Monday, March 12, 2007

"So come one, come all to this tragic affair ..."

Welcome to the Black Parade drawing
I thought I would share one of the latest drawings that Amanda did this weekend (in addition to a quite passable big mouth bass that I would be happy to show off, too, but which is no longer in our possession - sorry, Claire!).

As established in Friday's post, Amanda is quite the fan of My Chemical Romance and this picture is one of her tributes to the band.

Of course now she's nagging at me that she wants a jacket like this one (yeah, for the low price of $86 plus $18 shipping and handling) ... I don't think so!!!

If you'd like to see more of Amanda's artwork, go check out her page on Deviant Art by clicking here.


  1. I was just asked by my daughter to take her to the concert next month.
    Funny your posts mirror my life lately..haha

  2. She's very tallented & I think she deserves that jacket (well maybe not that one but I'm sure there's cheaper ones out there some where!) or with a tallent like that a needle & thread maybe?

  3. A mother's pride, nice......

  4. A really well drawn picture.

  5. Thank you for stopping buy. If you get a chance to do the trip again, the best time is late April as the snow melts off the mountains. The great alternative is to take part in the Bracebridge Dinners at the hotels in December.

  6. Beautiful. That girl's got skills, Mom! :)

  7. She is very talented and must get her creativity from you.
    I love art munkey! cant wait for her own anime series.
    exploding microwave of doom, now thats a good headline.

  8. Now, see... if you both wore the same size you could get the jacket and share it. Then it would be like half price. Right?


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