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Amanda - This One's for You & Nicole ...


My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

Growing up in my parents' home, if I wanted to listen to "my" music I was more than allowed to do so as long as it wasn't anywhere within hearing distance of my folks. The radio in the car didn't get switched over to what we kids might have wanted to listen to as it was my parents' car and that made it their radio. Hence I grew up listening to a lot of Johnny Cash, Slim Whitman, Jim Reeves, and the like. I'm not complaining - just stating a fact.

Amanda has no idea how lucky she is in that I not only let her listen to "her" music when I'm within earshot but I actually like some of the stuff that she listens to. Granted, I don't like all of it - Mindless Self Indulgence, H.I.M., Marilyn Manson, Korn all come to mind - but lately I have taken quite the liking to one of her favorites bands, My Chemical Romance.

My Chemical Romance (or MCR, My Chem, or The Black Parade as they've come to bMy Chemical Romancee known by their fans) is an alternative rock band from the great State of New Jersey (with the exception of drummer Bob Bryar who hails from Chicago). The band was formed a week after the 9/11 terror attacks by lead singer Gerard Way after he saw the planes crash into the World Trade Towers. The band's first song "Skylines and Turnstiles" was inspired by Way's experience on that day.

The band released its first album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002. As a concept album, it tells the story of two criminals who are gunned down in the desert, a la Bonnie and Clyde. In 2003, after signing a deal with Reprise Records and following a tour with Avenged Sevenfold (another of Amanda's favorite bands), MCR began work on their second album which continued the storyline from their first album. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, released in 2004, went platinum within a year. The band released three singles from the album: "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", "Helena", and "The Ghost of You". All of which I can say I've seen on video many times over!

In OctobeThe Black Parader of 2006 The Black Parade was released as the band's third concept album centering on a character known as "the Patient," who, dying of cancer, looks back on his life from a jaded perspective. The first single "Welcome to the Black Parade" was pre-released on iTunes September 11th, 2006 - the fifth anniversary of the World Trade Center terror attacks. The song became the band's first U.S. Number One single when it topped the charts on October 26, 2006 and stayed there for seven weeks. Since then they have released the single "Famous Last Words" and on April 2 will release "I Don't Love You" as their third single.

MCR's music has been described as emo, emocore, pop punk, and punk revival - all of which mean nothing to me - I just like the way they sound! The band themselves have said that their music was inspired by the likes of Queen, Iron Maiden, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd and in some of their music this really shows. Growing up, the band members were also very influenced by horror films and comic books (Gerard was working at DC Comics at the time of the 9/11 attacks), and because of that their music, lyrics, and image all have overt elements of fantasy, storytelling, horror, and theatricality. Not unlike David Bowie and Alice Cooper of my day!

I recently bought The Black Parade CD for Amanda and after listening to it, I am hooked and can't seem to get enough of it - after all, I do so love a good parade and marching band! Seriously, though, I find the music itself to be really good and the lyrics definitely tell a story. And just to throw out a useless and little known fact, Liza Minelli does guest vocals on "Mama" - which just goes to show that I'm not the only older woman who likes these guys!

The Black Parade World Tour, with over sixty concert dates began in February and, with any luck and some financial finagling, I hope to be able to get tickets for Amanda and a few of her friends when the second part of the tour comes around to the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on May 8th. This would, of course, require that I attend the concert also as I can't very well leave them alone but I'm sure that this is a cross I could easily bear! But don't get too excited yet, Amanda - this is certainly not written in stone!

The only question that needs to be asked at this point is why - at my age - do I find a 29-year old who wears eyeliner and black mascara, so drop-dead sexy? I fear that I may have been spending way too much time with Amanda and Nicole and need to get out with adults more often!

Gerard Way

What's even stranger is how when I consulted with my older-than-me best friend out in California, expecting some words of wisdom along the lines oGerard Wayf "get over it, Linda!", we ended up in a debate as to whether Gerard looked better with black hair or blonde!! MizCyn is leaning towards the blonde but I've got to go with the black ... maybe ... the blonde is pretty nice, too ... oh, I don't know! He's just too cute!! I think I need help!! Lots & lots of help!!

Gerard Way

Gerard from the new video "I Don't Love You"


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM EST

    Well, there really is nothing wrong with finding a 29 year old attractive. My guess is it would not be because of the eyeliner and mascara (though I personaly like that on him) but because of the emotion and passion that this particular 29 year old belts out in his music. And because of the powerful movement caused by such influencing factors makes you look past the make up worn, and into the soul portrayed by it all.

    And there is nothing wrong with hanging out with teenagers all the time. We're perfectly fine the way we are.

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM EST

    GEE (gerard) IS MINE!!!!


    hahhaha i kinda agree with shelby :O

    and that last picture is so CUTE

    and you forgot to mention that both me and gerard are both afraid of needles!

  3. I love them too. They're pretty cool. Must say, Amanda (and you) have some pretty good taste.

  4. Wordless Wednesday Guess-It's answer is up! Go see if you got it right!

    Good Luck!

  5. Anonymous2:31 AM EST

    love MCR! (And Korn too - I think they are a lot of fun to watch.) I could watch Black Parade video over and over again for hours; an amazing piece of photography. How times have changed from back in the day when a 'video' was just them playing a song in matching outfits. I would give MCR a ten; they are easy to dance to....

  6. My 14 yrs old thinks it's uncool that her mother likes MCR too, but after listening to it continuous whether in the car or in the house it grew on me so if you can't beat em join em I say x x x

  7. Shelbs - You may be right in that there is definitely something very appealing about the way Gerard sings a song and puts all of his emotion into it but to be honest, I really do think the eye make-up is hot!

    Amanda - Okay, okay, you saw him first - I get it! Now relax, no one is "stealing" Gee away from you! Take a deep breath and put your headphones back on!

    CWM, Ascender, and Shaz - Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not the only Mom out there that listens to this band! Not that I would have stopped if everyone had said I was looney but it's nice to know I'm not alone! See, Amanda???

  8. Age is irrelevent when it comes to what people think about someone.

  9. Anonymous4:52 PM EST

    Gah, it abhors me to think my mother, a women of such class, would be reduced to a 15 year old Emo-girl. I think it's time you start listening to REAL music again. I mean, My Chemical Romance, and the wonderful lounge song-stylings of Mr. Robert Goulet? Come now.

  10. Anonymous5:03 PM EST

    Linda, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm Kaitlin's mom (Miles' girlfriend). I have "REVENGE" playing on my computer right now!!!! They are so ***hot!! I have posters up on my wall so all I have to do is look up when I"m on this crazy machine and need a dream break!! hahaha I went with Miles and Kate last month when they opened their BP tour--tell Amanda the concert is unbeleivable!!!! But make sure you wear BLACK!! We are going again in May to see them--I can't get enough of MCR. So, from one 'older lady' to another--ain't nuttin' wrong with liking a great bands music, especially when the lead singer is so hottttttttt!!!!!

  11. Anonymous6:54 PM EST

    Mike, they are NOT emo. they are Alternative rock. if you actually listen to them you'd see.

    Gerard=<3 and Hawtness :D

    Mine :O

  12. Yay i love them too and Linda this just proves how cool you are.

  13. Ok linda, the cat is out of the bag, I like Slim Whitman and all of your music, the new stuff is greek to me

  14. Kathy - Of course I remember you! Nice to know that you're still out there reading and that all it took was a post on MCR to bring you out of the shadows! You have a poster?? I am SO jealous (I gotta get me one of those!)

    Mike - Well, well - my son speaks, how do you like that? And I'm not acting like a 15-year old Emo girl, I've yet to start wearing all black and wearing my hair over one eye! If you'll remember correctly I used to listen to some of your music (Metallica, Eminem, etc) so it should come as no surprise to you that I listen to some of Amanda's, too! Oh - and there's nothing wrong with the song stylings of Robert Goulet, either! One has to have diversity!

    Claire - thanks for the nod towards coolness, I do my best!

    Sarge - nothing worng with Slim Whitman, the man could really yodel!

  15. U R 2 cool! Wanna adopt me?

  16. Anonymous3:08 PM EST

    The poster is at FYE for $7. It's all black & white--way to cool!!! Wouldn't you know--'REVENGE' is on this machine again!! If you go to a show--you'll be surprised at how many adults our age are there--it shocked the heck out of me!! FYI--I still read you every day!!! You're awesome!!!

  17. Kathy,

    I will have to see if I can find that poster so that my son will have more disparaging remarks to make! ;-) And I am now really, really hoping to get the money together to go to that concert! Perhaps we'll see you there!

    And thanks for the compliments - aw, shucks!

  18. Anonymous6:23 AM EDT

    O.O they have a poster of it???

    mooooom i want it!

    please :D i also want the jacket and the tickets XD


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