside of his parents' home in Canterbury, Connecticut a long, long time ago!

I'm not exactly sure how old Gramp is in this picture but I'm willing to bet he was a young man on the verge of starting life on his own. He eventually married my grandmother who had come over from England with her parents and siblings. Together they had seven children, their oldest daughter being my mother, and eventually they built their own house on the land across from the house where this picture was taken. Both houses still stand today but, sadly, neither of them are in the family any longer.

Gramp was born on July 25th, 1904 and died on August 22, 1972 from leukemia. To say that I idolized him would be an understatement and to this day I still miss the man who had a smile and laugh for everyone. He will always be my favorite "antique".

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  1. how cool was that! I love that pic.. And I'm first yeah! Mines up

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM EST

    He just looks like a really nice man. I am sure he is enjoying the attention you are giving his photo today. He is always with you.

    My photo is up.

    Take care,

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM EST

    Great phot! I just love old photographs. And I love old houses too. They don't build them like they used to.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Awww....I never knew either of my grandfathers. How lovely that you idolized yours. Great photo and story.

  5. I love the picture of your gramps and think it is perfect for the theme antique. Curious what he did for a living. On one hand he is wearing a suit but then he has some form of waterproof coveralls. :)

  6. He spent most of his life working in various textile mills here in the eastern Connecticut area. As a matter of fact, I believe he met my grandmother when they both worked at a very large textile mill in Plainfield, Connecticut.

  7. Amazing photo! I have a few pictures of my great-grandparents and I love looking at them. Gives you a great deal of insight into how tough things were back then.

    We're lucky, I think!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  8. Very classic ANTIQUE:-) love the photo!

    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  9. I didn't think about photos of grandparents! I have some in my albums. I need to scan them and digitize them I guess!! :)
    Great photo and lovely tribute to him.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. wonderful photo - I don't why I didn't think of pictures for this but came up with something real old anyway.

  11. what a lovely photo and mememory...thank you for sharing that....

    Happy Hunting....mine is up as well...cheers

  12. And he was smiling in the picture. My grandfather always smiled in person but never in pictures... he always looked so serious and really wasn't. I love the way they stood so straight and tall in the pictures.
    Great picture for the theme.

  13. Handsome looking grandpa. He must have been a very lovable person.

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Anonymous3:29 AM EST

    Great picture and story! I love how proud your grandfather looks :)

    I'm from CT too! From Redding and then I went to UConn for my undergrad :)

  15. That is a wonderful piece of history in the picture you have.

  16. I love old photos. That is a great memory of your grandfather. And his overalls are great! Thanks for sharing!

  17. This is wonderful!
    There is something special about the relationship of grandparents and grandkids---yes, true idolizing for sure. I was the same way.
    My antiques photos have been posted. Happy weekend.

  18. Anonymous7:30 AM EST

    Great photo and little tribute to your grandpa!!

    Happy Saturday!

  19. Great antique photo. :) A wonderful tribute to your grandfather. It sounds like he was a wonderful man and that you had a great relationship. :)

  20. Thanks for sharing your family with us. That's a great picture. I have fond memories of my granddaddy too.

    Thanks for visiting...have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Anonymous8:44 AM EST

    I love this picture. He looks like such a sweet and happy man!

  22. How cool is that you have the memories and the photograph to go along with it! Do you scrapbook?
    That would be an awesome story to pass down generations!

  23. lovely that this can bring such good memories out! see? blogging is a good thing!!!

    smiles, bee

  24. He certainly does look ready to grab life by the horns. I can see why you love this picture.

  25. What a great memory of your grandfather. Yes, it is too bad the homes are not still in the family.
    Happy hunting

  26. Anonymous10:57 AM EST

    What a fantastic picture, he looks like he was a happy man :-)

  27. Isn't it odd to see pictures of our grandparents when they were younger than we are now? We remember them as "old", and it's almost a shock to realize that they were actually pretty young. This was a lovely tribute. My father died of leukemia at age 70. Until then, I had always thought of it as a disease only children get. I think they have come a long way in the treatment of it since then.

  28. Great picture! I love his confident pose!

  29. Anonymous11:43 AM EST

    Old pics are always cool!

  30. Anonymous11:48 AM EST

    Oh I LOVE this!!!! I love these old pictures, such character.. Really very good and so fitting for the theme!

    Have a great weekend!

    Ryan :)

  31. What a nice tribute to your grandfather!

    Mine's up too :)

  32. Anonymous11:51 AM EST

    He was a handsome man! What a lovely remembrance of your grandfather.

  33. That's a great picture and nice dedication to your grandfather. I kind wish I had gotten pictures on my post today!

    I'm excited to be #33 on your Mr. Linky---3 is a favorite number of mine. :-)

  34. Anonymous12:28 PM EST

    Wonderful picture, and I loved the story behind it.

  35. What a handsome young man he was :)) That's a great picture...thanks for sharing it!

  36. Your grandfather looks like a very kind man.

    We had a similar idea. My father and several of his cousins made the trip from Scotland to Los Angeles as young children so I used the one of him on an old, old car.

  37. Thanks for sharing your precious photo of your grandfather. He has a handsome and kind face.

    Sorry you had some problems seeing my photo but I really appreciate your visit. Take care!

  38. Anonymous1:40 PM EST

    he was proud of his achievement in this shot, wonderful 'antique'!

  39. Anonymous1:58 PM EST

    Linda - that is so awesome that you have a wonderful picture like that from your grandfather.
    All the old pictures I have seen today reminded me of the album my mom has in Germany. I don't want anything else when she is gone, but the album. But I do hope my mom will be with us for a long time....

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  40. Awww, just wonderful!!!!

  41. Your gramps looks like a very kind man. I love old photos and spent much of today going through the ones I have. I came across two of my dad, one when he was a baby and one when he was about three or four. He was born in 1926, so those pictures were certainly antique.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. If you ever have the opportunity do visit Sweden, it is a very beautiful (and underrated) country, and not nearly as expensive as people often think.

  42. I love these pictures. What a fine looking man. His expression looks a little cheeky to me and his kindness shines through. A treasured photo. Happy weekend.

  43. L just love old photos. I experimented with b&w film and that just doesn't compare to the old photos.

    thanks for stopping by today.

  44. awesome response this week. I need to think about joining the saturday deal. Have you any ideas what we need to do about the helping blog. Need ideas so I am wondering what you may be thinking. As I am eating my dove choclate pieces. yummy.

  45. Wonderful and original entry. It's nice to have "antique" roots you remember and are still proud of.


  46. What a beautiful man - and the photo itself is an antique!
    Happy weekend
    Mine's up

  47. Anonymous5:28 PM EST

    That house looks a lot like a house where my friend lives... only it's in Finland, not America :D
    Thanks for the visit.

  48. This is a lovely tribute and memorial to your grandfather. How lucky you are to have those memories and the photo. Have a wonderful week!

  49. Fantastic choice Linda, I debated between the cemetery one I did and one of my grandmother. Hope you have an excellent week.


  50. What a wonderful treasured picture of your grandfather! I love old pictures like these...great choice for this weeks' theme:-) Thank you so much for visiting me!! Hugs xox

  51. That is what I call antique. The photo, the house and as you said your grandfather. He is handsome.

  52. Anonymous11:29 PM EST

    Like Pamela, I was noticing the coveralls over the jacket and tie. He must have been a 'ready for any occasion' kind of guy! I also like the stone behind him. Someone hand cut that to exact dimensions.

  53. Anonymous1:03 AM EST

    Great choice for antique! Gramp sure looks like he was a big guy, and I'm sure he will always be a great man in your memory! Happy Hunting :)

  54. That's a wonderful old photo. :) What a great tribute to your grandfather. :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  55. Anonymous12:47 PM EST

    How handsome! What a great photo!

  56. He must have been a great man. Terrific picture of him and perfect for The Hunt. Thanks for stopping by.


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