Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - "Gone Fishing??"


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  1. Up early because of the long day at work tomorrow ...

    I don't think that there are any limitations on weeds but I'm pretty sure this one got thrown back anyway!


  3. Well it is a big one lol

  4. Anonymous8:47 PM EST

    If the snow ever goes away, a nice fishing trip would be awesome

    Great pic!

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM EST

    Fishing fun! Can't wait for the summer. At least its a big weed though! Happy WW :)

  6. That looks a lovely place!! i have never tried fishing, is it fun?

  7. This was the last day of a 3 day trip to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. The day before, Saturday, Bruce and I fished from 4:30 in the AM until 9:00 pm. This was a small cove off the main lake. We were just trolling along and not having much luck when I felt a tug on my line. I set the hook and nearly took Bruce out with the weed. He always picked on me for bring up the "salad" so he took a picture of the "big one". Of course what he didn't take a picture of was the 5lb Smallie I caught the day before. I can not wait to go back up this summer. This year we are going a little earlier and hope to catch the bass pre-spawn.

  8. Thanks for the background, Andrew. And I think it's a great weed no matter what anyone says! I hope to have one of my own someday if you actually do teach me how to fish.

  9. Claire as I have tried to explain to many others, there is something almost Zen-like about fishing. Most people think it is a worm a hook and off you go. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is weather conditions, water color and temp, moon phase, feeding activity, and then you have to choose the proper lure and present it so the fish will be attracted to it.

    Anyway the Zen part is being on a calm, still lake with the sun coming up and the birds singing in the trees along the shoreline. The night scavengers hurrying back to thier lares for a days sleep. All of the tension just leaves your body.

    Then all the planning you have put into it pays off and WHAM-O the line goes taunt, the rodtip bends and now the good part, the fight. There is nothing on this earth quit the same as fighting a fish for 5-10 minutes and then swinging it over the side of the boat and "lipping" it. You look at it and often wonder if anyone has caught this fish before or are you the first one. We strictly do catch and release, so the fish is returned back to the water as safely as possible so that others may enjoy the same thrill I just ecxperianced.

    Did I answer you question Claire?

  10. Now, that looks exactly like what I'd pull out. Actually, this reminds me of the thrill of catching something when I was girl!

    Holly's Corner

  11. Wow! What an answer but no you haven't! is it fun? (i am jesting!).
    I think i would get bored, if i could do a hike and then come back and do the fishing?

  12. Sorry if that ruined your zen moment!

  13. Not to worry, Claire, I'm sure he'll be fine! And he promised to take me fishing this summer so that maybe I can learn some "Zen". I figure I'll be lucky if I can catch a weed!

  14. I think its something you have to try before you can really appreciate it, with surroundings like that i think you probably could feel very zen like!

  15. I may have you beat. While fishing with my father and brother in the GA Mountains, I caught a mattress spring in the Chattahoochee River. Haven't had much more luck with my father-in-law on the Indian River Lagoon in FL

  16. Still looks like a beautiful day.

  17. What a beautiful day, looks so relaxing. It is a pity I don't fish :)

  18. Now there's a catch, lol. What a beautiful place to fish.

  19. That's true for fishing you have to be wordless, otherwise there would be no fish anymore. But the above comment about being zen while fishing, I don't understand, you can be zen by starring in the water without killing a poor fish !

  20. What a happy picture

  21. Jo, that IS a big one. Lol.

  22. Weed or not, that makes me want to go fishing. I am SO ready for spring! Happy WW.

  23. Gattina - In Andrew's defense, he doesn't kill the fish - he gives them a kiss and releases them back into the water. I think the "kiss" thing is all part of it as I've seen them do it at tournaments also.

  24. Anonymous6:20 AM EST

    It looks so peaceful there :) bliss, I think. Such a lovely picture for wordless wednesday.

  25. One of the first thing I learned as a young boy when fishing with my dad and grandpa, was to keep quiete. Thus, this is a great WW entry


  26. And yet he still looks so proud :)

  27. Anonymous7:44 AM EST

    Wait until you hear about the one that got away!!!!

  28. This is a very pretty WW picture, not a good catch, but the view is beautiful!!
    Happy WW :)

  29. Vegetarian fishing??? Who knew??? LOL I just LOVE fishing! D :)

  30. HA. Nice catch! LOL Been there, done that, caught that! Great share.

    Hope your busy day was survivable!

  31. hey there... you are making me long for summer!

  32. Such a pretty scenery and what a large weed!!
    happy ww :)

  33. Ya!----and the BIGGEST got away. It was THAT BIG!!

    Ya know?---this is a neat photo. The area that he's fishing at is astoundingly beautiful. And I bet oh so peaceful!!

    Today my W W blog is celebrating our kitty's 5th Gotcha Day (adoption) I explain the photos in the 1st comment entry

  34. What is it about men and fishing I wonder. Looks like one happy chap, and a beautiful day.

    Happy Wednesday :)

  35. Great pic! Makes me long for summer to get here quick!

  36. And was that the prize catch for the day! LOL Im up!

  37. Great picture, he looks very proud! Happy WW! :)

  38. I have not tried fishing.. Probably i'll soon try it..

    Great pick for WW!

  39. Nothing like getting some fresh air while out fishing. He looks like he's in his element.

  40. ...and you should have seen the one that got away!

    I love this photo! What a great sense of humor!

  41. Not yet - but now I want to =)

  42. Even though I'm a true southern girl who has been raised in the country, I DO NOT FISH. That has got to be one of the more boring things anyone can ever do....

    But, the pic is funny.

  43. The answer is up! Go take a look and see if you hit the jackpot!

    Good Luck!

  44. I hope you caught a big fish!

  45. *LOL* Great catch! Looks like most of mine.

    Sorry I'm late...been out of town on business. :)

    Have a good weekend.

  46. I'll be going fishing for the first time this summer. I think I'm looking forward to it. I'll like it better if there's no fish on my hook!


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