Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's a rainy Sunday and this is ...

Cancer by Amanda ... Just a quick post - yeah, me, quick, can you believe it? Amanda is off to Massachusetts to visit her cousins for a couple of days during her Spring vacation while I am laid up with back issues yet again. Memo to self - do not try to carry the laundry down to the basement again, that's what you have a teenager around the house for!

Speaking of said teenager, the above is one of her latest drawings. The lyrics in the background are from the song "Cancer" by - who else? - My Chemical Romance and the drawing of the patient was actually done in crayon rather than Amanda's usual medium of choice - Prismacolor markers. Now I could never draw like that with crayons!

Everyone have a great start to the new week - I'll be limping around waiting for my back to settle down - again!


  1. HEY! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and wishing me a Happy Birthday! That was very sweet :)

  2. So that is why you haven't been around much this weekend. I am sorry you don't feel well again. She is leaving you alone. Is anyone around to check on you. I don't want you getting hurt or something and no one helping. We need to stay in touch this week. I would send you some meds. But, I think you have your own supply. Just giving you a rash of SHIT. Take care girl Callie

  3. Linda Linda Linda! I thought you had done something exciting to put your back out but no it was the cursed laundry!

    Well if Amanda is leaving all alone you better behave yourself, no parties.

    I think latest is cartoon is my favourite, i love it.

    So finally big HUGS and get better soon.

  4. Back problems...the bane of every middle-aged person. And I should know...I've had my share. Hope you have the time to take it easy and pamper deserve it!
    Oh, and please tell Amanda when she gets back that I am most impressed with her artwork. Me? I can't draw a stick figure so I am always envious of artistic people.

  5. Dadgummit...I'm so sorry! Hope you're back on your feet soon - this bad back stuff is for the birds!

  6. Your daughter is one talented young lady!

    Sorry to hear about your back Linda, it doesn't take much does it?!

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by and wishing my buddy David a happy birthday. :)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon, girl. It sounds like you'll have some time alone to rest up. I wish I were there to take care of ya while Amanda's away. :(

    Don't be doing any laundry while she's gone, ya hear!!!???

  8. Seriously...if you must continue to throw out your back, please be doing something FUN. Pscht. Laundry...

    If I didn't have finals this week I'd be over there in a jiffy making you yummy food and taking care of you!

  9. oh honey i sure hope you are feeling better, that is so horrible! sigh... you need a nap. yeah, that's it! a nap! and your daughter draws beautifully.

    smiles, bee

  10. Oh how I know about those back issues... and yes I have to remind myself that I have a teenager and a preteen too.. however, didn't do that yesterday and pulled out my back ... take care ...

    Excellent drawing. Very talented young lady.

  11. Linda - what are we gonna do with ya???? If your back had to go, why couldn't it be the result of something more fun than LAUNDRY? Well, please take it easy, and let someone know if you need anything. Heck, I'll even drive over if neccessary. At least you have some peace & quiet with Amanda's absence for a few days. Like the sign on the elevator @ 432 says "Quiet promotes rest, and rest promotes healing."

  12. Oh no!!! So sorry about your back!!! Do you have anyone that could help you while Amanda's gone??? Do you want us FTBers to come over? ;)

  13. Look after that back, Linda.

  14. Hope your feeling somewhat better?

  15. Thank you all so very much for your concern and well wishes. I'm feeling a bit better though still getting around like someone who just emerged from the crypt! I'm sure this nasty weather we're having hasn't helped any!

    Now I have to ask - what could possibly be more fun than doing laundry???

  16. Anonymous9:22 PM EDT

    I heard you were under the weather! Hope you're up and about soon!


    ((get better vibes))


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