Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tids and Bits

First off, let me apologize for my lack of writing ability this week. I miss a couple of days and it seems that I have forgotten how to string two sentences together to form a coherent thought! I guess that will teach me to mess up my back and throw off my blogging schedule! Next time I'll have to try blogging while taking the Flexerel and Vicodin - who knows? It might be my best post ever!

While writing this, I have the latest American Idol results show on the idiot box for background noise and I just have to ask - what in the blue hell is wrong with the people in this country that a guy who can't carry a tune in a bucket is still sitting on the stage while other people are facing the axe? Yes, that's right, I mean Sunjaya - he of the very strange hair style and lousy vocals. Why he isn't in the bottom three is totally beyond me other than it just goes to show that despite what Simon Cowell proclaims, this is NOT a singing competition!

Last year Amanda and I watched every show but this year I couldn't tell you who all of the contestants were if you offered me a very large sum of money (which I could really use, by the way!). With the exception of Melinda Doolittle and the rocker-chick-girl who I like but doesn't have a snowball's chance in the Sahara Desert of winning the thing, there really isn't anybody very memorable at all. Even when I have it on, I don't watch it because I just could not care less. Big. Yawn.

Moving on ...

While catching up on my blog reading earlier tonight I was over at Dayngrous Discourse and came across a post of hers where you could find out what sort of "bloglebrity" you are. "To be an A-List Bloglebrity on the Internet, it’s all about the amount of link love you can score" so to find out how you score just click here. Like Dayngr before me, I'm a "B List" blogger and am now proudly sporting my new button somewhere down there on my sidebar! I rather doubt that I could ever be an "A List" blogger as I just have neither the time or the energy to devote to such an endeavor but I know some people that I think might qualify!

Continuing on ...

For those who are interested, I went to see my orthopedic doctor today (a very handsome gentleman with a most lovely British accent!) about my recent back issues and lingering leg pain. Even though my back has been feeling a'ight, I've been having quite a bit of pain down my right leg and around my right ankle that is all too familiar from two years ago so I was expecting to hear the worst. After taking some x-rays and a lot of poking, prodding, and walking around the room on my heels and toes, the doc told me that he thinks it might be just a minor flare-up that will ease with time. Whew! I was really sweating him telling me that I needed another MRI and with my insurance having a $250 deductible, I was already trying to figure out which bill I wasn't going to be paying!

I was sent home with a prescription for Neurontin (for nerve pain) and orders to do some light stretching to see if that helps ease the lingering pain. I'll be going back in two weeks for a follow-up consult and hopefully things will have straightened themselves out by then. Anyone who wishes to light a candle, send up a prayer, or cross their fingers for me are more than welcome to do so!

And finally ...

I am WAY behind on this but I thought it worth mentioning ... back on March 20th, I had my blog reviewed by Billy Mac over at Critique My Blog and he said some very nice things. In it he linked back to the very first post that I did for this blog and even I went back to read it because I had definitely forgotten what I had written all those months ago! Sometimes it seems like I started this just yesterday rather than over 230 posts ago!

It appears that time really does fly!


  1. Linda,

    Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes all that pain medicine brings out the creative side of people, you're right. But it would be better if you'd just get better.
    Then you could blog with your usual witty self and entertain all of us.

    American Idol was a funky mess tonight.

  2. Just to hit this topic very quickly. there are people out there voting for the worst it a big move underway headed up by Howard Stearns the Radio loud mouth. I am thinking this will be the last idol. because they are ruining the show. If we can't have real results it just won't work. Anyway I heard that is why all this weirdness is happening. The real good singers are leaving a week early everytime because of Sanjaya. It really really pisses me off. This was one of my most favorite shows to watch. bummed no to read the rest of your post.

  3. Okay so I read the rest. I hope your back snaps out of it's funk soon. It's really not fun when we don't feel at least 90 %. Be good to yourself. ~Callie~

  4. Thanks for visiting me and putting my link up. Glad to hear you are getting about and the doctor's diagnosis is good. You are on my healing list for regular distant Reiki - hope it helps.

    I've not been watching American Idol, although we do get it over here. Sounds very much like Pop Idol and X Factor a bit of a farce - but I'm addicted anyway!

  5. Oh I'm SO glad the doctor's visit went so good! What a relief!!!

    Mike and me are watching Idol although it sure is strange this year. I don't understand the Sanjaya thing either. In fact we were both laughing at his hair all through his song. I'm a fan of Gina, too.

    Off to read your review!

  6. As one with lower back pain, I can empathize... I'm glad your doc thinks it's a minor flare up. Hope that it feels better real soon!

  7. Good Thursday morning Linda,

    I found you via Sarge Charlie's blog.

    Hope the orthopedic doctor is right, and it does ease with time ! Back pain can be incapacitiating !

    I'm only a c-list blogger, but since I've only had my blog up for 4 months, I'm okay with that so far.

    Hope your day is good, and will say a prayer and cross my fingers for you --

  8. Hi!, saw your blog via a friend, sorry to hear about your back.
    So Simon Cowell is out there is he, what do you think nice/nasty, I'm not sure........

  9. Don't stretch too much, Linda; be careful how you go.

  10. Glad to hear your doc has high hopes for your pains easing soon. As for American Idol, I have to say that I am enjoying the little pop culture experiment being conducted by and Howard Stern. It's probably good for the show in the long run, too, since it's all about how many people watch, and more people than ever are tuning in now that there's so much press about Sanjaya's wacky journey.

  11. honey i know that pain down your leg is siaticia. you really need a good chiropractor. the nerve starts in the lower back and goes all the way down the leg (either leg) and will only keep getting worse until the pressure is taken off the nerve. please give this some thought, okay?

    smiles, bee

  12. I've never had any back problems (knock on wood!) I hope you get healed up soon!

  13. Glad to hear that the back thing is getting better, and not worse. I remember how you were last year, and wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. P.S. I got "the" letter from Damian yesterday to turn in my stuff(I already had it packed in a bag), I'll be dropping it off tomorrow, so I won't be able to see ya, but I know we'll be chatting on the phone.
    P.S.S. I loooovvvveeee, love, love, love GINA GLOCKSEN!!!!!

  14. Bee---I was thinking the same thing! My hubman had it so bad he couldn't work and I finally got him to see my chiro-guy. I didn't say anything, Linda - because you've had surgery. But it is something to check into. A qualified chiro will certainly take X-rays, etc. An adjustment might work miracles, especially if you already know someone. My husband went right back to work.

  15. Glad you're feeling a bit better!
    I'm a B List blogger as well.
    American Idol Sucks this year!! :(

  16. You're an A in my book baby!

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