Friday, April 13, 2007

Thanks & Help! ~ A Sticky Post ~ Scroll Down For New Posts!


In honor of National Telecommunicators Week, I am going to leave this post at the top for the week just to show my appreciation and support for all of my fellow 911 call-takers and dispatchers out there. I am honored to be one of you!

I thank all of the visitors to my blog who have left comments and expressed thanks to me for my job as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher; I appreciate the kind words and encouragement! And I also want to thank all of my fellow bloggers who "paid it forward" and posted a message on their blogs about NTW. Thank you all so much!!

And now a request for help:

As mentioned in a previous post, I won a contest over at Bobbarama recently where the prize is my very own personalized M&Ms. I get to choose two colors and each candy can have two lines with up to eight characters per line. For the past few days, I have been wracking my brain as to what to put on the M&Ms as I believe this to be a once-in-a-lifetime prize and I don't want to end up with something totally lame.

To that end, I am asking you, my readers, for possible suggestions as to what to put on my M&Ms. And I might as well tell you right up front before your minds fall into the gutter that one of the rules states:
"1. Keep your messages fun and positive; refrain from using objectionable words and phrases. No obscenities ... we don't want to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth."
Also forbidden are business names, product names, celebrity names, specific sports teams, major events, landmarks, or names of schools or institutions.

So - how about it folks? Any good ideas or suggestions? I need to give Bob an answer some time soon or the guy is going to think I don't want the M&Ms - which couldn't be further from the truth! But, by the same token, I don't want to take a special prize and make it ordinary.

So let's hear it from my regular commenters and you lurkers, too (and yes, you know who you are!) I will be anxiously awaiting your suggestions - and remember - be nice!


  1. I'd think I'd go with names. That's as far as my brain can go.

    Happy Easter Linda!

  2. what? you didn't like my idea of w's??? ha ha ha

    seriously, what about "are we there yet?" or "these are mine, all mine!" or "property of linda"? "help is a heartbeat away"? "free to be"? "my friend's son is an addict but i have candy"? (just kidding! to lighten the load!)

    happy easter linda!

    smiles, bee

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM EDT

    How about Linda Rocks! :-)

    Because you do ...

    Don't forget to enter the contests on my blog, lucky lady! :-)

  4. I guess

    "I melt in your mouth, not in your hands" is out.


    Wow. Your very own M&M's. How crazy is that?!!?

    I'm thinking something like "Dispatchers do it..."

    But I can't think of something funny that also goes with what you do...

    Sorry. I'm no help. But I think you should get pink ones.

  5. Anonymous4:07 AM EDT

    Just popping in to wish you a very Happy Easter!


  6. Anonymous4:08 AM EDT

    PS: I'm with mags and the 'melt in your mouth' one... hehe.

  7. Now this is very hard. Okay suggestions.
    1. Are we there yet
    2. Linda won this
    3. I've got it BAD
    4. My 50th Birthday (wonder where I found that one)
    5. Bloggin Rocks
    6. Chocolate Loves
    7. Love Sucks
    8. Back Rubs?
    9. Linda Rules
    10. Vitamins Anyone
    11. Mine All Mine
    12. I don't share
    13. I can't decide
    14. power vitamins
    15. Dial 911

    Hell i don't know I could really come up with some stupid thing given the time. Well it is late. I am going to sleep.

  8. How about 'Linda' on one side and the name of a real friend on the other?

  9. Are you going to keep them or eat them? How about...

    Linda's Hands Off

    Linda April 2007

  10. I liked
    Dial 911


    Vitamins anyone?

    both meet the restrictions you set out earlier.

  11. Anonymous9:56 AM EDT

    Dispatchers rock! How can you be so calm in the face of an emergency!?!?
    On the M&Ms, say Eat Me, You Fool.

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    Otherwise how will you know when we have a NEW contest!?
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    - Jen, Tiffany, & Mikala
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  13. Well, first of all THANK YOU!

    Secondly, I am never good at coming up with these slogans, but my husband used those personalized M&Ms to get a job. He bought the company colors and wrote "PLEASE HIRE" on one M&M and his name on the other. Great way to stand out from the crowd in a job interview.

  14. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  15. PS Linda I tagged you for the Real Mom meme, hope you don't mind?

  16. How about.....SuperMom?

    I'm so jealous. You're very own M&M. I would so love a Mimi M&M!

  17. How about "What are you looking at?"

  18. Happy belated Easter.

    There is nothing that I could suggest that hasn't already been suggested.

    I'm so jealous... wish I had my own M & M's...

  19. I can't top the ones already mentioned lol

  20. oh I wish I had some good suggestions but when it comes to stuff like this I am as about as creative as a toad! I am sure some of the witty bloggers out there can help you out with this one!

  21. How cool is that!! Rock on!

  22. Have you got a favourite 3 yet? then you could put up a poll for us to vote on, whatever gets the most wins!

  23. Or you could try
    Vote for Claire she is awesome!

  24. Also forgot to say sorry for being totally crud and not posting a Big Thank you to all of you 999 ers
    (well 911 ers over there).


  25. hey Girl,
    What is going on with the M&M delima??????? Wondering in Oregon.


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