Thursday, March 8, 2007

I would like to thank the Academy ...

Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I can hardly conjugate verbs! I feel so lucky! And this honor - it's so honorable! Oh, thank you again! I just want everyone to bow down before me and accept that even in my wildest hallucinations, I never would have fantasized that this could ever validate my mediocrity. And to the other super-amazing bloggers out there, I want each of you to know how totally mega-pumped your jealousy makes me feel right now!

You know when they first told me I was a Goddess on Earth, I just had to take a Xanax and obsess about how freakish my experiences have been. I guess it all just makes me feel kinda numb.

You know, there are so many obsequious talentless success stories to thank! First off though, I want to pay off Barb, who looked deep within her Magic 8-Ball before giving me this fantastic award (that was 10's and 20's right?)! Also, I want to thank Charleton Heston, for being such a powerful force in my life. And to the US Supreme Court, who taught me to take life by the fifth of bourbon. And finally, to all the people who take the time to read my little blog - I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you America, and good night!

**Acceptance speech courtesy of The Academy Award Speech Generator

Well, okay, maybe not ...

For those of you wondering what the above babbling is going on about, I received a very pleasant surprise yesterday while reading over some of the email comments to my latest Wordless Wednesday post (see below); it seemed that I had been named The Bestest Blog of the Day over at Bobby Griffin's The Bestest Blog of All-Time!! This is an honor that I have been coveting ever since I joined the group of wonderful people who are all part of Bestest Blog and, had I not been at work, I might have jumped up and done a happy dance upon hearing the news! Matter of fact, maybe I shall do that now ... hold on a sec ... okay, I'm back! {{ow! my back!!}}

I am now in the ranks of such blogging luminaries as Sarge Charlie, Crazy Working Mom, A Little Piece of Me, The Curmudgeon, Dixie's Heart and Soul, Mimi Writes, Dr. Blogstein, and way too many other fantastic blogs to list them all as otherwise this post is going to read like the "Who's Who" of the Blogosphere!

This most auspicious of honors was bestowed upon me by Barb of Skittles' Place and a finer lady could not be found this side of a Blogger Dashboard! Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting the woman in person, thanks to her heartfelt postings and honesty in speaking of the trials and tribulations of her life, I have every confidence that she is the type of person that anyone would be proud to call "friend". Barb, I hope you don't mind that I refer to you as such.

Eventually they tell me that I should have a really cool banner to place prominently on my page to brag about, flaunt in the faces of lesser beings, declare to the world, humbly proclaim that I am the greatest, a veritable master of the written word,King of the World!, doing something right on this little blog of mine.

In all humility, though - thank you very much - I really am honored! As Amanda might say, I'm having the best week ever!


  1. Congrats kid! There could be no finer choice.

    If you don't risk revocation of this honor by daring to fire up the WiFi in Borders a second time, I'll buy the MCR tix & we shall celebrate!

  2. It is an honor to have you join the club! Congrats! Mazel Tov!

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM EST

    And you thought you were only the dispatch goddess. See we have been trying to tell you for a long time.


  4. Anonymous7:44 PM EST

    Congratulations, Linda! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person--you really deserve it. Plus, you know how to do use that cool strike-out text. I have no idea where to find it.

  5. Congratulations! Stumbled upon your blog through bestest, actually. Love your articles! :)

  6. Well, I think that's just the greatest thing since sliced bread! You are awesome and I LOVE visiting your blog. :)

    CONGRATS...hope they didn't cut your acceptance speech with the music!!

  7. Congratulations, Linda! I really enjoyed reading this post as well -very funny. Bask in the glory and enjoy it.

    Take a bubble bath....bottle of some shoes....

  8. Congratulations!! Totally awesome!!

    Your blog rocks, I have really enjoyed spending my time here tonight!

    And yes, I am jealous! ;)

  9. my word! how did i miss this? i am so sorry! and congratulations and well deserved i may say!!!

    smiles, bee

  10. Wonderful acceptance speech :)

    Bobby G. seems to have turned up missing. I hope he comes back so you can get your banner!


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