Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The "Real Moms" Meme

I was tagged a couple of days ago by Akelamalu of Everything and Nothing for the Real Mom meme and by now she probably figures I've totally blown her off! But nothing could be further from the truth! I just have been having trouble putting this one into words for some unknown reason. I've known a lot of great Moms - I have a great Mom - but as for being able to describe a "Real" Mom ... that's tough! But, okay, enough stalling ...

  1. A real mom lets you make your own mistakes without always telling you "I told you so!", well, most times anyway!
  2. A real mom understands when you want to switch from the flute to drums in band because there are no flute players in rock bands.
  3. A real mom buys you a CD of your favorite band to cheer you up when you're down about something that happened with your friends.
  4. A real mom will help bake a cake for the birthday of the lead singer of your favorite band even though she thinks it's kind of silly!
  5. A real mom will buy new inking pens every month because she knows you really need them and can't do your awesome art without them!
  6. A real mom likes your friends and makes them feel comfortable when they are over visiting, though she sometimes tells them embarrassing stuff about you, too.
  7. A real mom will give you socks in your Easter basket because she has gotten tired of you stealing hers all the time!
  8. A real mom will let you stay home sick two days in a row when you've got sort-of a nasty cold and not give you a hard time about it.
  9. A real mom watches music videos on FUSE or MTV with you and knows who the bands are!
  10. A real mom has some of your friends on her My Space page and leaves them funny comments.
A big thank you to Amanda for helping me with this one! And now I tag Kai, Callie, and Crazy Working Mom with this one ... good luck ladies!


  1. Wow, one to ponder about! Thanks for the tag. :)

  2. Anonymous12:17 AM EDT

    Great answers Linda! I'll have to give this one some thought!

    Cool meme :-)

  3. Okay so lets see I am not going to read your reasons yet because If I do then I won't be able to use them. Hee Hee Well, It may take me a little bit, but I will certainly do this. Hope your feeling pretty good lately. It's been a busy week in my life this week. I am exhausted so I am going to bed. Take Care. Callie

  4. Anonymous3:15 AM EDT

    A real mum is the one who carriend you around for nine months, split helself in half to deliver you and put up with you every day of your life.

    I think that's the most accurate definition...

  5. Great list Linda, thanks for joining in. :)

    Oh and I must agree with the freelance cynic - that is definitely the most accurate definition of a real mom!!!!!

  6. Kudos to you, Linda. You obviously put some thought into this, and even let your daughter help - now THAT'S a "real" mom.

    BTW: Thanks for using your "Mom Radar" on a daily basis when looking out for your crews on the road. We sure as heck appreciate what you do. (A shameless plug for NTC Week!)

  7. OOPS! I meant NTW...guess I should stick to driving the ambulances, huh? ;-)

  8. You've described the mom I hope to be seen as by my kids!

  9. Wow, MTV is showing music videos again? I've missed a lot in the year I've been gone. My mom also gave me socks and underwear for Christmas every year after I moved away from home. My wife does that for me now, in remembrance.

  10. You're so right! What a great list :)

  11. An excellent list for the real mom!

  12. That's one great mom list! :~)

  13. That list proves that you are a Great Real Mum!
    Hey you forgot, will put kettle on and brew a nice cup of tea in any crisis!

  14. And guess what? You just think you're gonna get a break! Uh never stops (but that's a good thing!).

  15. OH I love your responses to a Real Mom....I wonder what my daughters would have to say about me....if I think about my sisters....they are really neat moms...I think I might use something like that for Mother's Day....

    Happy Friday!

  16. Anonymous3:04 AM EDT

    Mine's finally up! A couple days late! :-)


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