Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Broken"


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cemeteryBefore anyone looks at this picture and thinks "What the heck has a cemetery got to do with this week's theme?" let me just explain myself as best I can!

First off, if you look closely you will notice that there are several broken or close-to-broken tombstones in this picture and that alone would fit the theme of "broken" but more than that is the place itself.

A cemetery is a place of broken hearts, of broken dreams, of broken lives. Chances are very good that for every tombstone and grave marker that you can find in a cemetery there was a broken heart attached to it somewhere for very few of us live our lives totally alone and have someone to grieve for us when we die.

This picture was taken at Yantic Cemetery here in Norwich and - believe it or not - it's one of my favorite places in town. It was established in 1884, sits on over 28 acres, and has some of the most interesting gravestones in the area. I am sure that each and every single one of them has a story, most of which I shall never know, but I like to think about the people who have made this cemetery their final resting place and wonder what their lives were like.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 PM EST

    I think this photo resprsents the broken theme very well... in all ways. Well done.

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM EST

    I agree -- many aspects of "broken" represented here.

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM EST

    That's a beautiful picture and reflection. Very fitting for this week's theme.

  4. Anonymous12:28 AM EST

    You defiantly can see the broken head stones in this picture. And it is a wonderful take on this week's theme. It looks like it is a very beautiful piece of property.

    Happy Saturday hunt...

  5. I used to live right next to a cemetary! Best neighbors I ever had! I used to walk through and read all the headstones.

    Well it's important to get to know your neighbors!

    Great take on the theme!

  6. At least it looks a little better than the cimetaries I have seen in the States. There were only white crosses or white cubes and nothing else but a big road across for cars. No flowers nothing. Really depressing. Still I wonder why there are only stones and not a grave around with flowers or something as the European cimitaries.

  7. Thought you were going to say broken lives and shattered dreams! lol

  8. Anonymous3:17 AM EST

    Now that is an excellent choice for the theme this week! :-)

  9. A very excellent presentation for the theme.
    Thanks for the visit.

  10. Cemeteries are beautiful places. I have been meaning to explore the ones here. If you are able, visit the Wethersfield cemetery, there are amazing stories told on the tombstones.

  11. Anonymous5:53 AM EST

    I just started a new category in my blog for cemeteries because I'm always going into them and taking photos. I completely get you when you talk about them.

    Great shot. Have a good weekend and I'm up too.

  12. Reading your tale makes me 'broken up inside'....

    Great idea/concept for this week.

    Mine's posted

  13. I didn't think of the broken headstones, but my first thought was broken hearts. Beautiful photo and very fitting.

  14. Very well done, Linda. Thanks for coming by to visit My Photo Blog.

  15. Nice job, Linda. You have a flair for these "Wordless Wednesdays", and "Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt" entries. Very impressive! I always make sure "Mrs. Bulldog" looks at them, since she is also big into photography. Keep up the good work.

  16. Anonymous8:52 AM EST

    I think you captured this theme perfectly.

    Take care,
    My photo is up.

  17. You have a very thoughtful interpretation of the theme.

  18. Great take on the theme. Walking in a cemetery makes you think about your life and who you will leave behind with a broken heart.

  19. Hi Linda, this is a really good post, old cemeteries are a beautiful place, I hate the new ones without the headstones. This is a good one, my favorite is in Key West where they are buried above ground because of sea level.

  20. Broken hearts abound at cemetaries. The picture evokes a peaceful atmosphere.

  21. Yes, I agree with everyones comments, I also thought of broken hearts the minute I saw your photo! Great take on the theme this week.

  22. I saw it right off the bat!
    I went to an old cemetary in Scotland of few years ago, and there was a sign that said not to walk around the graves because you could end up in one of them! Spooky!
    Good choice for the theme!
    Happy Weekend
    Mine's up too

  23. what a lovely and romantic take on broken! i personally love to walk through cemeteries even is strange cities, and wonder about their lives and loves and dreams.... thanks.

    smiles, bee

  24. Excellent use of the theme and I could not agree with you more on how some of our older cemeteries have been forgotten.

  25. Anonymous11:32 AM EST

    So true. Very creative interpretation of this week's theme.

  26. awesome depiction of broken - I like it alot actually:)

  27. good pick for this week's theme.

  28. Anonymous11:58 AM EST

    I love your interpretation. If only cemeteries could speak and tell us their stories. My, now that would be interesting.

  29. Great interpretation! I need to learn to look beyond the obvious for these themes! Im playing!

  30. That was a wonderful explanation of your photo choice for today's theme. You are very right.
    happy weekend!

  31. I too, thought about the cemetery head stones. We had Friendship Cemetery in Mississippi and each year during the Pilgrimage the math and science high school students put on a "Tales from the Crypt" as part of their history class. They did research on someone buried there and wrote monologues. They competed and the best were chosen to dress in the period style and do the presentation. In the evenings during Pilgrimage, groups of visitors would be guided through the cemetery with old fashioned lanterns, the pathway lit by such, and each would stop at station after station and hear a history of the person buried there. It was always fascinating and educational and fun. I'm sure such a thing would be equally so here.

    BTW, I didn't know what Pilgrimage was before moving to Mississippi. It is a tour of the fabulous antebellum homes and churches and happens every spring, usually the first two weeks in April in our town. The Pilgrimage in Natches lasted a full month.

  32. A very thoughtful entry and a beautiful picture.


  33. Anonymous2:17 PM EST

    Very powerful. And very broken.

  34. Nice take on today's themes! I love cemetaries!

    Mine's up too :)

  35. Yes, I agree with the other comments: You hit the theme on a number of levels.

  36. A good take on the broken theme. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  37. Great take on the theme!! Says broken in many ways!

    Happy Saturday!

  38. Great interpretation. I truly believe there is a story with every tombstone and gravesite. And yes whether it be mother, daughter, father, son, brother, sister, lover, child, aunt, uncle and so on there is certainly a broken heart with each and every one. Happy weekend.

  39. Old, classic cemeteries are wonderful places to meditate or just take a stroll. Great places for pictures, too.
    It's a shame that so many monuments get broken by vandals. And yes, it is a place of broken hearts & broken dreams. But also a place for remembrance and tribute.

  40. Anonymous7:14 PM EST

    I enjoy walking through old cemeteries. Such history on the tombstones.
    Unique take on the theme.

  41. A very thoughtful photo and post.

  42. I love old cemeteries too!
    I enjoyed your photo and post

  43. thanks for the wonderful comment! Yes you are so right, look further and you can find so much in a pic!

  44. Great photo for the theme!

    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  45. a great picture that certainly fits the theme this week.

  46. I didn't do the Hunt this week but that's a good interpretation of the theme.

  47. Great choice for the theme this week! Beautiful photo. Good fit for "broken!" thanks for dropping by.

  48. It definitely fits the broken theme. Very interesting about the broken hearts. When loved ones pass on it is heart-breaking.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week,
    Betty :)

  49. I love this idea. How does one participate?

  50. Very well chosen picture, Linda.
    Although cemetaries represent "broken hearts, broken dreams, broken lives" as you´ve said, I love to visit these peaceful places... to talk to my grandparents and my brother...

    Thanks for visiting my hunt on Saturday - have a great week!

  51. Thanks so much for the info and for stopping by! I'll be back for sure.

    Oh and I found your through Sgt. Dub who I found through Sarge who I foudn through Bee. LOL! Whew.


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