Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gummis and flowers and votes - oh my!

A couple of totally unrelated things for today's post ..

Remember awhile back when I told everyone about The Pisstakers blog? I mentioned that if you went over there and were one of the ten bloggers listed in the MyBlogLog community come Sunday morning when Ed logged on, you could win a mini-review for all the Blogosphere to see. I also mentioned that if you clicked on the link that I left for The Pisstakers that I might actually be able to win a pound of gummi bears if I were the top link-sender for the week. This ring a bell with anyone?

Well as it turned out, I didn't manage to send enough folks over to win the gummi bears after that post though I gave it a mighty try. Perhaps it's because some of you were a bit offended by the very name of the blog because you weren't familiar with British slang and didn't know that, across the pond, "taking the piss" means "making fun of" and not what you thought it might mean! I probably should have had my British blog-mate Claire at A Little Piece of Me set you all straight prior to that post!

Whatever the reason for my loss, the winner was Polli of Polliwog's Pond who had also won the gummi bears the previous week. I am sure that it was a much-deserved win and I didn't feel shortchanged at all but shortly after that, much to my surprise, I got an email from Ed telling me that Polli had very generously awarded her gummi bears to me! What a gal!! I guess Polli had had enough of her own cavities being pulled out by the little chewy fruit-flavored bears and felt that my dentist was in need of a little extra business!

Having gotten basically zippity-doo-da in the mail the past few days imagine my delight to come home today and find a pound of gummi bears waiting for me! I tell you, I could really get used to getting blogging prizes delivered to my doorstep! Thanks again to Polli and to Ed of The Pisstakers! Now go over there and take a look around - it's a great blog with some great stuff despite the slightly odd name!

Gummi bears
Now, on a completely unrelated topic ... we were treated to some absolutely, positively, glorious Spring days recently and at long last the flowers in my yard decided to make an appearance! I wanted to share some pictures of those along with a couple pictures of the beautiful hanging basket of petunias that was given to me for National Telecommunicators Week. What makes them even nicer is that purple is my favorite color!

And on a final note, tomorrow is the last day of voting for the two phrases that will go on my personalized M&Ms from bobbarama. One phrase is leading the pack by a sizable margin but second place is neck-and-neck in the voting so go on up to the Sticky Post and make sure I get the two best phrases possible for this once-in-a-lifetime prize! Well, it is to me anyway ... And when you're done voting, go on over to Bob's page and have yourself a good laugh or two - guaranteed or Bob will give you your money back (right, Bob? Bob? uh, Bob?)


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM EDT

    Oh Linda. You are such a wonderful lady. What an unexpected and lovely shout-out you have given me. I am touched and YES, I needed the break in the dental bills! (hee hee)

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM EDT

    Mighty impressed that the gummis havent been eaten yet, Linda! Also amazed at how bad my handwriting is.

    I hope the Pisstakers name hasn't caused you too much grief with readers. The Tongue In Cheeks may be more PC, but it doesnt have the same ring to it, does it!


  3. Glad you got the gummi bears after all. I'll be taking a look at the Pisstakers.

    Love those peach daffodils, I've never seen any that colour before.

  4. Gummi bears...seems good! Very tasty.

  5. I hope you saved some Gummi bears for us! Beautiful pics of your flowers.

  6. Wow, I want a red gummi bear! I love those things. :)

    How sweet of Polli to fwd her prize to you. What a gem.

  7. Beautiful slide show! Beautiful flowers! I picked up some Hyacinths yesterday for my patio. :)

  8. This crazy valley - we're going from the 70's to 90! So much for spring flowers. Yours are beautiful!!! Our daffodils are already gone, as are most of the iris...the petunias should last for a whle. I love the purple ones.
    How nice of Polli to give you her Gummis!

  9. That's a mighty big container of gummi to share???

    Your flower slide show is beautiful. I particularly love the peach daffodils although I'm also partial to the yellow ones. Such choices!!!

  10. Anonymous8:08 AM EDT

    The slide show was great. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Can't wait to hear what you've selected for your personalized M&Ms. Oh, hey, don't be putting out rumors I'm giving refunds to unhappy visitors. I think you misunderstood. What I'm doing is sending any unhappy readers handfuls of your M&Ms to appease them. You'd either better hope everyone's happy or get your order in quickly before you wind up with just a few of those puppies.


    As usual, fun post.

  11. Your flower slideshow reminded me of what my parents' yard looks like after my mom finishes all her "spring planting". Every year, like clockwork, there's a burst of color around the house. Looks like you have a green thumb, Linda. You & "Mama Bulldog" would get along great.

    BTW: Pats on the back for Polliwog for being so generous with her prize. What a sweetheart.

  12. The daffodils are gorgeous. I have some springing up on my little mountain. I love your slideshow! I've never planted peach ones though. Very pretty.
    When I first saw this I thought it said "Peace Daffodils..."
    Maybe that's what we should call them.


  13. Hi Linda. I came by to check your photo hunt and came across this entry. It caught my attention 'coz I love gummi bears. I remember my mom sending me a big tub just like that one.

    Thanks for sharing the meaning of that phrase. I learned something new today.


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