Sunday, March 18, 2007

So you wanna be a rock star?

Things to do on a Sunday afternoon when you're bored ...

Amanda decided that she was going to spend some time this afternoon taking some new pictures for her MySpace page but before she posted them a friend mentioned that she never posts any in which she's actually smiling but that they were all rather serious. I've noticed this myself but when you're going for the misunderstood-teenage-wanna-be-artist type I suppose that smiling is out of the question!

Not wanting people to think she had bad teeth or anything, and in an effort to appease her friends, Amanda decided to take a picture or two complete with a smile. The way the pictures came out, it was easy to see that she wasn't exactly comfortable smiling for the camera - especially when she was taking the pictures herself!

Before posting the pictures on MySpace, she IM'd a copy off to her friend in Michigan with the disclaimer of "I look stoopid, that's why I don't smile!" Her friend immediately IM'd her back with the response, "wow, you look like Gerard!"* Amanda didn't believe her so Shelby sent her a picture of Gerard she had found on Deviant Art** to show her the comparison.

At that point I was called over to the computer for my expert opinion on the matter and all I can say is ... well ... I guess there is some similarity though I don't think Amanda looks quite as distressed as Gerard does!

Folks? Anyone want to weigh in on this one? Oh, and just for the record, Mom, Amanda knows I'm posting this and was curious what everyone else thought, too!

*for those who haven't been following this blog, that would be Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Amanda's favorite band
**picture of Gerard with "akward" misspelling taken from the video "I Don't Love You" and deviated by myanimatedromance


  1. Well i think she is definitely doing a 'Gerard' and how could that be a bad thing,lol.
    Seriously i have to agree with you there are some similarities but she is too pretty for it to be spot on.
    Amanda smile more, it suits you!

  2. well thanks for clearing that up, i think...

    smiles, bee

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM EDT

    Haha I love that picture of her.

  4. Gerard looks as though he needs to find a potty and quick! Amanda has a pretty smile!

  5. Claire - Amanda said she wasn't "doing" a Gerard intentionally (not sure if I believe that or not!) but that it just came out that way.

    Shelbs - that's actually how she looks when I tell her to clean out the catbox!

    Gracie - too funny! I almost spit my mouthful of mint tea all over the computer when I read your comment!

    Amanda wanted me to tell you that Gerard's "distressed" look is not from gastrointestinal issues (despite how it might look!) but because he is on the verge of tears due to the sad nature of the song.

    Sigh ... rock stars - you know how overly dramatic they can be (think Mick Jagger and Joe Cocker here!).

  6. Mmm there is a slight resemblance!

  7. That's Gerald's sad? I would agree with Grace, maybe said because the potty is so far away. Amanda looks much better but still a little tense. She should smile more. One of my younger soliders doesn't like to smile much either. Guess what my favorite past time is with him.

  8. Amanda has a pretty smile, which does her whole face justice! As for Gerard - he looks like our patients when my paramedic partner points to me and says, "He'll be starting the I.V.!!"

    Sgt. Dub, what is this "past time" you speak of in regards to your non-smiling soldier?

  9. I can see some resemblance. Of course Amanda is WAY prettier! Gerard looks like he's pooping. ;)

  10. You, Mam are the rock star, you won an award at my place........

  11. OK i believe Amanda.

    I really want to know what Sgt Dubs past time is with that poor young soldier! Its sounds very very wrong!

  12. Good pic there; what is Gerald doing?

  13. She def doesn't look as distressed. He's got this whole furrowed brow thing going on.

    I never smiled either as a teen until someone told me that I had a great smile. I think she may just need to hear it more so...

    Amanda, you have a great smile! Let it shine girl.


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