Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Over the Rainbow


Now that Wordless Wednesday is officially over, I would like to give credit where credit is due to the photographer of this picture. It was taken by Bethany, who is a school nurse in Plainfield, from the front yard of her home. Obviously "excellent photographer" is another of her many talents in addition to being a compassionate and caring nurse, loving wife, fantastic mother, healthcare instructor, etc., etc! Thank you, Bethany, for a great picture for Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. Wow, how did you catch all the green AND a rainbow?

  2. Delicate and beautiful. sigh..... Spring. D :)

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM EST

    thats so pretty. like something out of a fairy tale movie

  4. Coolness! I've never seen a rainbow that full before!

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM EST

    Very very cool. Unusual to see such a low and stretched out rainbow, and you've captured it beautifully!

    Thank you for stopping by tonight. Have a great remainder of the week and a great WW!!!


  6. Oooooooo I can smell the after rain scent in your photo!


  7. Great shot of the rainbow!!!

  8. Wheres the pot of gold? did you kill the leprechaun?

  9. sensible comment now, it's a lovely shot (i love rainbows)

  10. Anonymous9:31 PM EST

    LOVE the Blog. Great Look!

  11. At first glance I didn't see the rainbow, but after that... WOW!

    Guess-It Wednesday is up! Go take a guess!

  12. That is SO beautiful! love it!

  13. As I told Claire, the leprechaun was run down on that very road that you see in front of the fence when he tried to make a break for it with his pot o' gold. Unfortunately, the gold turned out to be just those gold-foil wrapped chocolates and they were flattened in the accident also!

    But seriously ... this picture was given to me to use by a friend who took the picture from the front yard of his house. It's very unusual to see both ends of a rainbow and that makes this picture even nicer. All kudos should go to him!

    And I agree with Holly, you can smell the rain!

  14. Well.. you know I love rainbows :) I also love that you're Bestest Blog today!!!

    Congrats :)

  15. It is unusual to see both ends of a rainbow - what a great shot of it!

  16. Rainbows are always such a cool thing!

  17. That is a great photo! It's so perfect... So peaceful and all.

    Here via Bestest blog! Congrats on being Bestest Blog of the Day!

  18. Now that is just one beautiful sight.
    Thanks for the visit.

  19. this is wonderful!!!!!

  20. Ah that made my day!

  21. Wow, the colours are stunning!

  22. Somewhere. Happy WW.

  23. Beautiful! What a lovely photo. The greens are so vibrant and you can see both ends of the rainbow. :)

  24. I love the way the shadows are in the foreground and all the light and color in the background. Really makes it pop!
    ***You really made me laugh about Bette Davis' eyes and the dead, decomposing legs...Funny girl!!!

  25. That is totally awesome! Your friend was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time! WOW. Thanks for sharing and coming by My Photo Blog

  26. Anonymous7:15 AM EST

    I love rainbows, but since we used to live in Conn., we already took all the gold. ;)

  27. Wow really cool shot! HAppy WW Thanks for stopping by!

  28. That was a nice shot! How'd you catch the rainbow that way? I have made attempts to photograph a rainbow but none came that way. Oh well have to keep on trying.

  29. Makes me think that it's a very long time ago I haven't seen a rainbow !

  30. How pretty!! I love rainbow pictures.

  31. I can almost smell the rain of the wet asphalt (one of my favourite summer smells), and I love how the clouds are still putting the road and the foreground in the shade whereas the field and the trees are in sunlight. Lovely :)

  32. God's promise on WW, very nice.

  33. Anonymous12:15 PM EST

    That is beautiful!

  34. Anonymous12:47 PM EST

    Beautiful photograph Linda!

    A big hearty congrats to you for being named 'Bestest Blog' today as well.


  35. Your hopeful rainbow is beautiful. I couldn't be completely wordless today as I had to provide the link for all the goodies that went with my photo.

  36. One of the best rainbow pictures I've seen.

  37. I love rainbows & summer showers, thanks for that pic x x

  38. Wow, beautiful!
    Rainbows are so amazing.

  39. Anonymous12:32 AM EST

    Woo hoo! Blog of the day. Good for you. You deserve it!!!!

  40. That is a great shot. I love taking photos in that kind of light it really brings out the colours. I think post storm light has to be my favourite


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