Monday, February 26, 2007

What was that noise I just heard?

It's been a very long time since I was 14 years old. So long, in fact, that at times it seems like it was an entire lifetime ago while at other times it doesn't seem like it was as long ago as it really was. Talk about a contradiction in terms!

Having a teenage daughter in the house can certainly make those years seem even longer ago as I listen to the music of some of Amanda's favorite bands (My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and Fall Out Boy to name a few), watch some of the anime cartoons that she is so fond of (Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, and Bleach to name a few of those), or question her about her choice of wardrobe (not THAT hoodie again, have you even taken it off to wash it??).

But then she'll do somehing that makes me really remember what it was like to be a 14-year old girl. She did one of those things this weekend ...

When we were up visiting my friend Trish in Jewett City last week, Amanda made mention that her friend Dan lived somewhere in Griswold (which Jewett City is part of). Trish asked where and Amanda said she didn't know exactly so Trish suggested looking up his address in the phone book. Sure enough - the number was listed which then led to a search on Google maps to see just where the street was as it sounded familiar but we couldn't quite place it (I lived in Jewett City myself a good number of years ago). Come to find out Dan lives not too far from where I used to live and very close to where Trish's ex-husband currently lives ('tis a small world after all!).

Amanda said it felt a bit like being a "stalker" to have looked up Dan's address but I didn't see the harm in it as the kid has been to my house numerous times and he obviously knows where Amanda lives so what's the harm in us knowing where he lives? Besides, it wasn't like we had looked up his address and then drove over to find his house ... yet ...

On Saturday, after a visit at my mother's house, I had to drive Amanda out to her friends' house in Preston for a sleep-over and the best route of travel was through - you guessed it - Jewett City. And not only was it through Jewett City but it was the part of town that was very close to Dan's house.

I looked at Amanda and said, "so, do you want to see where Dan lives?" She giggled (giggled??) and answered "yes" so I took a slight detour and after a couple of wrong turns we found ourselves on his street and -- ohmigod! - there was his house! At that point my wanna-be-Goth-but-not-really daughter with the black fingernails and funky-colored hair let out with a loud squeal-like noise ... oh good grief ... she was even more of a 14-year old girl than I had thought! At that point she covered her mouth and said, "oh no, did I just squee like a fangirl?"

For those not familiar with the vernacular, according to the Urban Dictionary a squee and fangirl is defined as:
1. (derogatory) a female fan, obsessed with something (or someone) to a frightening or sickening degree. Often considered ditzy, annoying and shallow.
2. (playful, good-natured) less extreme, a female fan who can laugh at their own passion for their particular interest (or even obsession).
A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community.
Uh ... yeah ... you kinda did there, kiddo ...

After we got ourselves turned around (darn the luck, Dan lives on a dead-end road!) and back on our way to Preston without having Dan and his Dad come down the road in the opposite direction, I told Amanda that she had just committed one of the rites of passage of all teenage girls known as the drive-by. I then explained to her that since the dawning of time if there were teenage girls with access to cars who knew where the guys they liked lived, there had been drive-bys.

Looking at me rather incredulously she asked if I had ever done such a thing and I had to laugh as it brought back memories of my high school days in Willimantic with my good friend Diane G. Her Dad owned a heating and air-conditioning business and whenever I would spend the weekend at her house, which was often, we'd jump in her Dad's truck and go cruising past the home of the guy she liked and then the home of the one I liked. Her Dad could never figure out why it took us so long to run a simple errand or why there were so many miles on his truck!

I remembered exactly what it felt like to have a crush on a guy and how even just the sight of his house could get my heart fluttering and my palms sweating ... and, at that moment, it didn't seem like it had been over 30 years ago.

It appears that she's definitely my daughter!

Oh no ... you'd never know she likes him!


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM EST

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM EST

    Well Amanda's little fangirl squee could be easily confused with a tightening of the muscles around her throat while she's attempting to exhale. But from what I know of her, yeah she squeeed. Let's all be proud, she has gone through her first, and far from last drive by. Just wait until the grass picking begins.

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM EST

    Hi Amanda's mom! I am Amanda's friend And woah! I didn't know Amanda liked dan...(yeah I did XD) Man she must be embarrased right now! I love it!!

  4. Shelbs:

    Thankfully she didn't request that we stop so she could pick grass but then again, it is winter and there probably isn't much grass to speak of! And is "grass picking" the more advanced form of a drive-by?


    She isn't embarrassed so much as regretting her gene pool right at the moment! Unfortunately, she comes by this sort of thing naturally ~ giggle! ~

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM EST

    Yes, grass picking is a more advanced form of a drive by, because you actualy have to stop and get out of the car. But it's mostly used for luck before big things like competitions and first days of school and all of that.

  6. Thanks, Shelbs, that's not something we did back in the late 70's but if I see any strange leaves of grass enshrined in Amanda's room I'll have a good idea where they came from and why! ;-)

  7. Anonymous10:19 PM EST

    Warning about the grass picking: It may be found in the pocket of her jacket, or pants, or something for it may be kept with her at all times. And after a short amount of time, it will start smelling bad.
    (Maybe the grass picking is A Michigander thing...)

  8. I love this post. It has brought back many memories of me and my bestest girlfriend going around in her VW bug doing the drive by thing. With the stereo blarring The Cars in the 8 track what fun it was.

  9. Interesting article. Either I was an even bigger nerd in school than I thought, or this must be a "Girl" thing, 'cuz I don't remember ANY of this "Drive-by" stuff. Intriguing how the vernacular has changed since I was Amanda's age - let's just say...a "while" ago!

    Amanda, I wish you all the best in your social endeavors. Remember, even if you get your heart broken, love & friendships will ALWAYS be worth it - for the valuable lessons and sweet memories they bring to enrich a life far beyond mere living!

  10. Thanks for the translation, Linda. 14 is a great age to be.

  11. What a fun post! :)

    I am still smiling...

  12. Anonymous4:10 PM EST

    Nicole here,
    Haha, this is definitely my favorite entry right here. -favs-
    I couldn't help laughing with the picture of her and Dan and the "Oh no ... you'd never know she likes him!"
    I can see why Amanda keeps bugging me to read this!

    I wish I could hear this squee of Amanda's -wounders if you've ever done that-

    Oh and you guys deffinitly were not stalking.

    lol and I need to hear some more Teenage Linda stories next time I see you! Hehe.

    luff j00

  13. What a great post, Linda! You had me smiling and nodding all the way through it. What memories that brings back :)

  14. I didn't have a clue what squee was and fangirl? never heard either term before! makes sense now that you have explained them.
    I like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.
    If you wear hoodies over here, you are called a hoodie! they are a sub group all of their own and are feared by old grannies!
    I loved the stalking and i am sure Dan would be made up that Amanda is stalking him!!!

  15. Callie - It's nice to know I'm not the only one who will admit to having done this sort of thing!

    Bulldog - "Drive-bys" are most definitely a female thing! I doubt that too many guys would get all excited just seeing the house where the girl they liked lived!

    Jean-Luc - You're right, 14 is a fun age and it's even more fun when you get to sit back as a parent and watch your kids do the same dumb stuff that you did!

    CWM and Skittles - Glad that I could make you both smile with this one! I take it you have some of these memories of your own?

    Nicole - I don't believe that I have ever "squee'd" in my life, thank you very much she said indignantly! But I'm sure I've giggled and squealed a time or two! And trust me, you don't want to hear more teenage Linda stories!

    Claire - I do hope that being "made up" is a good thing! If you stop by here again, could you translate?

  16. Oh i didn't even think that 'made up' would be lost in translation! made up is like........................... i am sure he would be chuffed!

  17. Thanks for the Claire-ification on this! Amanda seems to think Dan would be creeped out more than anything, though. It's tough when you like someone, isn't it?!?

  18. Miss Dub turned 13 this last November, I need to get home and put a stop to all this. I have ways,

  19. Too cute! Ah memories...

  20. Anonymous8:09 PM EST

    Very sweet post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  21. Anonymous9:45 PM EST

    Wowsers does this post bring back memories! I'm of the same late 70's vintage as you and, yes, we did the drive-bys though I don't recall ever really giving the action a name. One of my friends did the drive-by (alone) so many times one evening the guy came out and asked her to stop and chat for a while. And yes, she squee'd when she was telling me about it. Don't you think part of the thrill was the off chance you *might* see him? LOL Ah, memories.


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