Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Water"

This is the Feng Shui water element that I built a few years back when I was attempting to get my house "balanced". A friend of mine in California had brought the elephant out for me as a gift one year because she knew that I liked elephants and collected various types of them.

I wasn't really sure what to do with it for quite some time and then when I was reading a book on Feng Shui, I decided it would make the perfect water element for the southwest corner of the house which is supposed to be my relationship corner. I figured it might do better than the coat rack that had previously stood in its place!

Well ... it hasn't improved my relationship status but it makes for a very nice conversation piece!

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  1. Hi Linda! I love, love, love that elephant fountain!...I think I need a feng shui book,...Thats sounds awesome, to have something special in the southwest corner...I had been looking at small, teeny water fountains at the stores...because of the dry air this winter in my condo though! lol..My photos are up, please come and visit, as you always do!(I look forward to seeing your name in my comments!)

  2. Love it, what a cute fountain and definitely a conversation peice.

  3. heh. that's so great. i can't wait to get a house to have more space to have "interesting" things like that :-)

  4. A very nice conversation piece indeed! Love the photo.

  5. I have read some books on feng shui but I never can make my apartment divide up like they suggest. I love the elephant with the water coming out of the trunk. Great take on the theme!

  6. does look like an interesting piece!
    love the water there that you caught ... :)

    happy hunting

  7. You put together that fountain? Very good job. It brought a smile to my face the second I saw it. Love it and how it spouts water, lol. Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

  8. That's lovely, I really like it and it made me smile.

  9. Anonymous12:49 AM EDT

    I'm not into feng shui, but that's cute! :)

  10. What a nice, soothing element to have in your home! I would lay around it all day.
    Tara, Princess Meezer
    Thanks for the visit!

  11. That's really lovely. I really like indoor fountains. We have three *blush* but I didn't even think about using one for today's photo! lol

    Happy hunting. :)

  12. That's a cute elephant fountain.
    Thanks for visiting.

  13. Anonymous2:01 AM EDT

    What a great picture for this week's photo hunt theme. What a great setting for the elephant.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. This elephant is adorable ! What suit in my house too even with my 350 pieces cat collection, lol !

  15. I want that elephant! I got into Feng Shui a few years back but only in a minor way. It does make a difference though.

  16. Very cool! Cute elephant fountain. :) It looks lovely in the middle of the greenery.

  17. Anonymous5:11 AM EDT

    I love elephants! That is the cutest fountain ever...not your typical cherub fountain!

    Thanks for visiting!

  18. This is so funny...I have followed you all over tonight! I just ordered a book on Feng Shui, I have 4 fountains indoors and 2 outside and I'm nutz about "elephoos." I love the fountain!!!

  19. Anonymous6:05 AM EDT

    Lol! Very cute!

  20. That elephant is cute! I like how the water comes right out of his trunk.

  21. Anonymous7:25 AM EDT

    He's so cute!! I love all his little wrinkles :)

  22. I love your fountain. He's too fun.

  23. A very charming little elephant! I never got into Feng Shui, but I'd find him soothing. Great photo :)

  24. That's cute! I bet it does make a great conversation piece! Have a great weekend, and thanks for visiting Pollywog Creek!

  25. Now now. It's done great things for your relationship with elephants. Great "make you smile" feature.

  26. Very pretty and relaxing

  27. That is so calming! But I must admit, I'm not surprised it didn't work. I've got a fountain too, but don't get to enjoy it much. Thanks for sharing and for visiting My Photo Blog.


  28. Anonymous8:31 AM EDT

    Oh I love it!! I want one! :-)

    Happy Weekend!

  29. Very cute. And I love the fact that you probably don't have to remember to water your plants.

  30. Nice pic, Linda. Is it as relaxing as it looks? I have no idea what "Feng Shui" is. One of these days, when we actually have a face-to-face conversation, you'll have to "educate" this uncouth redneck!

  31. Anonymous8:54 AM EDT

    Great picture! That would be so nice and soothing, and he is cute too!

  32. relationships in a corner? I might see the problem here, relationships are in the living room, kitchen, and other rooms, haven't seen many in a corner, hehe. Great photo though and I love the elephant.

  33. I love the elephant!
    you should plonk it right in the middle of your house see if that works!

  34. Anonymous10:15 AM EDT

    That is so cool! I love that elephant fountain.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  35. That's so awesome - the elephant being a gift adds extra good vibes to your Feng Shui! And running water in the house is great -- just look how healthy that ivy growing around your fountain is!
    That is cool. Makes me want to turn on my fountain in my bedroom (which the cats like to drink out of!)

  36. Elephants are also known to bring happiness into the home :)

  37. That is really cool! A fountain in your own home! I wonder what my cats would think of that!

  38. Hi Linda. Thanks for visiting my photo hunt. That's a lovely creation.

    I find feng shui very interesting too. I've done several things in the house to invite good chi.

    Elephants are lucky especially when their trunks are lifted upwards.

    My husband also made a Zen fountain for our home to bring in good luck.

  39. What a cute, cute, cute elephant. And he is perfect for a little fountain. I have always wanted one of those desk fountains but never seemed to get one. Great shot for the theme.

  40. Anonymous4:16 PM EDT

    I love that fountain, what a great photo!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  41. What a cute elephant!!
    I like them, too. There is a sanctuary in Tennessee that does elephants rescue all over the US.
    A great place for our elephant friends: Elephant Sanctuary, Hohenwald, TN

  42. oh very nice honey! very nice...

    smiles, bee

  43. The elephant fontaine is very cute, Linda. I guess my house will never be a balanced place... maybe I should give Feng Shui a try =)

    Concerning Photo Shop: I´m not perfect with PS either. Sometimes it does not do what I want it to... although I thought I gave some clear instructions. *LOL*

  44. oh man - that is so adorable!!! love it!

  45. My blog used to be named are we there yet, because of my kiddies :-) So we already have something in common!
    I love that little fountain! I have little fountain/waterfall things all over the house :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and as you know, I played too :-)

  46. I adore that elephant.

  47. From what I can tell, things like that never do improve relationships! :) Mine I'm sure it would only complicate as my husband would give me funny looks and say, hey, should we talk about the elephant in the room? LOL

  48. Anonymous2:46 AM EDT

    It looks very relaxing and peaceful for sure!

    A friend of mine gave me an elephant figurine once and said that they are good luck - but only if the truck is up - down is not good luck apparently. Who knows, but you can never be too careful right?


  49. That is beautiful!! I love it. :)

  50. I'm not into Feng Shui but I fancy fixtures like what you have in your picture.

  51. Anonymous11:03 AM EDT

    That's a really nice element. Makes me smile :)

  52. Anonymous2:44 PM EDT

    Love your water picture! The elephant is great. Elephants with their trunks up like that are supposed to be good luck!

  53. What a cool idea! I'd like to get into feng shui more ... I don't have time right now :(

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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