Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Come On Spring!

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  1. Just as a little background - this would be the daffodil plant on the side of the house that is doing its darnedest to make Spring a reality here in the Northeast! It might not look like much now but I will post another picture next week to show you how it's doing!

  2. Born and raised in Tillamook, Oregon so I understand. Look forward to the flowers in a few weeks.

  3. Come on Spring is right!!! But not summer, ok? Too hot then :)

  4. Anonymous10:19 PM EDT

    Spring and sutumn are such beautiful seasons.

  5. Will be waiting for next week's pic to see how that lil fella is doing!

  6. I have some that look exactly like that!

  7. Oh, I'm all excited! Looks like they will be popping any time now.

  8. Anonymous11:34 PM EDT

    Spring is here, so grow...grow...grow little daffodils! :)

  9. Anonymous12:26 AM EDT

    I can't wait either! It's autumn here, things are just beginning to sprouting here. I hope you enjoy the blooms when they arrive!

  10. Lovely shades of green. :) I hope your daffodils bloom soon!

  11. Anonymous1:41 AM EDT

    I can't wait for Spring either! We had almost 5 months of winter up here! My bulbs are poking their little heads through too - through the cat poop in the dirt, that is!

  12. I agree with you Linda "HURRY UP SPRING"

  13. bring on the flowers!!! :)

    happy ww and happy almost-spring!

  14. Anonymous7:26 AM EDT

    Grow, grow. I love new shoots, it's so inspiring.

  15. before I saw your title my first thought was spring is coming. They are such pretty flowers!

    Thanks for stopping by! I know I wish I had taken a photo of the entire building but all I have is just the tower :-)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I wish it was spring here - though I must say that Autumn in Cape Town is quite beautiful.

  18. Ive seen a few daffodils sprouting around here! Soon it will be tulip season!

  19. oh yes! ours looked like this too, until we hit 80 degrees the other day, all of a sudden = they're open!
    And I planned on getting pictures this morning for WW, and OF COURSE it's raining!!!
    I love the sense of anticipation in this photo!

  20. I can't wait till my plants and flowers start growing!

  21. Anonymous12:43 PM EDT

    Speaking of spring, I think I need to water my palm trees today!!!

  22. Maybe blooms next week!

  23. won't be long now honey!

    smiles, bee

  24. We've been waiting for you, spring..

  25. Almost there! Well, except we're getting snow tomorrow.. :-)

  26. I posted in honor of spring too!
    Happy WW!

  27. Spring can't be too far away!
    Happy belated WW!

  28. Wordless Wednesday Guess-It's answer is up! Go on and see if you are one of the winners this week!


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