Saturday, March 17, 2007

Maybe I shouldn't have missed that eye exam after all ...

There are 9 people in this picture:
  • If you find 6 your powers of observation are normal.
  • If you find 7 or 8 your powers of observation are above average.
  • If you find all 9 - Very intuitive - extremely observant.
I definitely need glasses or something as I had a deuce of a time getting past six until I picked up the computer and turned it this way and that for several minutes! Amanda, on the other hand, picked out all nine in no time flat!

How about you guys? How did you do?


  1. Oh K, I got 6, but I don't want to wait for the rest. If someone can find the remaining three I'd be happy to find out!

  2. I found 7 and that was with a lot of squinting!

  3. The first seven were easy, number 8 I had to blow up to see the child in the woman's arms and that darn number nine is the small speck below the bird's beak. That's a double head. I did find them on my own, it just took some studying.

  4. I must be thick I can only see 4!

  5. these old eyes could only see 5, but i am about to have cataract take off, maybe i will do better then

  6. I found 8 right off the bat, but I couldn't find the 9th. Oh well. Good luck to the rest of you all.

  7. Anonymous8:35 AM EDT

    This is a great picture to use during my lecture on Perception!!! Thanks...I was getting tired of the same old ones I have used for years!! I ran across your blog last night somehow and didn't comment...thought I should be polite and 'delurk' :)

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM EDT

    Well Thank God I'm going to get new glasses on Tuesday, I could only find 3.

  9. I can only see 4, the abc's are kicking in!

  10. I only found 6 waaa I am average oh well

  11. That was a tricky one; a good exercise for the mind.

  12. This was a terrific picture!

    I was able to get the nine right off the bat, but then I was brought up on Dali and Magritte.

    The older man looks like Don Quixote.

  13. Anonymous9:56 PM EDT

    OK ... after a quick glance I found seven people.

    But am I the only one who also saw the Starbucks restaurant, the soda straw, the book cover for War & Peace, a playground swing, a worm coming out of an apple, a race car and a partridge in a pear tree?

    (Oh, hey ... got your Ask Bobbarama question. You are really going to test my creativity, aren't you! hee hee)

  14. I got six right away.. but didn't want to turn my monitor sideways.

  15. Anonymous4:22 PM EDT

    What a fun puzzle! I am pretty sure I found 9 but I am not 100% sure about the 9th one. Is there an answer key?

  16. I got five, a bird and a dog.

    And I printed it out, turned it every which way...

    Are there really nine?



  17. Oh darn, it posted with my name anyway.

    Well, now everyone knows I'm below average....


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