Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun with Anime

Whilst doing some of my blog-rounds this evening, I came across an interesting post over at The Buzz Queen about a face transformer thingamajig so thought I would pop on over and give it a look-see. In a nutshell, you upload a photo, do a few quick adjustments, and then pick a transformation that you would like to see yourself as.

In honor of Amanda going to the long-awaited Anime Convention* in Boston this weekend with her good buddy Nicole, I decided it might be fun to transform our pictures into Manga cartoons as what better way to celebrate going to a convention that celebrates Japanese animation - most of which is Manga - than to turn oneself into a little piece of Japanese anime!

Manga Amanda

Manga Mom

I am not at all surprised that Amanda makes a much better looking Manga character than I do as the child practically lives and breathes Japanese animation as do so many of her friends but I must admit that I kind of like my eyes this way!

*the convention I have heard about non-stop since September!


  1. Looks like fun I might go over and experiment.

  2. I can definitely see the family resemblance between Manga Mom and Manga Amanda! :~)
    Thanks for the link...I just might try it!

  3. Where is you as a monkey? hmmm or a man?

    My manga one was very scary! but i posted the rest of them. I am trying fight my photo phobia the extreme way!

    I would love to go that convention.

  4. the convention sounds like fun, i am too dumb to do that to a photo

  5. The convention does sound like fun, Miss Dub is also into this as you can imagine and would love to go to it. Maybe, after I get home. You're manga's are cute.

  6. This looks like fun!

  7. That does look really interesting.

  8. Wow, that's cool! :)
    I hope she has loads of fun in Boston.

  9. That is a lot of fun. I did not look good at any stage but african. If I posted that, I might as well say "nappy-headed ho".

  10. Very cool. Yeah - Anime is a huge topic in our home as well. Should see the walls our our 21-year-old son -- actually you can't even see the walls any more *sigh*.

    Thanks for sharing...I will give a shot transforming my picture...

  11. Linda --

    While we're on the subject of anime: Just wondering, when you visited my blog, did you notice the references to Totoro and co on it? I sure hope so! ;b

  12. Anonymous9:45 AM EDT

    you catch it soon enough


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