Monday, April 23, 2007

What would you do if your numbers came up?

We here in New England were finally treated to a picture-perfect Spring weekend after what seemed like a very long "winter of our discontent". Last Monday we were lucky if it was 40 degrees with tons of rain and the wind blowing like a banshee - this Monday it was a gorgeous 80+ degrees with blue skies and gentle breezes. Absolutely beautiful weather and definitely welcome!

Even though I had to work yesterday, I got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather afterwards when I drove up to my mother's neck of the woods to pick Amanda up after her fantastic weekend in Boston. Because it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I rolled the windows down, opened the sunroof, and took the scenic route up to Canterbury while driving at a leisurely pace listening to some of my favorite music and just enjoying the countryside.

While driving I let my mind wander and found myself contemplating life if I ever won the lottery. Now granted, I don't play the lottery that often but when I do buy the occasional ticket, I like to fantasize a bit about what I would do if I were to check my ticket the day after the drawing and realize that I was no longer going to have to wonder how long I could go without having to actually buy groceries! I'm sure it's something we all do from time to time because even though it's been said that money can't buy happiness, I think it would be fun to find that out first-hand!

After paying off what bills I have, first on my list would be a house but I'm not sure what kind of house or even where I would want that house to be. The one thing I know for sure is that it would have to have a front porch with comfortable rocking chairs and an assortment of wind-chimes. It would also have to have a kitchen with all of the modern amenities and preferably a live-in cook! Other than that, I am open to suggestions and, if money were no object, it could be quite fun to go house-hunting. As I drove along yesterday I looked at all sorts of houses and picked out things I did and didn't like about them trying to imagine the "perfect" house.

Next on my list would be providing for my family and friends the things that I have always wanted to be able to do but have not had the financial where-with-all to do more than dream about. I think that good fortune should be spread around and if I had enough money to pay off a friend's mortgage, send them on their dream vacation, buy them that bass boat they've been drooling over, or help them with their own business those are things that I would love to be able to do just to see the smiles on their faces and for no other reason whatsoever.

After that - I don't know. I think I'd keep my job as I like it in spite of the stress and frustration but you can dang well bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn't be working any more overtime! Oh, and I would definitely go on a vacation - maybe a cruise as I hear so many wonderful things about them or perhaps I'd really splurge and take a ride on the Orient Express.

But, of course, those things are all just dreams within a dream and nice to think about during a Sunday afternoon drive. Reality being what it is, I only managed to match ONE number on the recent lottery drawing. Guess I'll just have to settle for being beautiful rather than rich!

What about you? If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd do? Other than do a happy dance, that is? Quit your job? Travel? Build that dream house? Send some to me?


  1. I would renovate my kitchen and line up some vacations! After that, I'd do sensible things like invest for retirement and college and help our loved ones with whatever they need. And the happy dancing? It would go on for YEARS.

  2. I would definitely sell my house and build a dream house! I would share the wealth with my family and hubby's family. We spend a lot of our own $$$ supporting them, so it'd be a big help in the long run. heh heh

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM EDT

    If I won the lottery, I would faint, and then take out more mortgages than you could shake a stick at. (Apparently the top 1% richest people are mortgaged up to the eye balls, so give me some of that!!!!)

  4. Oh, it's fun to dream, isn't it! I'd tell my hubman to give his boss notice! He's just a few short years from retirement anyway. Major burnout! Then we'd buy a mondo condo in Kauai and ship all of the kids/grandkids over for a well-earned vacation. We'd pay off their mortgages and decide where we want to live when we're not in Hawai'i...and then we'd have to go cruisin'!!!

  5. The Orient Express sounds like the real deal, I would always fly 1st class, and travel, so much world, so little time.....

    Retirement is good folks, we were able to save a few bucks in our working years, that is a necessary thing.

  6. First I wouldn't tell anyone at work, I'd go in as normal and piss off the boss for a few weeks. I'd get all the verbal and written warnings then tell them to stuff the job! I'd make sure my boys had everything they need and treat the rest of the family. Then I'd have a bungalow built to my specifications, with a swimming pool of course. Then MWM and I would travel the world.

    You can see I've not given the matter much thought can't you? :)

  7. Good Morning,

    After doing all the practical and charitable stuff under the advice of a good financial manager (too many winner end up even more broke than before), I would take that round the world cruise ... might even do it two or three times just to catch the spots I missed.

  8. I would pay off all of my bills, put money in a fund for my sisters and niece, buy my parents a new house and I'd travel to Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland, learning to cook with the locals along the way.

    And I'd probably have liposuction. LOL.

  9. well it would have a cruise ship in it somewhere that's for sure!

    smiles, bee

  10. Pay off the mortgage, do more repairs and remodeling to the house. But while that work would be taking place, I'd be on the road, driving all over the country in the new, big, luxury RV I would have purchased with my newly obtained wealth. Then, schedule some trips to Europe -Sweden and Scotland first - to do ancestry research and after that, visit other places I've only ever been able to dream about seeing.

  11. Let's see...I guess "Mrs. Bulldog" & I would tell our landlord to go fly a kite, then move out west to have a house built to our specs on a nice patch of land (probably west of Houston). This would come after taking care of our bills, then making sure that "Mama & Papa Bulldog" were taken care of. "Mrs. Bulldog" would go to school for paramedic, while I went to flight school. Then, we'd travel the country in one of those big 'ol RV's that resemble Grey Hound Buses. Not that we've thought about this or anything...!

    Great post, Linda! ;-)

  12. Already retired, but...Pay off house, and boat then buy a bigger boat!

    Depending on the amount of money won would depend on hiring a money manager. Got to think about taxes and such. We have read so many stories about big wins and then they end up losing everything...

    Nice Sunday dreaming though. Enjoy this post very much. Oh, and being beautiful is something money can't buy :)

  13. We would go house hunting for sure, too. And we both love big front porches just like you. It would have to have a garage for Mike to work on cars and a basement for him to set up his trains on a layout. I would want a big kitchen with lots of cabinets and counter tops so I could do some canning again.. from the garden we would plant in the large backyard! Neither of us wants anything fancy though. I'd love to redo a farmhouse!

    If it was enough for Mike to be able to quit his job, we like to get a reasonably sized RV and travel.. and meet lots of blogging friends!

    I would help out my kids, start college funds for the grandkids. I'd like to help out some friends I know, too. Then some to the Humane Society, Hospice, and for Diabetic research.

    Then.. stupid little stuff I want like an aquarium.

  14. What annoys me is those winners who say they would not know how to spend it.

    I have it all worked out!

  15. 1. Pay bills.
    2. All my blog buds (you know who you are) & me would go on one helluva cruise!
    3. I'd franchise The Wren's Nest, hire someone to run it on a day to day basis, then open up a no-kill shelter for abandoned & abused animals.


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